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  1. justin


    hi... can anyone direct me to an inbox review of the revell 1/32nd lysander, (which i didnt know existed, even as a matchbox kit) untill just this week. thanks, jus
  2. sorry to have caused offence, that was certanly not my intention.... i only mentioned it as my partner has provided such items in the past. im sure she wouldnt remove anything which would leave her ward, or junior staff wanting... as to your other valid point, i dont earn nearly what you will earn as a trained nurse, and my partner was only trying to "help out".... one again to you, and anyone who i may have offended... sorry man
  3. if anyone out ther is married to/lives with/is dating etc.... a doctor/nurse/dentist/HCA etc... ask them to provide you with a selection of hypodermic needles (not used) and scapel blades/handles the needles come in varied lengths, widths etc and can make convincing aircraft cannon barrels etc, just remember to cut and handle them with care and you can have a useful (AND FREE) resourse. i hnow i cant be the 1st to say something like this, but thought it might be worth repeting
  4. sorry mate... i ment, it screws up dyster points...
  5. i no its not quite the same thing as klear, bot a good brand of clear nail varnish has its uses with aircraft canopy/clear parts etc... also, for any security guards amongst us, it scres up dyster points.....
  6. thanks for those tips, ive not made (too bad a job of it) but they still dont look the part, im no expert but they still look too much like 50 cal, barrels, dos anyone know of any replacement 20mm oerlikon cannon barrels for the 1/35 italeri crusader AA tank? also can anyone tel me if the same cannon fitted to the italeri elco boat had the shoulder rest things fitted to them, and if ther any add on parts that would represent them.. ive seen the (lions roar?)set for this boat, but it dosnt seem to have those parts included...! in the booklet that comes with the boat it show the 20mm with the shoulder rests. cheers, lapsed(not by choice)modeler
  7. thanks guys.... il try that out when i do the crusader mkiii AA tank, looks like a nice kit
  8. hello, new on here can anyone help with finding dead centre for drilling out gun barrels.... or is it just a matter of dead reckoning...? by the way, made up to see a new model shop opening up instead of seeing them close... eamodels in chester made me feel realy welcome.
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