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  1. Unfortunately I can't use that as I spray indoors so smell is an issue
  2. Hi guy's and girls I have a dilemma which would you use? I have a mosquito ready to paint but wondering what to primer with I have vallejo primer but would need the vallejo paint numbers for closest match Dark green Ocean grey Medium sea grey I have the correct xtracrylix colours but no primer can you use the vallejo primer or not? I've heard the xtracrylix don't stick to well and can lift when removing tamiya masking tape? Help please don't want to bin another model for paint issues!!!
  3. jaffa

    BBMF Dakota

    Hi guys I'm hoping somebody can help as I've run out of ideas.. What colours would you say the dakota is painted in Vallejo or at a push tamiya numbers please Got her all primed and at a stop now as I can't figure out what to use??
  4. I'm trying to find d this out as well.... not sure if it would be us interior green or something else
  5. hi there i was wondering could you make a set for the airfix kit.. i can get the basic markings roundells and serial numbers plus stencils but need the nose art? is this something you could do? kind regards dave
  6. jaffa

    2nd airbrush

    okay guys ive got a bit of spare cash and am thinking of getting a 2nd airbrush..... at the moment i have n iwata neo with a .35 needle which is great for general work but am thinking of getting a second for fine work and preshading what would you guys and girls reccommend?
  7. jaffa

    RAF colours

    It's going on the shelf of doom for a while can't be bothered with it at the moment..
  8. jaffa

    RAF colours

    Question is now what do I do with it... Remask and paint the dark green or try and strip the paint off and start again?
  9. jaffa

    RAF colours

    here you go guys colours look totally wrong to me.....
  10. jaffa

    RAF colours

    What are they like to spray any tips on thinners or flow improves and what to use?
  11. jaffa

    RAF colours

    Sorry if it's been asked before but what do you guys use for day colours. As I've just painted a 1/48th hurricane with the vallejo raf day fighters set and it looks all wrong.. Also what's the best way to fade the paint slightly?
  12. apart from the a or b scheme if you look at the airfix paint guide and the leaflet with the eduard set they show the wings and fuselage sides reversed it is the correct mask set for the kit as the numbers match not sure what else to do now.. i can still use it but i will know its the wrong way round and isnt correct for the aircraft dipicted
  13. not sure if this is right place but here goes made good progress on the new airfix 1/48th hurricane got first colour down and then noticed that the mask set has a major flaw........its the wrong way round (their mask for left wing should be right and visa versa) not happy now as cant get it finished until i can sort out something
  14. here is my latest effort which i built for a very good friend and i presented it to her at LLA Day at RAF Coningsby any comments welcome...
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