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Red Arrow Jag

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  1. Red Arrow Jag

    1.72 Spitfire

    I have been given a Mk V Spitfire my Italeri, looks nicely detailed but what improvements would it need? has any Britmodellers made any good examples?
  2. Oh, That look terrific! How was it to build, any good, I was thinking about getting a Tamiya Mk1 and the Airfix and combining the best of both...
  3. Indeed the powers that be at the time when discussing what should replace the Gnat looked at a Jag for the Red Arrows...The Hawk was much better suited
  4. Your Sprue shots give me an idea, I wonder if I can take the twin seat nose from the Strikemaster and graft it onto my Supermarine Swift?!!??! Good luck with the build!
  5. Anyone who has made the PM (or any alternative version) 1:72 2-seat Hawker Sea Fury or 'Baghdad Fury' What is the model like to build. Your build opinions, finished photos would be very welcome. cheers
  6. Send me your address and you can finish my Pyro Fury!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful Gladiator, sorry.....Exceptional Gladiator. you have given me the inspiration I needed to finish this Hawker..thanks haha
  7. yep that sounds good, should look great! -oh yes, the leather seat backs...not used in all spits! I guess only if the pilot requested. In modern spits many covers are dressed in all kinds of weird and wonderful fabrics (flowery old curtain fabric etc!) cost saving?
  8. Nice early Spitfire build Tim, a few pointers on Mk.1 Spits that may help you: The seat is aluminium (often painted black or left alum) NOT A RED/BRICK COLOUR If you want to be really picky with your model, the foot pedals are also alum (not painted) The u/c retraction hand pump lever is on the pilots right. Much of the items which would have received wear and tear (leavers, knobs, rests etc) were left alum or painted black good luck, its looking great alongside that Hurricane build
  9. Slowly does it! The trick is not to rush. (as with most fine detailing) Also, to get a good 'barrel' effect, there is no need top create a long bore, shading with dark paints (ie, blacks and greys) can be used to give a sense of looking down a gun barrel. Same idea can be used for aircraft exhausts. good luck in what your building!
  10. Very, very nice! have you made any other biplanes? the finish is great!
  11. for someone who does not make modern birds (me) I quite fancy this one! it's got a spitfire on it that does it for me!
  12. Exceptionally exceptional!!!! The scribed panelling really looks great and the FOD guards gives it that little extra. Hats off, great build. the second great Vulcan build of 2008
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