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Mark Hoffmanly

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  1. Mark Hoffmanly

    PATTON TANK BUILD - Now at 31 ! 30/03/19 - 30/06/19.

    I'd like to sign up with the M48as Patton from Tamiya.
  2. Mark Hoffmanly

    Mk. V Panther Single type build @ 17 Still need recruits.

    I would like to sign up.
  3. Mark Hoffmanly

    Panther A Early/Mid/Late War

    Thank you, this helps out a lot. Since I spent roughly 45 min combing through all my personal resources on the panther trying to figure out whether it would matter or not. Thanks, Mark
  4. Mark Hoffmanly

    Panther A Early/Mid/Late War

    I have all three of takoms panthers without their zimmerit. I was unsure if the Panther A series received zimmerit applied to the area surrounding the road wheels. There are multiple pictures in the Panzerkampfwagen Panther book I recently bought, but they don't specify what model of the panther it is. Thanks, Mark
  5. Mark Hoffmanly

    Trumpeter King Tiger

    Also, I did get the correct diamond pattern for the plating surrounding the turret basket, but I do not know where to get the correct metal non-slip pattern for the turret basket itself. This is also why the build progress has stalled is because I just need the turret basket to be completed then I'll be "done". Still feels funny staying that I am almost done with this beast that has taken almost a year to build LOL.
  6. Mark Hoffmanly

    Trumpeter King Tiger

    Started Painting some of the parts that are ready to be painted. I personally think that the red oxide primer that I used is a bit too dark but oh well. Ran into some problems with masking tape and paint not wanting to stick. Progress on this beast has been stalled once again, but this time it's because of Takoms 3 new panthers. Mark
  7. Mark Hoffmanly

    Meng Panther A Second Try (with zimmerit)

    Great work, amazing that you were able to run into a veteran with that kind of knowledge, they are probably the best resources on the earth. There are some WWII vets in my area, I'm in the process of getting into contact with them. Mark
  8. Mark Hoffmanly

    Tiger I Cutaway. -Finished-

    I wasn't really looking to make the lights historically accurate since I was more of looking to show off the interior with a bright LED. With the LEDs, I used you could definitely get away with taking a blue colored sharpie and color over top of the LED to make it a "blue" light. Mark
  9. Mark Hoffmanly

    Meng Panther A Late with zimmerit

    Looks great, planning on using the same wood filler you used on my 3 Takom panthers I have sitting in storage. Other than that, keep up the great work. Mark
  10. Mark Hoffmanly

    RFM Panther Ausf. G

    The tracks are not moveable, Takom provides a jig to get the "perfect" sag for the tracks. You will also need to attach the teeth to the tracks. ark
  11. Mark Hoffmanly

    RFM Panther Ausf. G

    I'm already having nightmares of the roadwheels.
  12. Mark Hoffmanly

    RFM Panther Ausf. G

    The weather down here is annoying since it snows one day then the next day its 60 with sun I plan on building all three of them back to back, but first I'm gonna build some of my models that are in my stash.
  13. Mark Hoffmanly

    RFM Panther Ausf. G

    I realized this while going over the manual again, and I realized that RFM does specify this. So the sliding covers shouldn't be on the left-hand side. Great catch! Here is the instructions for the rear end of the Panther, there were a lot of different exterior options with this kit makes it a bit overwhelming. Also, what a shame that those kits cost that much up North! I managed to snag Takoms Panthers for 49$ each off of Spruebrothers with another 10$ for shipping, I also got RFM's Panther for around 80$ from SB with shipping. Mark
  14. Mark Hoffmanly

    RFM Panther Ausf. G

    I went with RFM's instructions, and that's what they had me do. So it might be wrong it might not be, idk. I can pull up some pics of the manual when I get home to show ya. Mark
  15. Mark Hoffmanly

    RFM Panther Ausf. G

    I was hoping that Takom would include the molded zimmerit on the tanks like they did with their KT, but they didn't, sadly. So I am looking at all possible ways to make zimmerit, and pattern, and apply it to the Panther. I'm currently deciding on what I want to do since I have a stockpile of models to build but I cannot choose. I'll start something really soon. I decided to take another break from the KT, since the release of the Panthers, I have painted roughly 60% of the model so far, but none of it has been weathered, or detailed. Im not sure if I have posted the pics on here. Mark