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  1. @Seahawk thanks for the heads up on the reference, sounds like one I should have anyway!
  2. Jure thanks, I have found those pages and that drawing already. If I cant find anything more definitive I may try to redraw my own based on the available drawings and photos.
  3. All, Im looking for some drawings of the Vickers Venom. I've done a bit of a scour of t'interwebs but the best drawings that I've found so far are in my copy of Putnam's Vickers. Theres a few profiles about but they dont look to be particularly accurate. Is there a Vickers archive that I could try? Or does anyone have any other good source? Ta
  4. Thanks Nigel, can I bug you again please? What orientation did you print the model and did you print the tracks separately? I keep looking at that picture you posted. The details are very impressive. Have you got a pick of it painted up?
  5. Hello all, I am due delivery of my first FDM printer shortly (ender 5) and I already have a bunch of plans for what I want it to spit out first. Assuming that I get any teething troubles out the way and can get some consistent prints out Ill move onto more interesting prints. To that end I was wondering if anyone has any advice on CADing thing features like trailing edges for printing on an FDM. I think the way to do it will be to draw the trailing edge relatively thick to ensure that it doesnt under print and then sand back to the desired fineness. Does anyone have any other tips/approaches?
  6. Indeed, I've never really managed to get a good looking NMF so will be interested to see how this one goes.
  7. What nozzle size did you use for that? Was it the stock 0.4mm?
  8. This is awesome work Inspired by this thread, I’ve had a quick bash at my own M52 Engine details are just TLAR And will be barely visible. But the rear bypass fan and reheat burners are interesting.
  9. I have a preference for aesthetics of the two seater jags, so I’ll be interested in seeing this one come to life.
  10. So I did look a bit too closely and the horizontal isn't squarely mounted between the fins or horizontal. And I have been humming and hawing about how to make the bullet fairings. So this happened: I don't have a printer but there is a company near me who aren't too extortionate. It is a very simple facsimile but as my first foray into 3d printing, I'm hoping it will suffice. If it goes well I may try to add some surface detail. I'm getting it printed on an SLA so it should be possible to resolve things like control surface gaps (might get the surfaces printed as separate obj
  11. Excellent, I do like the aesthetic of the Albatross. I didn’t realise there were any kits in 1/72. Will be following with interest
  12. Tail feathers mounted. This seemed like a simplish step but getting everything to line up was a bit of a faff. I am reasonably happy with the results but I'm trying not to look too closely in case I spot something out of whack. Fit of the booms wasn't too great, one of them has been slightly undershot (shown above). The next challenge will be recreating the bullet fairings. I see more miliput in my future. Thanks for looking. Hopefully Ill have some more impressive* updates at some point. *clearly a relative scale and not a blip on wh
  13. Yeah! I love the N and this looks like it’ll be some great kitbashing:)
  14. Andre thank you for that, it looks like a very neat solution.
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