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  1. We've been keeping an eye on this competition and we want to say everyone is putting in absolutely fantastic effort! Everything looks amazing! Best of luck in these last few days everyone! - Andy
  2. Hi CedB, cheers for the advice. Had a look at yours and that definitely seemed to work for you! Will make sure to try that out next time then - thanks! - Andy
  3. Woah - it looks fantastic! Very impressive piece, well done! - Andy
  4. Ahh. Thanks for the advice! Will try that on the next one then. (I can see this becoming a rather expensive hobby very quickly!)
  5. Cheers for all the kind words guys and thanks for the suggestions on kits too! I was getting very ahead of myself last night and looking at some beautiful, but ridiculously intricate, Space Shuttle models as well as the Airfix 1:72 ranges - think I'll start there before shooting for the stars! Is there anyway to remove or hide the clear bits in the decals which hold them together (see the 'Walk Here' lines on the wings) or is that something that can't really be hidden? Had seen the Humbrol Decalfix stuff last night and wondered if that would help hide it perhaps? - Andy
  6. Thanks! Conscious of the gaps and dodgy paintwork, but I think I was rushing to get it together really. Fingers crossed the next one will go together better! Will definitely have a look at the Spitfires - cheers for the suggestion! - Andy
  7. Hi all! This was my first ever build and I wanted to do it so that I could be a bit more involved in this fantastic community who are always so keen to buy our modelling books! I started the build thinking that I would do everything in a very neat, ordered way, however I quickly wanted to start gluing and seeing it take shape, so I became a little sloppy with my orderly ideas! I had several issues with the build (a couple because of my own fault and one or two which I will blame the kit for!) My biggest issue was the engines and them not fitting on the wings neatly despite how much i wiggled them! I would like to get some filler or something to hide the gaps between them and the wings as I am sure you will see! The paint along the sides needs to be tidied up a bit and there are a couple of green fingerprints on the glass at the front as well as my untidy engines. I only used five paints for this (a metallic silver, a muddy brown, a standard looking green (colours on wings for green and brown), a yellow for the tips of the propellers, and a matt black) all Humbrol Enamel Paints. They were all pretty good I thought! Despite getting furious at the pieces for not working properly several times, I really want to do another kit to see if I can do it better and make something that looks a little tidier and nicer than this! Maybe a nice simple fighter plane! Any suggestions are welcome! Cheers all! - Andy
  8. Hi all! Final update here for me here! I have added a couple more coats of paint to all the parts of the plane, but suddenly noticed that I had put my propellers on wrong *duh* I had put the two larger ones both on the same side, rather than a thinner and larger one on either side. Fortunately, my gluing abilities obviously leave much to be desired, and I was able to remove one of the props entirely as well as a whole engine from the other side! I had to cut each blade off individually and re-glue them back on as a bit of a hack job to get them back in the correct place. Not sure how I didn't spot this originally but ah well. (All glued back together!) Finally I got to put on the exterior decals which I had been looking forward to doing as I was hoping they would tie the plane together and make it look a wee bit better! I tried to follow the guide images on the last page of the instructions as closely as possible in order to have each bit in the correct position, however the images weren't all that accurate and some of the decals had to be guesstimated. (This decal, according to the instructions was meant to sit further to the tip of the wing and have a good amount of space between it and the edges...) Oh well! It has all been put together now and has been brought into the Casemate UK office for everyone to get a look at! Will post the final images up in the Ready for Inspection area now! Cheers guys! - Andy
  9. So *eventually* I managed to put the first two engines together and tried to add them onto the plane. I encountered several issues with pieces not quite fitting neatly together here - not sure if it was more my lack of skill or if this is a known problem with the kit at all? The casing for the engines didn't sit flat together (i think this was more to do with my lack of ability) but then the engine itself didn't sit on the wing neatly either... Added the other engines and put the wheels on. I'll be honest - by this point I had gotten a bit frustrated with painting before putting things together (there are several grubby fingerprints on all the furniture now!) so I have decided I'll try delicate hand painting all the remaining bits once it is all put together... *braces for cries of 'noooo'!* Added the glass on the cockpit and was getting a bit of the enthusiasm back now it is coming together much more quickly! All together now! Now to start the painting. Doing a free hand copy of the suggested camo style on the top of the plane - are there any tips for how to get the lines crisp and neat? Masking tape? Was going to use that to do the divide between the bottom half in dark grey and the top camo line. (this is the first coat - using the humbrol enamel paints) Second coat done here - looking a bit nicer now! Have to neaten the lines and do some careful painting, but feeling better about it! Sadly got a small green thumb print on the right hand side of the glass around the front gunner bit (see image above). Any suggestions as to how to remove this? Let it dry and gently scratch it off? Let me know what you reckon! Sorry again for the slow updates on the build and this long post! - Andy
  10. Hi all! Sincere apologies for the radio silence on my part for posting progress. I must admit I got pretty frustrated with the kit after the engine pieces didn't fit together and broke apart for the millionth time so I had my half finished kit sat on the side for the past months. However. Last week I thought it was time to get back in the saddle and give it another shot... Photos coming imminently... - Andy
  11. Fantastic review, thanks guys! Anyone buying a copy, remember to use your britmodeller discount code! - Andy
  12. A few more of the most recent releases for you! Remember to use your Britmodeller discount code at the checkout for some money off! - Andy
  13. Congratulations Wolwe82! The plane looked absolutely fantastic! Some really amazing entries so well done to everyone who took part in this too! I have sent through an email to you about your prize, and don't worry about being outside of the UK, we'll see if we can get a P-40 to fly your prize over to you (can't promise this though)! Well done again everyone! Andy
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