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  1. Hi All, After finishing up my long winded P51D build I've decided to keep the momentum going and crack on with a new project. Somewhat simpler and more straight forward this time I hope... The subject in question is Tamiya's excellent 1/72 scale Mosquito Mk VI kit, which I'm going to finish in the kit provided markings for the Coastal Command bird 'NEoD'. I think this scheme will give me a nice excuse to weather the paintwork a bit and I was not really keen on masking camo anyway I'm not going to go into exhaustive step by step detail in this
  2. Cheers all for the comments, I'm really proud of this one. @Toryu Cheers, I just ended up using Tamiya XF-5 flat green straight out of the jar. In the end though from photos I've seen the green varied quite a bit, probably since they just repainted it with whatever was available at the time. @RadMax8 Cheers mate, it was tough and really sapped my mojo at times hence the long build time. I finished off heavily detailed areas like the cockpit and just lost the will to continue for months. I'm glad I did finally dust it off (literally) and finish it. My daughter is a
  3. Looking good, I think I saw the real thing once in Japan.
  4. Fantastic work, nice and grubby, really like the tape lines.
  5. Great job with the build. The weathering looks great.
  6. Wow that's some impressive weathering and a great diorama to boot. Love the moody photos as well, really sells the look.
  7. Hi All, I finally crossed the finish line with this build which took the better part of 2+ years on and off with a long hiatus in between due to the arrival of my daughter... I had long started the build before she shattered our idle existence so the scheme I selected turned out to be quite prophetic In any case the plane is built from the highly regarded old Tamiya 1/48 scale kit, and to be honest there are better kits out there now that are far more detailed out of the box. I made significant modifications to the kit cockpit and scratch built a lot of additional deta
  8. Cheers all, @Biggles87 The little vice is made by 'U‑star' I got it from a online store in Aus, https://www.bnamodelworld.com/clamps-vices-hobby-tools-supplies-u-star-ua-90631?zenid=8eb849dfc5a7185b4a90dd99efbe6a4e I'm sure you'd find something similar in your neck of the woods. Really useful little thing.
  9. I spent the past couple of days fidding around with tiny added details, lights, and paint touchups but I think I've run out of parts to fix and bits to add. I'll have to call this one finally done. I'm currently working on some proper RFI photos, but here is one WIP shot to show it all together. Thanks to all who followed this long and meandering build, I must have lost a few of you along the way since I started in '17. I hope it's been informative and potentially helpful for the P51 STGB currently going on. I think I've picked my next target.
  10. Happy new year to you all (I think you lot on the wrong side of the world have made it by now right?) @giemme thanks for the suggestion, I think I'll just leave it be, I'd have to remove it to mess around with it and it looks convincing enough as long as you don't look at it too closely I moved onto the last bits and pieces and tackled the prop. First up was to fix the excessive flair on the prop cuffs, I just took to each prop with a file, the following photo shoes how much I took off. While still probably a little too flared, I can't take them down too much or they'
  11. I whipped up the rear view mirror using the rounded end of a sprue runner tacked onto a bit of square styrene rod. And here is the finished bit, painted up and fitted to the canopy. I ended up trying to a paint a mirror finish using chrome but it didn't turn out too good due to the roughness of the surface which I couldn't really smooth out. I was thinking of sticking on a disk of reflective foil but the mirror is too large for my punch set and too small to cut with a circle cutter (also I don't want a hole in the middle). This may have to do unl
  12. A small update on progress of my work over the last few days. Hope you all had / having a good Christmas day... I finished up the tires and the tail wheel first. The main tires had one side of the hub molded on while the other side was supplied as a separate piece, so no escape from masking here. I got to use my circle cutter for the first time to whip up some masks for the hub. It went well enough but I had to do a little touching up around the rim. A tip when painting the tail wheel (or hand touching up the rim of the main wheels) use very thin paint to carefully pin wash ar
  13. Personally I wouldn't mess with it, it looks realistically worn down rather than having large discrete chunks of paint missing. In my opinion real paint chips are quite small and the usual stark chipping you see on models is way out of scale for most subjects. I've tried for ages to get that worn chipped effect you achieved with a 'modelling' chipping solution. I might need to try hairspray since it seems to work quite nicely. Your choice though, it's looking great
  14. So I'm back in business, my new compressor turned up today I promptly got down to finishing off the main gear bits. Sprayed on dull aluminium, then carefully hand painted the flex hose in grey black and the various brake line fittings in 'exhaust manifold' I found this colour is a good facsimile for old brass. I then gave it a pin wash with some dark enamel panel liner and after cleaning all the bits up this is what I ended up with. I also started on the wheels by sanding the seam off then carefully aligning and filing down the wheels to flatten the
  15. Nice to see you back at it, some incredible work going on since that tail damage got resolved. I think you nailed those tape marks, and the weathering over the wing root looks great as well.
