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  1. Hi Andy, I think it's fabulous that you want to experience building scale models. Your first attempt is ok, and you have chosen a plane which is not the easiest, maybe the outer engines might be reveresed (and no,maybe it's not your fault, the instructions might be wrong... ask me how I know) Maybe for a next build a starter kit? The spitfire from airfix is rather nice. And I was pleasantly surprised with the paint and brush in the airfix starterkits. I'll be watching your next build. Good luck! (oh, almost forgot: the most important question: did you enjoy building the kit? Having fun, most important part of building models in my book)
  2. Wow! just saw you already fiinishes this kit. Looks great!
  3. That looks just perfect, And he's only five years old??? i wish my son could build a kit that good. It looks great! Compliments to the little guy. Hope he finds the time to paiint it. (just set up the paintstuff on a quiet day when you want to paint something. really works when dad and son do something together. Speaking from experience)
  4. I think you and your knowledge of the Batlle saves the family from a lot of trouble! it is not strange to try to keep the tomato harvest as small as possible. Before you know it, the Germans might bomb you... http://spitfiresite.com/2010/07/battle-of-britain-1940-channel-islands.html So, watching the Batlle of Britain is essential for any (future) father! Pity Mrs. P can't see that....
  5. I'm afraid a lot of peronal things (family and hospitals) came between me and starting my part of the group build, but thankfully I now have time to build the stuff I have in the stash for this group build. I plan to build a Heinkel he111, a few 109s and some 110s. And yes, I plan on those planes to be shot down in the Battle of Britain, because, after all, that was the whole point of this battle, wasn't it? Oh, and I discovered that I didn't have an early mark Spitfire... this being Britmodeller, I just had to build one. Before the mods ban me... I'll post my builds in the thread. And I just have to say: the builds I have seen sofar are great! compliments to all involved (i don't have enough likes for you all)
  6. As in between job, two models I made just to relax. Some easy builds. The airfix hawk and the revell thunderbolt in Turkish service. Both were easy builds. Decals were from Tigerhead decals. I just wanted to do something different, and these decals were just right. Both models are clean builds, so no weathering. I was just afraid to ruin the look... Tigerhead decals were used on both planes. I was impressed with the quality: the decals went on perfectly. And the great thing is that the decals include complete markings for several planes... so I have to build some more hawks and thunderbolts! the schemes included in the sheet are great! Pictures: Hawk the p-47:
  7. And of course there was some need for putty. In this case on the the joint between fuselage and wings on the underside of the model. But nothing to serious.
  8. Well. I've been busy with family, some health issues. But now I've got some time. And the kit! The Nieuport 17 was, according to my sources, apart from the engine the same as the 23. And those engine details don't seem too obvious. The sprues:
  9. Next is closing the fuselage. And i've already started to paint the yellow bands on the plane (better than a too stark coloured decal in my opinion) Also worked on the engine. Again great fit.
  10. The first thing to be done was of course the cockpit. It was okay, considering it is a kit which only costs a few euro's. Seatbelts are home made with some tamiyatape and paint. Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but it is a small part so difficult to get a good picture.
  11. The last months were kinda hectic, with a lot of visits to hospitals (family, not myself luckily) but that doesn't mean I didn't have some time to work on my models! Marcel: thank you for the information. But I have just used the decals included in the kit, so I'm afraid I have used a bit too large decals. not that much mind you. What is bothering me more is that the colour blue is darker than most of the other builds/schemes I've seen. Yes, i'm bothered that it isn't quit right. But I hope to have made a good enough model...
  12. And I've started with the cockpit and joining the wings and fuselage. So far so good. But the problems began when joining the wings to the fuselage... no easy fitting... the wings needed some serious sanding down because otherwise they didn't fit... bummer... not what I expected from Academy.... after sanding down the wings did fit. And to stay positive: with a tight fit, less filler was needed!
  13. One of the great things about Britmodeller is that the builds of others inspire you. So when I saw the build of Ced B. who built a Frog spitfire MK. XIV with an V1 flying bomb. In one of his posts he showed a picture that he used as his desktop. The orange triangle under the windshield points to a Dutch pilot. The plane in the painting is one included in an old Dutch Decal sheet I have. It's a 322 Dutch Squadron one. 3W F was flown by Flying Officer Rudy Burgwal. Born in the the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), he came to the UK when war in Europe broke out to fight for freedom. And just to put this in perspective: he wasn't ordered, he did so voluntarily. As a pilot in the 322 he claimed five doodle bugs in one 90 minute flight. In 3W F he scored 6 V1's in 17 flights. His total was 19. Total for the squadron was 108 destroyed. He was KIA being shot down by flak escorting a bombing raid over the south of France in august '44. Rudy in the cockpit. On this photo he's the guy pushing the propellor. So having the decals, it was about getting a kit. I first thought about a Frogspawn one, which has the V1, but although Ced made a great beauty out of it, I don't think I will do so well. So I decided to do an easy build, although Procopius said it looks like an XIV on donuts.... The Academy one it will be. The kit The decalsheet. I've already built one option a few years ago: another spit
  14. hi -Neu-. Mr. P. getting more likes with a bird on his head than your chipping has nothing to do with your modelling. It all about the presentation! If you just try this, I'm sure your work will get more likes than the pigeon. Hope the hayabusa's will stick to your head long enough. (Link because I don't own the rights to the picture.) and joking aside: both your models look spot on. I think the chipping looks alright, having mostly seen pictures of well worn planes. Will be watching with interest how they turn out.
