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  1. For trucks I saw something on a truck? modeling forum but it was for US trucks and the user posted some brochures and what it looked like a maintenance pamphlet for a Kenworth or a LS cabover, it had all hydraulic hoses and all kind of details down to the bolt and nuts related to the suspension mounts and electric cable for sensors and rear lights. On yet another forum I remember seeing something related to Daf XF taglift and a conversion set casted in resin bundled with a sketch with hydraulic hoses and so on. Don't ever think that for cars it's more easy because different Aoshima kits have a generic chassis based on RC car with electric parts removed and a generic and probably ok~ish interior, Fujimi also shared many chassis with different models some are a little accurate others are not because there is nothing in common with a Mazda FD3S chassis and a Nissan BRN32 one, yet Fujimi said whatever and delivered that to you. Luigi
  2. Silverkite

    F-14 VF142

    One or maybe two pictures can be found on Tomcat Colors & Markings from D&S book, I don't know when and where and why Matchbox made the decision of adding those stripes on wings and stabs but be aware cause a certain manga, then a game and OAV called Area88 had Micky or Mickey F-14 depicted with similar stripes it can be an error due the manga or it can be something Matchbox added because VF-124, VF-32 and I think one VF-24 bird had stripes on wing and stab surfaces Luigi
  3. My suggestion is to use Hasegawa F-15C as a guide, if you want to make it more early to stand in the line between F-15A and F-15C you should at least use exhaust nozzle covers/petals/feathers whatever you spell them, you should also check the shape of the four antennas installed below the fuselage. Two things that might escape you are probably the grill covering the lower exhaust in the middle of the fuselage after and the slime formation light on the right side, cause on MSIP it's divided in two blocks one square and a rectangular while on early C it was just a rectangular Luigi
  4. Aoshima & Fujimi Kenmeri, trying to figure out which is better as I seen something really bad about Fujimi body Luigi
  5. Still keeping the Hasegawa kit with hypermegagalactic-speed missiles and still preordering the other Kai version if the extra parts do not suck like the ones in the Advanced Super Hornet and IFCS Eagle boxes Luigi
  6. Italeri F-16 tailplanes are glitched, they sit more forward when they should sit a tad more backwards. F-16 tailplanes do not have a connecting rod, the can move in a symmetric manner but due trims and weight differences between port side and starboard side they will slightly move in an asymmetric manner, remember perfect balance does not exist and if it will a mere strand of hair will throw off your balance in a blink. As for differences between tailplanes you have early ones who sit flush with airbrake mostly YF-16, F-16 FSD, early block 5/10, later ones updraded F-16A Block 10 are externally identical to F-16C tailplanes. For export variants using small tailplanes it was just a thing in the early/mid 80s, I think some Denmark F-16B still uses them while all the others switched to later ones Luigi
  7. read some complaints regarding fuselage alignment and assembly, outside that I think it's ok, I don't own it because I would like to have all variants made by a single brand Luigi
  8. I did compare old ICM weapons with whatever Zvezda had, especially for the Kh-58 I think I had some side views or plans found online and pictures of it mounted on Mig-25 pylons and realized it was sadly small and at that time it wasn't worth the risk of buying Mig-25Rsomething conversion from Armycast or Armory I don't remember, modify said conversion, add even more mods on Condor/ICM Mig-25 as I wasn't sure if I needed Hasegawa wings or not and when the BM conversion was available I tried to purchase one, never got a reply about their stock and waited till present days to fetch ICM Mig-25BM Luigi
  9. You can compare some of the ordinance with ICM and Zvezda kits For R-27 there are three variants in the box IR, SARH and long SARH, if I remember it correctly they were a tad short and skinny R-73 and R-60 maybe the fins and canard were off, I don't remember if they were skinny or not but they looked ok. R-23 no comment I probably have a couple of RV Resin but I bought them after selling Dragon Air to Air weapon set K-13 and it's variants were probably ok for export variants ATG missiles Kh-58 was small, period Kh-25 I don't remember which variant was as there are tons of that, it looked fine but there were no other alternatives I do probably have one or two ATG Dragon Ordinance box with rockets pods and bombs and I can compare them with Zvezda and Trumpeter kits even though I remember that unguided rockets and rocket pods were kinda ok, no words about bombs Luigi
  10. you can't have idewinder mounted and put a Maverick below cause it will either burn Aim-9 eye or it will not have enough clearance to be safely fired, it's the same for bombs, what the greeks and iranians did on their inner pylon was to probably drill two holes above the original mount to give clearance for the Sidewinder, you can mount one Aim-9 per pylon but you can go postal with the load below, by doing that if and if there is a selector to either fire Aim-9 or AGM-65 you can mount two slanted AGM-65 on the LAU-88 triple launcher and an Aim-9 above the empty LAU-88 rail Luigi
  11. mine was either published on Aeronautica & Difesa magazine or somewhere on Aerei and other publications from Delta Editrice, I never bookmarked it cause "training rounds" and because I'm planning to take the whif route and modify inboard pylons to allow LAU-88 and Aim-9 launchers on like Iran and Greece did on theirs F-4D and E, that way it can carry two Mavericks and one Aim-9 per pylon, ECM pod, two Harms, drop tank and two Aim-7 Luigi
  12. The one I'm searching for was at sunset, three quarters from the right, not sure if there it was another Phantom with it or not, Standard Arm, Shrike, Harm and Maverick were in, not sure about ECM and drop tank, I think it was a Spangdahlem bird Luigi
  13. A picture of what you are after it does exists but I'm not sure if it was a Euro 1 or a Sea camouflaged aircraft Luigi
