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  1. English Electric

    1/72 Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I A02067

    Be careful with the upper and lower wing mating on this. I found on mine at least, that the wing tips didn't match at all, and that some fettling resulted. As the plastic is very soft it's fairly easy to correct, but at the same time it's a bit off putting if you don't expect it! Chris
  2. English Electric

    Do you like rotting aircraft in long grass?

    There's at least four Il-10's there. By the looks of things they're not seen as being as unusual as an Il-2, although I think that's a moot point. Also, given the thickness of the armour on them, I wouldn't imagine they're going anywhere fast. It's a prop trainer mocked up to look like a USAF aircraft for a display / film set. a new vaguely Sabre-esque nose was welded on just forward of the cockpit bulkhead. There's a few other really fascinating bits there including a Tu-2 in bits and a An-2 floatplane. We ran a feature on this a couple of issues ago... and you're right! Wish some of them could be saved but... Chris
  3. English Electric

    Oldie build: Typhoon Mk1b (Ex Frog)

    I think you'll find that this is actually that older kit with the bubble canopy, Eric. The later Typhoon as you said was the 'car door' model and had a very different layout to this, plus much more detail (for the time anyway). It looks like the moulds have definitely gone down hill - not surprising really. I built a Novoexport version of this kit in wine-red entirely glue-resistant plastic, and it didn't have half the mould flaws around the wing roots on the fuselage. Rust on the moulds? Good luck with this! I seem to recall the shape is actually pretty accurate, it's just a question of thrashing something good out of it! Where's Chris Thomas when you need him...? BW Chris
  4. English Electric

    Civil FW-200 interior - replica?

    I'm pretty sure there's no Russian parts in there but there are three Norwegian wrecks they're using. One is the well-known one that broke in half and collapsed upon removal from the lake, one was partly recovered from the Norwegian wastes and will form the basis of much of the wing and tail restoration, and the third is being used for measurement reasons only, as the components are thoroughly rotted. They also have a lot of .303 Hurricane bullet holes in! If you look in my FlyPast article you'll see the wing of the second Fw200 on end and being worked on. It's got much of its original paint still on, and like all the other components from that crash site was in excellent condition when recovered. having seen that wing close up unrestored, I can say that the metal looks to be in very good shape indeed. Incidentally, the tail components of the first and second aircraft are different. After aircraft number 20 - I think - the design was simplified and made to a different specification, meaning the two sections recovered are different! It was quite a fun day when I got to Hamburg, as they'd just got the horizontal stabilisers working together for the first time... great stuff, and a lovely group of people as well! Best wishes Chris
  5. English Electric

    Civil FW-200 interior - replica?

    When completed it'll be finished as one of the six Fw200s that were sent to Lufthansa just before the end of the war. They wanted to avoid restoring it as a purely military version - remember it is partly being restored by Airbus and Lufthansa, and that was apparently the best compromise. When completed the actual aircraft will be a composite of three different machines. HTH Chris
  6. English Electric

    Morris colours - Humbrol matches

    Hi all, I'm about to start work on a white metal Springside 1/76 Morris Traveller kit. The only issue is which colour and what would be a suitable Humbrol match. I'm thinking either sage green or Trafalgar blue, and was wondering what would be a suitable match in enamel paints? I have many of the older Humbrol lines if that helps, also Gloy, Airfix, Compucolor etc... Cheers in advance Chris
  7. That's a piece of art if I may say so, and bearing in mind the starting point, a real feat! Brilliant work, and looking forwards to seeing the completed thing. I have very fond memories of this kit, and I haven't seen them built too often, so thanks for the nostalgia too! The thick decals - were they the ones that came with the kit? Chris
  8. English Electric

    ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    Looks like a nice project. The only two kits of this I've seen are the Revell release of the kit, which I think is in true 1/72, unlike many of the Plasticart releases which are in 1/75. The Revell boxing I have is probably made from original Plasticart stocks as it features the brittle white plastic of the original. It's a nice kit though. The other is a release by a Soviet firm called Toga. It comes in a plastic bag, and features an all clear nose assembly that is in two halves. Brilliant! Is that the same as the Zvezda release? It's also in that lovely Eastern Bloc limited edition white plastic that needs fettling to death and is entirely glue resistant. Incidentally there's a great Il-4 article based on the Toga kit in a new book on the aircraft of the Continuation War. It's a pretty good review actually. This is a link here - https://www.aviationmegastore.com/the-continuation-war-the-war-within-a-war-9780993534546-valiant-wings-publication-9780993534546-ww2-spain/product/?action=prodinfo&art=139992 Hope that helps.. Chris
  9. English Electric

    Unusual Blenheim IV modification

    That is interesting! I put the spread together and missed that. As Graham says it just goes to show. I suspect the aircraft in the foreground is T1957, but a quick check through the Air-Britain files doesn't show it as being singled out for special attention. It was with 15 Squadron when the image was taken, so the timescale fits. I'll drop the author a line and see if he's got anything else in his archives - you never know... C
  10. Do I still have time to join this? I have a few unusual one offs in the stash that might fit the bill... Chris
  11. English Electric

    Airfix/Magna Bristol Freighter Mk 31

    We also covered it in FlyPast for the December edition - pages 86-87 if that helps? Chris
  12. English Electric

    What plane is this?

    I would agree with that... struts certainly seem to be in the right place. Chris
  13. English Electric

    1/72 Matchbox Hurricane Mk.IID/IIC

    I love this kit - I actually have one moulded in mint choc chip green for one sprue... truly eye watering! Looking forwards to seeing what you're going to do with this... Chris
  14. English Electric

    The Stirling Aircraft Project News

    Oops! Sorry John, senior moment on my behalf... Glad it came out well though Chris
  15. This is very true... our Cold War is over. Defence accepted. Case dismissed Well done on the Yak to date PC - as a fellow A-Model battler you have my sympathies. Just repeat sand, and fill and sand and fill and swear and sand and fill etc etc C