  15. Oh my god... I get major flashbacks now... my parents had a tame lovebird which also liked sitting on my head. Well, it was more of a kind of Stuka attack when I entered their living room. And when I sat down, the bird liked to go asleep in my neck. If I did move, it bit my ear. Or if it heard another bird, it started screeching. No, that isn't that nice is it is lodged next to your ear.Mind you, the dutch name of lovebird is literally translated dwarfparrot. More appropiate, like mini-tyrannosaurus or something like that. And nobody understands. Try to explain to friends about a bird which flies loose in your house and which lands on your head and sleeps in your neck. The response is always something in the line of: "aaww, how sweet!" Procopius, I feel your pain. Although you might feel different in some decades time... a fitting film might be "A Pigeon sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence" by Roy Andersson. ("You, the living" is also a great film by the way) Birds are quite nice... stuffed. oh, before I forget: nice work on the spits!
  16. Hurray! I'm in! Which is quite convenient because I already bought the Revellgawa Heinkel... I will just have to fondle the sprues gently untill we get started then... And as I have chosen the bad guys, I may as well paint you the picture of that... (sorry if this picture is not really on topic, but I just discovered how to use photobucket...)
  17. A bit of history to start. In WWI the Dutch airforce (Luchtvaartafdeling, LVA) had a large number of different airplanes, most of which landed in the Netherlands (neutral territory) after engine trouble or by mistake. The Nieuport was one of those. After tests in 1916 the LVA ordered 10 Nieuports. These were delivered in 1918 and remained in service until 1925. The planes were silver doped, and had the then standard dutch orange roundels. These were nicknamed "gehaktballen" (meatballs). A few of the planes had a black cockerel* on the sides. Dutch Decal provide a nice sheet for these machines. I'll be building one of those. Well... that's the planning. I have the decalset... I'll will let you know when I get the kit... *I'm rather happy I found a "cockerel" named in another post. Normally I would use a shorter word, but then the title would be very... uhm... let's say fitting for a complete different kimd of forum? And telling an Irish friend what I was doing wasn't helpful either. She understood me as saying I will be "mating a french model". Well, entendre (as in double entendre) is a French word, isn't it? So, that's French fancy for you!
  18. Well, being a newbie, what better than to join a groupbuild? And one with French subjects too. My stash had quite a few Heller classics, but unfortunately those are already built. So after some stash searching I came up with this one. A nice and simple build: the Revell Thunderbolt OOB. This kit was given to me by my son, who found it in a charity shop. The box is a bit tattered, but the sprues are all there. And it has French markings included. So, out of the stash, and into the group build. The usual picture: box and sprues. Nice details, finely engraved panel lines. And knowing the more recent offerings from Revell, building it should be trouble free. So... Allons-y!
  19. Hi Wez, thanks for your answer. Great to be a part of this GB. I'll try to post my planned builds in a moment. Just have mastered the art of Photobucket (or so I hope). And yeah, sorry about it being my second post... I thought I could better first introduce myself...
  20. Hi Chris, if you want a different scheme for your Morane, you could opt for a belgian option. I remembered having an old book for modellers which deals with building pre-war belgian planes. Just found it and the Morane is one of the types in it. The colour scheme is a bit different from the French one: olive drab uppersides and silverdoped indersides. On the sides are markings like a penguin or a devil. Quite nice. In the book it is explained that most 230's were modified to 236. Only difference is in the engine and exhaust. Apparently it is quite easy to scratchbuild those parts. And of course you'll need belgian roundels... This page has quite a few original photo's. If you want I can scan the bookpage (and I will translate the dutch text which deals with details on the kit). It has a 1/72 scale drawing of the underside with the serial (M 17) which might come in handy. just let me know. Hope you find a suitable scheme! i'm looking forward to this one being build.
  21. Hi Enzo and Procopius, being new and all, I don't know if may join this groupbuild already? Maybe if I ask really polite? Please? If I can join, I'm afraid I will be going over to the dark side, because I plan to build a Heinkel 111 in night Blitz finish (Nachttarnung). I made one when I was young (still have it, one of the few survivors from way back when) but I would like to try to do the scheme justice. And while we're at it, I'll probably throw in a few 109's for good measure. Having read about Mr. Procopius' dislike of this airplane, i'll plan on building those that were shot down in the BoB to lessen the pain. Please remember I'm not doing myself a favour too. Brushpainting and mottling isn't a very happy marriage in my world. But there are some really nice schemes... Is this acceptable to yours truly?
  22. Maybe a bit late, but I just have to say these are great! I'm dutch and having read some dutch books on these subjects, they are spot-on! Your build gives me the inspiration to finish my B10. By the way: the CW-21 is no longer available anymore. The MPM is out of production and never seems to pop up anywhere. Ask me how I know
  23. Hi Enzo and Wez, I've recently joined britmodeller, and would love to join this groupbuild. I would like to do a 1/48 Nieuport 23 in dutch markings. I already have the decals. (uhm, yeah, I just need to find the kit) I also have a 1/72 Revell P-47 with french decals in the box, but I don't know if that's acceptable because Jasonb13 has planned building one already. In my defense, mine is a bubbletop, not a razorback. Anyway, will find something suitably french if I may join, s'il vous plait? edit: well, while I was typing you answered the p47 question already. Now that is what I call quick service!
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