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  1. I predicted this model about a year ago. This is based upon the fact that the real thing is being constructed in Wellington, New Zealand. When this appears in public for the first time it will not be 1/32 scale it will be 1/1 scale. Worth waiting for in any scale.
  2. So nice to finally see these types as 1/72 scale kits. Long overdue and a must for any Luftwaffe collection.
  3. IrishKiwi


    blah blah blah
  4. I have always been a plastic aircraft modeller, but I have alawys been interested in sailing ship models, and have decided to take the plunge. The question is where to start? Solid hull, plank on frame? I welcome all suggestions/recommendations.
  5. Of all the French WW2 aircraft I want to do, it is the Breguet 521. When the project was first raised, I added my support and it is nice to see it come this far with the possible release later this year. Like the previous comment, if you are RNZAF modeller and you desire a Fairy Gordon or Short Singapore - crowd funding maybe the way to go.
  6. Last weekend there was a training day at the Vintage Aviator at Masterton, NZ. The had the chance to talk to one of the head pilots, who advised the Handley Page 0/400 will be completed intwo years time. Also, another 5 to 7 machines are also planned. These include Snipes, Fokker D.VII and two Eindeckers. The most likely choice for their next offering maybe the Handley Page 0/400?
  7. I hope fly do the Ca 133 and Ca 135. It would be great to see both of these options come onto the market.
  8. Hi Palmy Grunter. I am also a newbie and I am just down the road in Masterton. I want to do the Liberator as flown by Trigg VC. The Hasegawa kit is still an option for about NZ$110 to $130. The Eduard offering may be better in quality but if the price is NZ$200 then it would have to be a lot better. Time and reviews will tell.
  9. My dad and I have 10 WNW so far and intend to add 6 more. These being the scouts and two seaters. We have also completed a number of Roden 1/32 airplanes. At this stage we have not looked at the seaplanes or the 2 engine German bombers due to their expense. Must buy that winning Lotto ticket soon.
  10. Local rumour here in New Zealand is that a real Handley Page 0/400 is being built by Peter Jackson in Wellington? So perhaps this may translate into a 1/32 scale effort? Perhaps a D.H 4 may be the surprise. Time will tell.
  11. Like the earlier comment, it would be great to see a Airfix version of this, although I have never done a Alley Cat model, what are they like? With the list of British WW2 operational aircraft being modelled coming to an end, the opportunities of Airfix and similar companies would express interest in filling these gaps before smaller model companies do? Time will tell.
  12. Nice to see one of the major British WW1 fighters in this scale. All, we need now is the Airco DH.5.
  13. LIke all of the above comments, it is good to see this little known but important to any WW2 British collection aircraft, in a plastic context at an affordable price.
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