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  1. Bit of an odd one but someone might know the answer. I've an Olympos HP-100C which is all fine and working but for a very loose trigger. It sprays but only if you pull right back. When at rest the part behind the trigger doesn't rest against it at tension and push it forwards. Does this sound like the spring? The chuck nut is gripping the needle (0.3) fine, and every thing else is screwed in tight. I'd recommissioned it after I'd been given it by someone who'd used it a few times for non modelling then stored it away. It needed a good clean and lube which it's had and does spray - it's just the trigger issue that's bothering me. Any advice welcomed... Best as ever Chris
  2. I'm having a nightmare with this - I tried taking off one section of the masking yesterday and it's a horrible mess. Never again. I'm tempted to just take the whole canopy off and strip it down to be honest - am absolutely gutted. Alternatively I might just strip the aircraft down for parts Sad end to what would have been a lovely model - I'm gutted. Still at least I can cobble something together with the remaining parts and the resin set I have C
  3. Hi Pat, It still is... gear on, prop on, etc etc, just needs the masking fluid taking off the canopy etc but I'm damned if I can work out how to do it... terrified I might have knackered it up tbh! I'll have another go tonight, as I'm desperate to finish it as well! C
  4. I haven't - I got as far as test fitting the halves, laughing manically and putting it back down again. I need to get the P-39 finished but rather embarrassingly can't work out how to get the masking fluid off the canopy. I'm terrified of knackering it up, especially as it looks rather good now... help! Once that's all done, I'll have a stab at this - why not? C
  5. Ahhhh varnishing and decaling. Had a bit of a mare with this one as initially sprayed with Tamiya Gloss... normally it worls like a dream, but this time had some delightful blooming to deal with. Ho hum, after that used neat Klear, but I'm still a bit miffed as there's a slight element of scaliness (maybe) So... onwards to the lovely aftermarket Insignia Decals sheet for the P-39. All good, yes? No. This comes complete with a plethora of fine line stencils and thin white bands for the scheme I chose - all of which broke up instantly on the backing sheet like Novo decals. Suffice to say that the others behaved the same which is why the serial looks wonky (it broke into three on each side), and there's about six stars less on the kill tally... won't be using them again then! I'm starting the other bits now - u/c, prop etc... then I'm going to try and remove the masking. Pray for me people. Anyway, here we are... I know there's slight overspray on the wheel wells but I'll be touching that up soon. C
  6. Here we go people... Happy with this so far... C
  7. We're back in business... she's received a top coat of Hu155 olive drab and Authentics Neutral Grey underneath. Needless to say both 20 year old+ tins of Humbrol performed beautifully. The 155 sprays particularly well. Pics tonight
  8. I can't take the credit for the interior I'm afraid - it came in a big box of spare and started kits and I've not done anything with it. Someone did make a nice start though - agreed...
  9. OK, so slightly longer in the gestation, but here at last. So, having finally had a quick look at this, it's an interesting bird. Lots of flash on the mouldings and a very different calibre of plastic to Frog's - this is brittle and I don't think it'll prove to be fun to work with at all! To recap, this is apparently an F-104J mould, first produced in 1963 by Hasegawa. The kit and decals were supplied by them to Frog - these are also most definitely Frog decals - but the instructions and boxes were produced in the UK. It's a very simple kit, and frustratingly there doesn't seem to be any provision to make it wheels up. I might try anyway, as there is little to no interior to speak of, and there will be a lot of blank spaces otherwise. Pieces came in a plastic bag, so forgive the lack of sprue shots - there aren't any! Will get started when I get my airbrush back and can continue... Note the second set of decals? Not Frog - Airfix maybe? I'm running with the F-104G Luftwaffe version by the way, although Frog does give you a good choice of subjects, but - as ever - no colour call outs... Chris
  10. Slight delay. I snapped the nozzle of my trusty Iwata... ho hum. Need it re-threaded I think... Watch this space, shouldn't be too long! C
  11. Not so regarding the trains... Triang had an extensive range of OO gauge rolling stock as well which, some of which has only just been taken out of Hornby's catalogue. In fact, there may even be some still in there. Some of the Triang trains were clunky - for example the Princesses - but many, many others, such as the Pannier tank, B12, Hymek, Sleeper coach, L1, Class 37 etc lasted decades after Rovex went bust. They were initially marketed under the Hornby-Triang banner before becoming solely Hornby. It's also worth mentioning that the highly reliable Triang motors - such as the XO4 - lasted years into the Hornby catalogue as well often with minor modification. Not to mention the liquid smoke ideas... initially fitted to some Triang Pannier and Jinty's. Remember much of Hornby's output fell under the Hornby-Dublo branding which while it was good in some ways (Class 20 / 08 for example) was also seen as horribly complex from a mechanical point of view. When Hornby got hold of Triang's motor designs - both ringfield and worm gear, things radically changed. Have a look at the B12 history here http://www.hornbyguide.com/class_details.asp?classid=26 HTH Chris
  12. Placeholder for my F-104 build... pics to follow tonight! C
  13. OK, to confirm, I shall be taking on the F-104 and... (wait for it...) @stevej60 will be taking on my P-82, as he's likely to do a far better job than me! I keep on looking at my Revell Do-17 Frog repop lovingly now too... I think it would have to be a trainer if anything else is to be built but we'll see... this has to be the fastest I've ever built anything in my life before! best as ever Chris
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