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  1. This is a modeling forum. We should be encouraging each other not insulting with casual disregard. I’m visiting only because I was told of the affront. The Idea alone that Peter is telling me what the value of my work is, is brazen. Peter, if you have any Integrity you will apologize and ask for my forgiveness. Robert Mrozowski
  2. Dear Peter, I’m the creator of that model and I’m sorry that you can’t afford to spend $72 for it but I can’t afford to give it away for $50. Apparently you have no idea how much it costs to research, model, 3D print, package, and market a product like this. In fact I wouldn’t sell you one for any amount of money. Furthermore I beg to differ with you on a number of your criticisms. For one all on my reference clearly show protruding rivets on the control column edge. Next thiss kit was designed to be used the Airscale’s photo etched instrument panel set which includes the levers. Therefore mine doesn’t have any. If you knew anything about the HK kit you would know that a replacement instrument panel has to be lowered to fit into the kit. That’s right, mr expert, the shape of the HK kit is inaccurate. My part is hence lower than the blue print but not too far back. The HK windshield is too far forward. Sue me for making it fit. I would suggest that you stick to your project and keep your pearls of wisdom to yourself. Best wishes Robert Mrozowski P.S. It looks like your cockpit needs more work too.
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