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  1. Works for me every time. I'm just at that stage with the Eduard Mk VIII Spitfire. Only difference in my method is to put a dab of masking liquid on the tip over the tape. Solid seal, and good results.
  2. I'm with Grant! We might be able to get them from the US, but a Canadian distributor would be absolutely first class. Well Done, Sovereign Hobbies! Gary IPMS Canada IPMS Petawawa IPMS Ottawa IPMS Farnborough Twinned with ACTSMS Canberra (I've been around too long!)
  3. Tony and Jack, Thanks very much for your comments: much appreciated! I should have included this photo of the subject, taken in the spring of 1919. Canadian pilot Andrew McKeever, DSO, MC and Bar, stands by the left wing of 8493/18. He was the top scoring ace on Bristol Fighters, with 31 victories.
  4. Hi, Here is my Wingnut WIngs Fokker DVII as operated by the then-new Canadian Air Force in England, 1919. The giveaway on this build is the large green Canadian maple leaf on the fuselage, both sides. This came from Pheon Decals (Thanks again, Rowan!) The key finishing feature is the Aviattic four-colour lozenge decals, which worked very well (Thanks again, Richard!). As always, comments and suggestions are most welcome. Enjoy!
  5. Gary

    601 Sqn, Italy, 1944

    Hello, Everyone, I'm back beating on this really tired horse after blithering about on a ME 109F in Russia, a turretless Stuart in Italy, and a captured Fokker DVII flown by Canadians in England in 1919: nothing like variety! I'd like to know if the "movement records" (for want of a better term) of individual aircraft are still available for review? Of course, I'm still chasing after good old JF834. If I can track down the date it arrived in 601 Sqn then I may be able to determine the paint scheme (or at least narrow the choices down). Many thanks to Edgar for his post above, and TIA for any
  6. Well done, Tony! We Canucks do that on occasion:pick ugly weapons for a dirty job. I think Wellington or one of his staff said it best: "The uglier, the better soldier!"
  7. Gary

    601 Sqn, Italy, 1944

    Rats! Should have mentioned: his log shows first flight ,UF*P, (sector recce) with 601 Sqn on 12 December 1943, and first operational mission, UF*W, on 13 December 1943. This should cut down search time in the ORB.
  8. Gary

    601 Sqn, Italy, 1944

    Andy, Thanks for your offer. PM sent with details.
  9. Gary

    601 Sqn, Italy, 1944

    Edgar, PM sent. Thanks for your help.
  10. Gary

    601 Sqn, Italy, 1944

    Hi, Andy, Regarding JF806, I can't tell if my uncle flew it from what I have here. His log (I have a photocopy) has the a/c he flew identified only by the individual letter: no serial, so no link between letter and serial. I found the JF834 connection by getting a copy of the 601 Sqn ORB entry for 11 March, 1944. This shows the mission on which he made his victory, and all pilots are listed against a/c serials. But that's the only entry/page that I have. I'd have to check the ORB from November 1943 to 7 March 1944 to see if he flew JF806. I would not mind doing that, but the ORB is five time
  11. Gary

    601 Sqn, Italy, 1944

    The "clipped wing" reference might be a mistake on my part. My listing of serial numbers and construction dates gives the block JF805-850 as being assigned to the L.F. variant. I had thought that this variant carried the clipped wing configuration for the reasons stated by Graham: aerodynamic efficiency at relatively low altitude dogfighting. Now I find a comment that the designation had more to do with the engine being used. This fits quite neatly with Graham's comment above: " I've not seen reference to "clipped wings" as meaning anything other than the full square-cut ones but under these p
  12. Gary

    601 Sqn, Italy, 1944

    Hello, Graham, His one and only victory was achieved on 11 March, 1944 over Naples, flying Spitfire Mk. VIII (Clipped Wing) JF834, UF*S. This is the a/c I'd like to replicate. I have access to only a few 601 a/c and cannot make out the details clearly due to development of the image and/or the angle from which the image was taken. Thanks for your help so far.
  13. Gary

    601 Sqn, Italy, 1944

    Hi, This may have been discussed already and, if so, I'd like some direction to the thread. I'm trying to pin down the camouflage colours used by 601 Sqn while in Italy in early 1944. I've heard two options: a. Dark Earth and Middle Stone over Azure Blue. b. Dark Green and Ocean Grey over either Medium Grey or Azure Blue. My uncle flew with 601 during this period, and I have the markings for his Spitfire. If anyone can aim me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Steve, Looking very nice: congratulations! I'll be sure to visit the Gallery to see the final version. Happy to have helped where I could!
  15. Thanks, Tony and Carius, I spent many years in our Army. This subject is a Stuart from my ancestral regiment, 8th (Princess Louise's) New Brunswick Hussars, in Italy, hence my interest and motivation for the build.
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