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  1. We will continue 1/72, do not worry!
  2. It was Paypal integration malfunction. Problem is already solved. Please login to your account in shop, select unpaid order. Payment button will be at bottom left of order page.
  3. Fuselage panels are not overlapping, it would be out of scale. They are flat panels (not a divided curve but flat segments). Also skilful painting by Marcin too.
  4. Instruction of the FM-2 Wildcat 1/72 scale Expert Set is available online: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2020/05/07/assembly-instruction-of-the-fm-2-wildcat-expert-set/
  5. Here are photos of first built FM-2 Wildcat from Arma Hobby: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2020/05/06/fm-2-wildcat-expert-set-gallery-marcin-ciepierski/
  6. Thank you Troy for clarification! We believed in description in book "Polish Fighter Colours" it was Ocean Grey or Mixed Grey. But something did not match with photos. Yesterday we were talking with Marcin, who designed kit and is building LK-A at now. He told that it look more like Sea Grey Medium. Your comment made it clear. But I think the shade is slighly darker? Mixed? Code letters LK-A; wich I belive are Sea Grey Medium are visible lighter shade. ???
  7. It is in Polish, but Gapa #13 contents well written Hurricane in 309 story: number of good photos of Hurricane IV and IIc, a few profiles, list of serials and fuselage codes and some document scans and trascriptions. I really enjoyed reading this text. It is available here: https://lotniczyantykwariat.istore.pl/pl/13-gapa-lotniczy-magazyn-historyczny.html http://www.gretza.pl/kontakt.html Also you find there a story of drunken Josef Fratnisek fight with policemen during BOB; Story of navigator from 305 Squadron (Mosquito FB VI SM-C) and other aviation interest (PZL P.7a, "ex-Polish" Hawks - Cutiss H-75 - in Finland.). Highly recommended especially when you read in Polish.
  8. With 309 it was more complicated. This unit was, in early 1944, a fighter-reconnaissance squadron trained for direct support of the 1st Polish Armoured Division. After short period with Hurricanes Mk IV it was equipped with factory new Mk IIc. This time both squadron flights, A and B were split to different airfields. It made training even more difficult. Yes, they perfomed patrol duties in Scotland, as did many RAF squadrons sent for recovery after active duty period. But unit was never considered as ready for offensive operations. After a few months of PAF effort to get better mount (Mustang II, Mosquito, Spit FR XIV or at last Typhoon) and start real combat training, it was realized that squadron will never be operational Fighter Recon unit. So in September a new comander S/Ldr Antoni GÅ‚owacki was assigned. He prepared 309 to regular fighter duties by moving some pilots to other units and bringing in a group of experienced fighter pilots from other PAF squadrons. On October 1944 squadron received Mustang III aeroplanes and continued training. They shot down several Me-262 in Spring 1945 but it is another story. Recommended reading: Robert Gretzyngier, "309 Dywizjon czasowo (!) na Hurricane", published in Gapa No. 13, Feb 2015. LK-A is in our opinion far more combat involved aeroplane than WC-G. Also it represents an interesting camouflage and markings change during service. Somebody may like other options, thats OK. But please do not blame us that we do not care.
  9. I am not sure if I understood well your whole comment, but it looks you were misinformed. Aeroplane on Hurricane Mk IIc Expert Set boxart was flown in combat by Polish pilot in British squadron, as well as was the aeroplane on Hurricane Mk I Expert Set boxart. Two modellers who did not know it complained on pwm forum, but it was already clarified by caughtinthemiddle. You would probably know that Polish squadrons 309 and 318 used Mk IIc for training only. Here is scan from Polish Fighter Colours link. We use that book as primary source of well researched Polish markings.
  10. Photos of the first model built from revised moulds are available here.
  11. I am so excited waiting for H2C test shots today afternoon! Hopefully it will go as well as Yak-1b and kit shipping starts shortly! What colour scheme would you like for first built? Please share.
  12. Yes, it is just over-simplified in text. I will correct it later today. Thank you for pointing.
  13. When painting your Hurricane kit there is something that would help a lot - camouflage masks. You may download PDF with both A and B pattern from Arma Hobby blog: link.
  14. First Hurricane kit was built. Here is a link to Arma Hobby blog. Thank you komec001 for sharing photos. I would be happy to post photos and text from other builders on yhe blog.
  15. Please send me more details by PM, number of parcel and official reason of extra fee if known. It looks suspicious. Hopefully we can help.
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