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  1. Oh yeah. Thanks. Next time I will try to do a FGR.2 Phantom II of 29th squadron 1/144. So far so good.
  2. Yes, but 1/144 does not see anyone at all, except in the photo
  3. Hollo to everybody. Lets talk about Falklands 1982... Dear friends, I demonstrate my work which I finished in the 2018th “Humphrey” is one of the most famous object of the Falklands Conflict and was the helicopter stationed aboard the destroyer HMS Antrim. Antrim was one of several ships sent to retake the Islands of South Georgia, as part of Operation Paraquet. The Wessex HAS.3 is recognizable by its “thimble” radome behind the rotor head. Only two HAS.3s were deployed to the Falklands, on HMS Antrim and HMS Glamorgan. This work shows my skills and ability to make further improvement as far as possible for the 1/144. For the “Mark I” kit detailing, I used more than 50 small parts and some items of a handmade material. The main resource-intensive work at the next objects: detailed cockpit with PEP, scratch-build nose E/E compartment with components and an opened hatch, the sonar operator compartment with interior and opened sliding door, the tail beam and main air blades are located in its stowed position. Thank you. Andrii. Enjoy!
  4. Hi "Dalea", for a long time here have been comments on this model. It's good that this job is attracting. I hope that you will also have a good job. The main thing: is not to hurry and do all the work steps carefully and thought out. Good luck! Thanks for visiting on page. Best regards Andrii.
  5. Wery well. A good result for the landing gear assy from my point of view. Congrats.
  6. Thanks. By the way I have an idea for the following project. Of course I`ve got a one box by MONOGRAM F-82. is expected to commence.
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