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Olivier de St Raph

Missouri Armada P-51D Mustang: documents and partial scratch from the Tamiya 1/48 kit

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The  Eduard PE sliding canopy rail is much too thin. 2 more docs showing that and some other details:

Doc. 89: 

1- As I said above, the Eduard PE must be thickened

2- This black joint is missing on some of the docs I saw (6, 18 and 90 below), while it seems to be present on other ones (24, 33). I wonder if it must be represented...



Doc. 90:

1- we can see rivets (on the doc. 89 too..) here, to add.

2- In the hollows of the rail, the color is IG, the rest is to paint, as I said above, alu mat.








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In photo 89 number 1 would be the canopy rail and number 2 looks like some sort of weather seal. I would say that this aircraft is a restored warbird as the starboard wall is non standard and the stick grip looks like it came from an early jet.



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Hi Olivier, some pics of that area, in the last picture with pilot Don blakeslee can be seen "no step" written on the eddge of the sliding canopy rail.












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Thanks a lot, Antonio for your docs.

Indeed, on this doc, we can read "no step" and there seems to be a thin joint (rubber?). 



But I must admit I still wonder what I should represent:  indeed, in some pics, there seems to be nothing:



 while there seems to be a metal squarre shape sliding rail on other ones:






... and a rubber rounded shape on other ones, especially the John England Missouri Armada:






In front of such contradictory docs, and because I am building the Missouri Armada, I will choose the weather seal option.

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I have begun to scratchbuild the portion that will thicken the too thin PE part, using 0,5 mm x 0,5 mm squarre section Evergreen:



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1- The Tamiya part doesn’t take in consideration the cut for the K14 as we can see on the 5th Antonio doc above. I made this cut.

2- The same doc, and other ones, shows rivets here. I have added them.

3- Added too, the thin weather seal, black grey. 

4- I have glued in place the scratch part (pic 78) with the small holes. I have painted it alu but on the doc 24D with England, it seems to be rather dark grey, as on the doc 92. I will change that...


P.S: the more I look at this canopy rail, the more I think the Eduard holes (on the outside) are much too small. I wonder if I should not redo them completely by scratch...

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I have just ordered on ebay the ref. 8203 from Evergreen: 0,56 mm x 0,84 mm rectangular strip, with the idea to replace my canopy rail, not very satisfying as I just said above. I won't get it before at least 3 weeks. Meanwhile, I will work on other aspects...

The Eduard PE was not high enough (about 0,5 mm), with consequently too small outside holes...

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