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  1. Excellent stuff, great idea! How about them Seahawks today! Now there's a theme for next year.........
  2. That SAM was vol 14 #4, featuring the 170 Freighter and Wayfarer. Unfortunately, that's one copy I don't have.... If anyone has it, could they please make me a set of scans or photocopies?/ And as far as I am aware, the Superfreighter, as modelled by Airfix, was commercial only - no military - so you'd have to do a conversion as Paul says. Magna do two conversions, for the Mk. 21 and Mk.31, both available at Hannants.
  3. Look at all those rivets on that poor Fury! Good grief, they'd be 2 inches across and deep on a scaled up one...... I'm sticking to my old Hobbycraft kit, thank you!
  4. Does anyone have a good clear close up shots of the deck of British a/c carriers, specifically, the old Illustrious, Colossus and Eagle Classes. In particular, I'd like to see the spacing and patterning of the tie downs, and the deck markings and colours. With the resurgence of interest in British naval aircraft, it seems inconcievable that no-one has yet produced a resin deck section for these types, so I am going to produce my own......... TIA!
  5. Nice kit, isn't it Jen? And you are quite correct - it doesn't need a fancy resin cockpit set!
  6. Ahem....in my best John Noakes impression....."And here's one I made earlier....." These painted with Xtracrylics British Deep Bronze Green, slightly lightened, on the bodies, and straight Dk Green on the tails. The bombs were also washed with a dark wash, then using an old paint brush, I flicked light and dark washes at the bombs, producing the patchy effect you often see on wartime bombs. Slogans were hand painted! Oh, and don't forget to make sure they have a matt finish!
  7. Pima has an AEW.3, and I am pretty sure that Jules will be doing a 1/48 soon.
  8. Nice display John, I'll have to try that. And it reminds me that I have a Frog P.1 in the stash I need to build.......
  9. See here, Jim: http://www.legatokits.cz/Plastic72/Hart/ha...%20foto009m.jpg Those look like resin skis in the bottom right hand corner. Incidentally, lots of interest at the Legato/AZ website: http://www.legatokits.cz/
  10. Aeroclub stretch thread is the way to go. Very stretchy as its name suggests. Glues up easily with a smidgeon of superglue - make sure your canopies are "futured/kleared" first!
  11. Sure Mike, I'll buy one from you - how does $50 sound?
  12. Cheers, Pat! Nice looking model yourself! The intake trunking is simply 5 thou plastic card rolled into an oval and glued into place. At the ends, I placed the Airwaves compressor blades. Simple!
  13. Cheers guys, I appreciate it! Thanks Nev, I'll check that one out later - sounds very promising. I did find a site devoted solely to MREs - taste testing and all.....weird, but then I guess everyone has to have a hobby.........
  14. Cheers, guys! I have the Matchbox kit as well, so am keen to see what our resident Boscombe Geek does with it.......!
  15. They've got the main things. I used the Aeroclub resin seats and Airwaves PE set on my Frog kit. and scratchbuilt the rest of the detail...... Incidentally, a top reference for the Bucc is tis website: http://www.blackburn-buccaneer.co.uk/
  16. I want to put some "stuff" into my Italeri 1/48 Chinook HC.1 and was wondering if there is a source for modern 1/48 field ration packs and/or cases, water containers, ammo cans and the like.
  17. Well, it's Mike Grant - what do you expect? Mike's a nice guy and a terrific modeller.
  18. Cool! Where's that sectioned one at? Its an awesome idea and a great display.
  19. Either way, I expect one of them to announce one about 2 weeks after I finish my model complete with all these corrections.........don't all thank me at once!
  20. Nice work, John, thanks! These really show off the constipated look of the back end on these early Hunters. Did you happen to get a shot of that sectioned engine, next to the airframe?
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