  14. Happened in Italy too, basically if I ever go to the two remaining hobby shops in Cagliari, one has lots of Warhammer, Gundam and die cast stuff leftovers from unknown eras, the other one is mostly selling only Italeri and Revell kits, he can bring Academy kits if you want, it will take ages as per usual but if you are after anything particular you only option is to buy it from online stores.For my other hobby aka figure collecting is pretty much the same stores only have Gundam and common WSJ stuff I don't care about, if I order from Star Shop they will just buy used goods from stores I'm already purchasing stuff and then triple its price. Luigi
  15. yes only to ferry, but there is some kind of silly speculation here in Italy due Ustica, as people was saying they used Mig-23MS with three drop tanks who flew past over Naples at supersonic speeds aaaaaaaaaaaand at low level so they could do mean things, searched all around the web and books to find how faster they could fly with just one tank, yet without any kind of guidance they could not fly past Sicily and go back without running out of fuel, lose their way to home or getting painted by radars as they did not have any kind of RWR equipment, radar past 20kms was blind, I don't know about their NVG equipment or navigation system but I suspect vectors and minutes, I was also searching how much fuel their engines would burnto calculate the flight-path and time needed to reach certain areas untouched but I'm going off topic so yeah, only for ferry flights :D. Pod was required, only certain missiles could go on their own due guidance equipment installed on the nose but anything more sophisticated required a guidance pod thus a 3+1 configuration Luigi
  16. What kind of KH-25, cause somewhere else it was stated the for certain KH-25 the maximum load was just three missiles as you needed a guidance pod. Centerline tank is another big if due clearance. I ended up filtering many Mig-27 pictures as I was searching for a specific Wild Weasel configuration that used Blizzard and Winter Storm(?) pods and I barely saw anything loaded past 2+2. If you decided to model your Mig-27 with fuel tank on its wings remember that you have lock the wings on a certain angle as they could not jettison the tanks nor fly supersonic with tanks installed Luigi
  17. I can say probably, it started on an Ace Combat discussion on a FB Group, can't tell you what because I'm following way too many groups (especially for Phantoms) that I easily lose track of everything in a blink, but for the Su-27 people was wandering why Hasegawa Su-33 had AA-8/R-60 included yet nobody ever saw a picture of Flankers carrying them and then someone just said that Flankers only carried R-73 and R-27 either in pairs or in a 2-4 configuration so 2 R-73 on wingtips 2 R-27ER (IR) on wings and two R-27R below the intakes, for Su-27 case especially for early variants I suggest you to search for Su-27 interception pics. For later Su-27SM3 and 35 variants those can be easily found on Youtube or in any "OMG RUSSIANS ARE SKY PIRATES" articles from magazines and news outlet of your choice Luigi
  18. Sometimes Warthunder forums and Facebook groups (yes that stupid game) have some of the stuff that got lost when google & co changed their search and indexing filters. Facebook also has a FW190 restoration & research group, maybe someone has no public shareable pictures on his collection and might share some of his knowledge to you Luigi
  19. I have probably seen one picture of a completed model or of the real deal of its underside, it was either Bort 21 or 44 and the dark green patch on the bottom was more wider than what you can see on pictures, I mean both pictures, 3d view and Begemot instructions show you intake side patch that wraps around it, when it goes under it expands and goes inside the tunnel and ends here where the intake meets back with the fuselage If I ever managed to save it is probably on some Photobucket dump I have somewhere otherwise it was linked on ru modelling forums and it should be on my bookmarks. Edit: It wasn't this and I think this is the correct one, and mine was probably Bort 21 https://karopka.ru/community/user/18655/?MODEL=511214 Luigi
  20. Could be wrong due my reality shifts and the fact I barely double check my reference as I'm too lazy to even turn on my external drive with it: Japan received around 26 or 52? F-4E USAF machines, they never returned them back as they were used to training and whatever are the things military do when you receive a new machine Said F-4E were called F-4EJ and never received Kai upgrades even if many pictures show you otherwise Said F-4EJ were used to (R)F-4EJ trials with all the recce pod they went through the years, some also were maybe painted with aggressor markings, then used as (R)F-4EJ duty. Fine Molds contains new parts that will let you build a proper (R)F-4EJ, if the box contains both Kai and E parts then you just have to ignore (R)F-4EJ parts which should be all around the nose and gun area and build a common F-4E, but if the F-4EJ box only contains JSDAF missile rails then you need USAF launchers but keep in mind that those launchers are time(?) or era and operator specific things Somebody on an Hi-Decal thread or maybe was or the Iran thread or the now deceased Military Photos forum...said When the US was still welcome in Iran people spotted RF-4Cs and maybe even an RF-4B flying white tails with IIAF markings on them, reason was that both C and B were wired for nukes so if S would HTF, US forces could nuke USSR using Iran as proxy. How true it is I don't know, but I do remember a B&W picture showing an RF-4C (due short exhaust) with IIAF camouflage, black bottom and no ID markings on tail, other picture was a pack of RF-4s with something that looked like a B due maybe the ECM mounted shoulders on the intakes but I no longer have anything, ACIG dot org probably had the RF-4C picture linked in the comment section of their dedicated IIAF page but since most stuff was either linked Imageshack and other means I doubt someone will ever find something Luigi
  21. no station wagon version? Meh Luigi
  22. as long Tamiya goes bait and switch I think nope. Luigi
  23. I would buy one just if by mistake they added the underwing pylon used for AA missiles and for the drop tanks, outside that I would stick with Italeri and place cloned DM parts on it. Otherwise I'll just wait for Wolfpack and hope someone will do something for THAT pylon Luigi
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