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  1. Really impressive work with the panther, may I ask what airbrush you are using? Mark
  2. I'll get that link for you. And the common misconception about 3d printing is that it's very expensive to own the 3d printer and to also print from sed printer. But I can safely say that the only major expense for 3d printing was the printer itself, and actually printing things off come out to cents on the dollar. As I can get a Kilogram of PLA for about 25$(USD) off Amazon. It can become pricey if you're printing large 3d models, and you run the risk of the print failing and you wasting all that PLA, but since I plan on printing 1/16 parts the chance of the print failing is very small and even if it does, its not going to be more then a dollar wasted in plastic. Mark
  3. I must apologize for my lack of posting, I am graduating High School in a matter of 2 weeks so as you can imagine I have been scrambling to get more important things sorted before I graduate. I have been posting more on my Instagram account since I don't have to upload to Flickr to post them. On to the tracks, I did notice the guide horns and instantly got a headache from that, as it will be just as tedious if not more than the road wheels/shells. But that's why we do it right? I'm really excited to get started on this Panther, as I can use my 3d Printer and download/make my own models and print sed models for the panther. I was planning on also trying out my skill in resin casting to make my own 1/16 misc. items instead of buying costly parts off of ebay. As I have learned quite a bit from the KT, and I'm trying to do this on a "budget" But I think that a whitewash on this 1/16 panther will really pop, along with all of the modifications you have made to the tank. Mark
  4. Looks great man and this is your SECOND one?!?! I still have mine stashed away while I tackle my other models. I'm assuming this is an OOB build, like your others? Either way, Trumpeter seems to have stepped up their game with this kit compared to the KT. I'm always impressed with how quickly you assemble these 1/16 models. Keep it up, Mark
  5. I too have this kit and I'm looking forward to building it. To your point though, I recently completed Trumpeter's 1/16 King Tiger, what I did, is I left the upper hull dry fitted so that I can slide the upper hull on/off whenever I please. It looks very nice, aside from some separation from the upper and lower, but that's expected. It looks like the same concept can be applied to the Panther, but I was planning on spicing it up a bit and do something else. Not sure yet. Take care, Mark
  6. Well, I have started on my 2nd Takom Panther, making this the 5th Panther I have completed so far... But I am looking for a full crew for the Panther, including the gunner, loader, driver, radio operator, and finally the commander. I have never done any type of figure sculpting or modifications to figures so preferably something that's a kit. Thanks Mark
  7. So I have decided to pull out Tamiya's Nashorn out of my stash for the first time since Christmas of last year... how appropriate. But I have decided to order some PE for it (all PE available), along with a metal barrel and tracks. I have decided to do a diorama for this model, and I was looking at some German soldiers that will match the Battle of Kursk scene I'm thinking about doing. So this will be a project that'll last my entire Christmas break. Pictures will be uploaded when I receive the aftermarket parts and figures. Along with some ideas for the dio. I plan on making. Marry Christmas, Mark
  8. Amazing work, cannot wait until this is finished. Insane amount of detail done so far! Keep it up, Mark
  9. Thank you all for your comments! I will take a look at this forum, I am apart of a 1/16 Panther build group on Facebook that has some really impressive work in there, far better than what I have done wih the KT. Mark If you plan on getting a 1/16 KT, please note that the box is about 2X larger than the actual model, so you'll have to find room for the giant model and its giant box. (Made quite a difficult maze for me when I had to leave my chair to do something.) Good luck if you do decide on getting it, its one project you'll never forget.
  10. Thanks, but I plan on being even more meticulous with the 1/16 Panther than that of my KT Mark
  11. Thank you Chris. You are correct in your guess. Its nice to have a open workspace aswell. Mark.
  12. You all have probably seen my from in WIP's section but heres the 'final' update on the KT, I have gotten the 1/16 Panther a couple weeks ago so I already have my work cut out for me. This has taken over a year and a half to build and complete, about 30-35% is aftermarket purchases or scratchbuilding that I based off the book Super King by David Parker. Hope you all enjoy(also please note that some small things are not pictured, as they're currently MIA). https://www.flickr.com/photos/140207497@N02/46138441912/in/datetaken/
  13. Looks good as per usual, do you have any room left for all of those 1/16 models? How was the assembly of the Porsche Turret? Mark
  14. I got some of the PE parts off of eBay, again... but for the res I either 3d printed, or bought off of AFV's website(the same on that I got Super King from) Mark
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