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  1. I would like to see this be developed into a 2-seater as well. Either by Airfix themselves or as a conversion by some aftermarket firm.
  2. I would love to see this gear scaled down to 1/48 for the Tarangus/Special Hobby sets. At least the nose gear is lacking all the details necessary in the kits. /Tobias
  3. Looking forward to this release, long awaited early airliner that finally will come in 1/48. hope it will have both wheels and floats released. /Tobias
  4. Yes, the aircraft was refurbished several times. From bomber to signal intelligence and finally transport. The cockpit could have the original color but it is hard to see since the aircraft is on support and is not really reachable. /Tobias
  5. Got my kit last week as well. In my box the right fuselage half was really deformed, the whole nose area and tail is twisted. I sent a mail and hope to have a replacement part. But I agree on that the kit is worth the money. /Tobias
  6. Got the same mail as well, the second of the five that goes to Sweden
  7. Thanks! But I already been in contact and I was too late.
  8. Thanks for all input. I found Amos Dor book that may be really helpful. The IsraCast conversion is long OOP, see if I can track down a copy of it. Cheers Tobias
  9. How long can you wait? The Do-27 is in storage at the Swedish Air Force Museum here in Linköping. Our local IPMS chapter will have a building event May 5-6 and we will go to that storage for a photo opportunity. I can make sure that “someone” take some photos for you. /Tobias
  10. That’s correct BUT the aircraft I want to build is modified. Therefore I need to do the conversion. Tobias
  11. I found an old Fonderie Miniature Super Mystere in 1/48 last weekend, wanted one for long to make an Israeli aircraft. To this I also bought IsraDecals and looked into the booklet today. I realized that the Israelis changed engine on their Super Mystere’s and I need to make this conversion on the model. Has anyone done such a conversion and can give helpful hints. Is there any good drawings of the 2 configurations that may be helpful? I assume that no one made a resin conversion. Also is there anything to share about the build or detail that you think is necessary for this kit? /Tobias
  12. They have really done their homework. I see parts that been asked for in previous boxings. /Tobias
  13. But where is my Sukhoi T-4 in 1/48? I’m still waiting for it after the Concorde and XB-70.
  14. A new year but the question remains, Any new of the Ju-86 project? Regards Tobias
  15. Blue Raider has a few decal sheets from Tintin and also a book on has how to paint them according to different issues of the comic. http://www.insigniamag.com/02_172_decals.html#fictional Scroll to the end to the page. /Tobias
  16. There is a S32C conversion to the Tarangus Lansen. http://www.rebell.com/s32c-lansen-conversion-se-info.html /Tobias
  17. Slow progress, Finally I have put the instruments into the cockpit and glued the intake duct. Also I filled the upper side of the duct with "luiqid gravity", not sure it will help but I don't take any chanses. /Tobias
  18. I have started the mig-15 in 1/144. Started with replace the wing fence to etched parts. Also the seat will be etched so I had to remove the casted seat. And since I build 2 models I made resin copies of the cockpit, I will put etch panels in there as well. /Tobias
  19. Really outstanding casting, it looks terrific!! /Tobias
  20. You are doing magic to the model. The light are really nice and do the cans justice. It will be intresting to see it with painted cans as well. /Tobias
  21. Good work on the crew, it will look fantastic inside the model. /Tobias
  22. Now, this got really exciting. You don't make it easy for you, this is modelling at it's best! Have you found some crew members yet? /Tobias
  23. Thanks Eric, Since you are building the model before me I can look at you to decide how visible the cockpit is ;-) I will put crew members in the seats and don´t do much detailing otherwise. The problem is to find suitable figures that looks like airliner pilots, or at least is a good start for pilots. /Tobias
  24. Great work! A big thank you for pointing at the hard things while building. Neat idea about the foam solution. I was thinking about reverse the instructions and start to install the tail gear well first, then the main gear and nose gear well. And last the cockpit. The main reason is that it will be easy to recover the wells if lost inside the fuselage. Do you see any advatantage/disadvatantage in which order to install the wells/cockpit? /Tobias
  25. I will follow this with intrest and learn the main misstakes to my own build. I also found some errors in the instructions, seems HPH was in a hurry writing the instructions. Keep up the good work! /Tobias
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