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  1. Another update. The model was primed with Alclad Black Primer and Microfiler, because I wanted to use the "black base" technique. The primer revealed several spots where additional seam treatment was needed, so more PPP was applied: IMAG6691 IMAG6692 While the putty dried, I painted the base. First I painted it Alclad Burn Iron but it turned out to be too dark for my liking, so I repainted it Alclad Steel: IMAG6693 The excess PPP was removed and the second and final coat of black primer was applied: IMAG6703
  2. @HOUSTON thank you very much for your kind words and interest! @Richard E thank you for the reference. I read that story about the name of the aircraft in a blog but couldn't find any proper reference. Cheers Jaime
  3. Hello, This is my build log of the Academy 1/260 B-1. It's called "Excalibur" in the box, though I couldn't find any reliable evidence about the use of this name for the aircraft. Anyway, it's a very simple and already a bit old kit. According to Scalemates, it's an 1990s Academy rebox of 1980s kit by Sunny: https://www.scalemates.com/products/product.php?id=107369&p=timeline I decided to build it in parallel with my build of Zvezda's A-90 Ekranoplane when I was approaching the painting phase of the latter build. I thought the B-1 wouldn't cause sig
  4. Next step: decals. A gloss coat of Microgloss was applied to the model before the decals. Here's the setup for the job: IMAG6722 There weren't too many decals to apply and they didn't present any special problems. Here's the end result: IMAG6725 IMAG6726 IMAG6727 Decals also had to be applied to the leading edges of the propeller blades. These were a bit more tricky to apply: IMAG6728 Here's a detail of the vertical fin ensigns: IMAG6732 A new
  5. Thank you Ced. It was really tricky. I used the flexible 2 mm-wide Tamyia masking tape, cut along its length to make 1 mm-wide strips. It's very flexible and bends nicely along complex curves. Cheers Jaime
  6. Another update. The rims of the nose air-intakes are red. I had to mask the area before painting. For that I used 1 mm-wide strips of Tamiya masking tape. First, I masked around the external edge of the rims: IMAG6709 IMAG6710 Next, I masked around the inner edge, which was a bit difficult to do: IMAG6711 The inside of the air-intakes was protected with a mix of masking tape and blu-tack: IMAG6712 To make sure no spills would stain the rest of the painting, I completely protected the model with k
  7. @AdrianMF, @Flankerman thank you both! And thank you @Flankerman for the interesting size comparison and model picture. Great models Cheers Jaime
  8. Hi again, Continuing with the update, the model was primed with Alclad Black Primer and Microfiler but some additional seam treatment was needed, as can be seen in this picture: IMAG6689 The area around the rear engine exhaust was painted Alclad Burnt Iron and masked: IMAG6694 The inside of the exhaust was painted Alcald Gunmetal and also masked: IMAG6695 I decided to try with this model the black base technique, using black primer, which should provide more realistic look. The first step now, to provide some tona
  9. Thanks Ced! It's indeed quite big at 40 cm long and 21,5 cm wing span. And the scale is 1/144, half my usual 1/72. Cheers Jaime
  10. Hi again, After a long period with limited time to post here in BM, I'm finally able to get back to updating this thread. In the meantime, I managed to finish the build but I still have to take proper pictures of the finished model. So, in the last update I was preparing to take care of the seams of the nose air intakes. I did this by first applying generous doses of Perfect Plastic Putty (PPP): IMAG6621 I also applied PPP on the exhaust of the back propeller engine: IMAG6622 and around the main landing gear: IMAG
  11. In mid-May I interrupted my reading of: in order to read Urs Widmer's "Das Buch des Vaters": I'll have to write an essay on this book for the written part of my C2-level German exam. It's a very interesting novel about Karl, a Swiss intellectual, who traversed the artistic, cultural and historic events of the first two thirds of the 20th Century. I found it so interesting that now I'm reading the companion novel "Der Geliebte der Mutter", by the same author, where the life story of Karl's wife, Clara, is told. Both stories are told by their son:
  12. Thanks Pat! I'll try to finish my Marines AH-1 Cobra first. Then I'll get back to the Harrier. Cheers Jaime
  13. Time allowing, I could consider a second entry to the GB: my Harrier GR.3 There's still a lot of work to do. The cockpit is not even done yet. Pat @JOCKNEY would you allow this entry to the GB? Cheers Jaime
  14. Thanks for the best wishes and for the suggestion, Pat. We finished classes last week and now me and my classmates are having almost daily video-meetings for practising. Cheers Jaime
  15. Thank you Ced! I'll be doing my (hopefully) last German Exam on Friday. I should have plenty of time for modelling after that Cheers Jaime
  16. Thanks for the welcome, Pat! While the build stayed in the shelf of doom, I bought a vacform canopy, so it should ensure a good view into the cockpit. I also bought a Master's brass + PE cannon. I hope to resume the build this coming weekend. Cheers Jaime
  17. Hi Craig, Thank you very much for your interest. Now that the kit issues are sorted out, I hope to do a better job than when I started it, because in the mean time I finished a few kits with lots of PE. Cheers Jaime
  18. Thanks Stew! Hopefully I'll manage to finish it this time Cheers Jaime
  19. Thanks Pat! It'll be a pleasure to participate Cheers Jaime
  20. Hello, A question to the GB host @JOCKNEY Would the following build be acceptable as an entry? It was started four years ago but it's still in the initial stages. I've just done some work on the cockpit. Cheers Jaime
  21. A question to the GB hosts @Procopius @Stew Dapple Is it acceptable to enter the GB with this build? I started it five years ago in the 75th Anniversary of the BoB GB. Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish it and it remained in the shelf of shame for the last five years. The fuselage is still open and there's some interior painting done as well as some detail work done on the cockpit. In the meantime I managed to finish the companion Defiant build. Cheers Jaime
  22. Thank you very much, Paul! You're extremely kind! I was very pleased with the result and learned a lot building this model. I consider it one of my best efforts. Cheers Jaime
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