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  1. Engines https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ED648538?result-token=3nqWk Superchargers https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ED648536?result-token=3nqWk
  2. I use acrylic paints, sometimes Tamiya, and I can definitely recommend Ultimate primers - which are great. Mark
  3. I dip in Future, allow to dry/cure overnight, mask and paint separately from the model, then attach with white/pva glue as it dries clear. It works every time. This pic is my 1/72 Arma Hurricane with the canopies masked and painted with the interior colour and attached to the paint brush handle. And done.
  4. Thanks. Yes - I was working on a theme which meant that they were all RAF and had to be 1/72. After those I needed something different so my current build is the 1/48 HobbyBoss F4F-3 Wildcat - from the yellow wings period. That's assuming I can get the painting and masking right! Mark
  5. MPM 1/72 Boston Mk IV plus Eduard p.e. for the A20G Revell 1/72 Halifax Mk V from the Mk I/II boxing plus AML replacement radiators, props and main wheels. Revell (Eduard) p.e. Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk I expert set no extras needed Tamiya 1/72 Mosquito NF XIX (from the NF XIII box) Plus Yahu instrument panel, Quickboost seats, Baracudacals stencils Airfix 1/72 Spitfire MkVb Plus Airwaves p.e., Master cannon barrels, Falcon vac form canopy
  6. I'd suggest using the search function in this forum as there are a few who've asked similar questions. You could try these for starters. Mark
  7. A couple of key points to start with. Are you brush painting or using an airbrush? Have you decided on acrylics or enamels - if you haven't then that choice may be influenced on where you are painting and if smell is an issue (enamels generally have more of a strong smell than acrylics). Mark
  8. This image of the wing might be handy. Mark
  9. Kingkit has a few Novo Oxford II kits at £19.99 https://www.kingkit.co.uk/product/novo-aircraft-1-72-f336-airspeed-oxford-mkii-trainer
  10. Lovely. For a first attempt at airbrushing that's even more impressive. Congrats. Mark
  11. I may have remembered this wrong but I thought some clarification on the markings on GN-G came up when the Typhoon display team did a tribute to Flight Lieutenant Nicholson VC - was that 2015? Mark
  12. No idea but that's fantastic. I hope you get an answer. Thanks for posting. Mark
  13. I have had this problem with my H&S Evolution from time to time. I've learnt that its fixable by taking it apart and putting it back together again - checking that's everything's done up tightly. So I guess air may be getting in where it shouldn't. I now listen to the sound the airbrush makes before putting paint in. There's a noticeable louder air noise when it's not right. Good luck Mark
  14. I've built one of these and I know how much work must have gone into creating such a first class Halifax. Congratulations. Mark
  15. I have the RS Models Do 17M in my stash which I got partly based on this Hyperscale review: http://www.hyperscale.com/2007/reviews/kits/rs92022reviewbg_1.htm
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