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  1. Also some goodies on the way from RESIN2detail for the Monogram 1/48 B-29 Wheel Set - $13.99 http://resin2detail.com/product/48094
  2. Thank you, Werner - I appreciate the info! Brian
  3. Hello! I am looking to design an aftermarket set of wheels for the Aardvark and was hoping someone who owns the kit here in the forums would be willing to measure -- outer diameter -- width -- inner diameter of the axle/strut opening on the rim? Depending on how well this release goes, I would anticipate other sets for this kit as well Thank you so much, Brian RESIN2detail.com
  4. Excellent work! Too bad the RESIN2detail wheel superdetail set wasn't on the market yet when your build started (your wheels look great BTW)! For anyone else looking to build the KP kit (shameless plug) -- Details HERE
  5. Hey fellas! Was hoping someone with this kit in his stash could take a quick measurement of the outer diameter of the axel that inserts in the wheel hub? I am designing an aftermarket resin upgrade in 1/72 for this kit Thanks so much! Brian
  6. RESIN2detail is releasing a 1/72 Packard Merlin in 1/72 later in the month (Resin2detail.com) They already have the 1/48 version released Cheers
  7. Thank you that is exactly what I needed - I appreciate the response!!
  8. Hello! I am looking to build a set of aftermarket wheels for this model and was wondering if someone who owns one here on Britmodeller could measure the outer diameter of the main wheel axle (or inner diameter for the kit wheel)? I already have my design done in 1/48 based on the Monogram kit, and would like to scale down and tweak for the newer small scale Revell kit. My budget is very tight at the moment, so I cannot afford to buy one to take measurements. Thank you!! Brian
  9. Thank you Jerry - I'll check out that link to the catalog. I was able to get the E&R manual from Avialogs - love that site!! Brian
  10. Does anyone have access to this or know where I can find an electronic copy? Thanks in advance, Brian
  11. Deleted - no traders
  12. I've made some progress on the Ju-86 ... decided to step away from the large-scale B-26 and B-24 for the time being due to cost restrictions, etc. Since I was already well into my Ju-86 ... Hope you like! Brian
  13. Tried out 25 micron ceramic nanoparticle resin ... http://modelcave.thescalereview.com/phpBB3//viewtopic.php?f=68&t=457 Cheers! Brian
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