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  1. I messaged Kinetic a few days back asking if they would consider a new tool 1/48 A-10 as the Italeri and Hobby Boss moulds are starting to show their age. Received a thanks and keeping my fingers crossed. I live in hope!
  2. PhantomFreak73

    RAF colours

    In the past i've generally used Gunze Mr Hobby and Mr Color RAF colours. I find them reasonably close to my eye. Tamiya's limited RAF acrylics are fairly matches too but they don't have a dark earth as yet! Rob
  3. I'm one of those BMers who have purchased several sets of Shaun's resin BOL rails. What can I say? I was very impressed with the casting quality and finally those of us who have bought the Revell 1/48 Tornado F.3 can build the kit to represent the aircraft as seen with these fitted from the late 1990s onwards. Excellent work Shaun and a very quick turnaround from when you said you would produce the masters. Thanks my friend, great work! Rob
  4. Thanks for you PM and post Shaun. Just appreciate that you are 'in progress' with the BOL launchers and that we will be able to model later F.3s with these fitted in the not too distant future. Very much appreciate it. Kind regards Rob
  5. I was hoping to see some of the early marking from the late 80s and 90s but some great schemes on these two sheets. If they sell well I too hope that Hannants will do a Part 3 covering these markings. I suspect quite a lot of the artwork and decal designs already existed from the Model Alliance decal sheets as there is some crossover but certainly not complaining! Rob
  6. I e-mailed Hannants last week to see if they would consider doing a 1/48 decal sheet for the Revell F.3 kit and had a very nice reply from David Hannant the following day. Thanks for listening David...a few days later two sheets appeared in the future releases. Nice one!
  7. Hi Shaun Was talking to my buddy Andy (Airfix Andy) about the BOL rails and i would be interested in a couple of sets. Thanks Rob
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