  16. Well I've encountered a bit of a set back. I managed to achieve shiny enough chrome finish using paint. I first sprayed a gloss coat on the primer and laid down a coat of magnesium (a dark metal shade). I then applied a gloss coat to the struts with a brush to get a nice heavy smooth layer and finally sprayed a coat of thinned chrome paint to get the shine. I sealed it with a brushed on layer of gloss, spray tends to dull the finish. After drying overnight I had masked up carefully to spray the flat aluminium when I heard a hiss from my compressor tank which rapidl
  17. Progress has slowed for a bit but the finish line is surely in sight. I fiddled with the gear legs some more over the weekend. Cleaning them up a bit more and carefully adding the brake lines. I used tiny bits of drilled out brass tube as mounting points for the wire. I ran it in 3 sections between the brass tubes. The first section up to the bottom of the scissors in thin rigid steel wire, the second loopy section through the scissors in flexible thicker lead wire and finally back to the steel wire for the last section up into the gear bay. I then gin
  18. @Biggles87 lol, at the speed this build is going, I'd almost forgotten myself . Glad it was useful, though get one of those Eduard p51's or the Meng kit and just save yourself the heartache I spent a few hours today between dealing with a sick and grizzly 15 month old to clean and hack up the main landing gear legs. I first opened the holes in the scissor struts. I drilled 2 holes, 1 large and one smaller hole where the ends of the openings would be then carefully carved the section between out with a sharp knife and my micro chisels. The work looks a little rough blown up
  19. Cheers @giemme I'm really reluctant to drill since I'll still have to position them properly before I do that. not sure how I can mark the holes. I'm thinking I'll use a fairly innocuous and slow setting adhesive like PVA to fix them on. I should have plenty of time to position them right and any excess glue can be wiped off. It's not like they'll be holding any weight so PVA should be fine. Since the last update though, I've been beavering away finishing off the last bits on the plane. I painted up and fitted the flaps. Painting the ID strip on them was tougher t
  20. More minor progress. I drilled out the exhaust stacks, ...and fashioned up some sway braces for the pylons. I made these out a bit of bent wire with punched out disks of really thin plastic card stuck to the ends. The observant amongst you may notice the mounting holes for the pylons on the wing undersides are missing... that's because I was originally intending to keep them off... however looking at photos these were always fitted at wartime. I'm not intending to stick on the drop tanks, assuming this is after a mission and they've been je
  21. Exceptional nmf painting, what a beautiful finish you've achieved. Also while quite belated since I only caught up on this thread today, Im incredibly impressed with the cockpit paintwork. At 1/72 scale it's truly incredible how neat and fine your work is.
  22. Spent today finishing off the canopy. First up was to plate the outside with aluminium tape. This took a few attempts, I used a template made out of masking tape to get the shape of half the side (join at the pointy end) and transferred it to the self adhesive aluminium tape. I then stuck in on and very carefully burnished it down with my metal scalpel handle. I added the plate around the pointy end in a similar fashion. It was quite difficult to burnish it nice and smooth due to how flexible vac canopies are. There were some bumps that came through despite my best efforts.
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