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  1. Thanks Patrik. I am getting an e-mail off to Hannants. Hopefully they will supply them.
  2. My kit arrived yesterday. Beautifully detailed. My kit contained neither instructions nor decals. Am I the exception? Are they supposed to be there?
  3. There is a very nice 1/72 kit of the Sea Venom by Dragon. Also bears some reamblance to the original.
  4. Bit of eyewitness testimony. Spent 1968 in Pleiku. Saw many vehicles, primarily those of the 4th Infantry, and the helicopters of Holloway Army Air Field. They were the same color and the more brown shade. Already a modeler I’m fairly sure of my observations. The dust in the Central Highlands was very fine and red but the fresh colors appeared as described.
  5. Beware of this kit. I have the last issue from 2020. Locks like a nice kit and it is except for the canopy. The most unsuitable part I have ever seen in a kit. it is an attempt at clear printing, But it is a complete failure. It is almost entirely opaque. Looks like the frosted glass sometimes used to admit light while providing complete privacy, rather more privacy than a pilot can use. It is not nearly as clear as the photo depicts it, as a matter of fact it can’t be called clear at all. A Mach 2 canopy is the very soul of crystal clear when compared to the FOX ONE item. I can understand failure when exploring new technologies. I can’t understand shipping those failures to paying customers. It wasn’t cheap either.
  6. I would encourage all to give these guys a serious look. I just received their Piaggio P-149. It may be billed as a re-issue but it is a much improved kit. i have the old one. The resin parts are much the same but it now includes etch and much improved decals and instructions. I never built the old one. The vacuform canopy was VERY thin and arrived ripped. This new version has two much improved canopies so now I can build both. Highly recommended to those liking resin.
  7. I am pretty sure that you are right. A NF. XIII can be built from the NF. XI boxing, especially if you have the old Modeldecal NF Meteor sheets.
  8. Terrific. Does anyone know how you can order one from these guys?
  9. Now that is clever!!! The Minicraft Electra isn’t good for much else. Steve Ginter’s Naval Fighters 14 has excellent 1/144 drawings of all the Convairliner variants. I know it’s not a fighter but many saw military use and the title covers some civil use.
  10. Very appropriate to use search function for a MARS model kit. That’s all you can do with them —-search. Many wonderful announcements, not much plastic. Isn’t there a millionaire somewhere who can invest in these guys?
  11. I have the kit in hand. You only get one tailplane, as appropriate for the C.1.
  12. Could it be a build issue, or at least one that cold be corrected by letting the glue cure whist the wing is compressed on a uniform flat surface. One side at a time. That’s what I would (will) try.
  13. I have dealt with Lucky Model and found them to be very reliable and reasonable in price. They always tell you if it is in stock or not. They list this one as a future release.
  14. Does ANYONE think .wE will actually see a two stage Mosquito this summer?
  15. A whole new fuselage and modified nacelles, but we can hope. I’ll be happy if the Tracer appears any time soon.
  16. Don’t believe any AEW Skyraiders served in the Viet Nam war, all replaced with the Grumman Tracer by then. Plenty of non-AEW Skyraides served in Nam but Sword does not make those versions, Hasegawa and soon Special Hobby do.
  17. Thanks, that’s the price I’d expect to pay. Think I’ll give him a try.
  18. 1952, a Hawk P-51 Mustang. I think it had all of 10 parts. Coming up on 70 years.
  19. Very interesting. Can’t wait to order (assuming I can ever find a second Beaufort). Knew a new vertical stabilizer and engine cowls would be involved. Didn’t know nacelles would be different also. Guess that’s why we wake up each day, and check Britmodeller.
  20. California should be easy but I bet not. I’m never getting to any of those other places. The best the US can offer is Peeru (Peru) Indiana and it’s neighbor Mylan (Milan).
  21. Then imagine me, a New Jersey kid try to buy a rail ticket to Loughborough at the Bedford rail station. Got one for Luckbro (I think). Did arrive safely at Donnington in the end.
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