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Russian AAA

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Don't know why I decided on such madness but I'm building 4 modern Russian anti-aircraft systems in parallel. The kits are:
Meng Shilka - beautiful kit with workable tracks but clean-up of the spruce attachments on each link has to be exact for them to connect.
Trumpeter SAM-6 - simple kit, nice missiles. Link&length tracks though. Not a fan of them from when I build one years ago. Will replace these.
Panda Tunguska - horrible kit. POOR fit of parts and really overdone with tiny bits. Non workable individual link tracks. Might replace these too
Panda TOR - such an improvement over the Tunguska. Very detailed radar that went together very well. Also has individual workable tracks

 36143267690_28e0278060_b.jpgSoviet AAA

 36539806135_635533cca1_b.jpgSoviet AAA

Currently on the process of priming them all. Each will get a different colour scheme just undecided on which ones yet....

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SA-8 AND SA-13 are possible future additions but have you ever seen anything as ugly as that SA-4? 😂 SA-2 Is another I'd like to add sometime. But first to finish these 4. I have a great track record of starting projects, not so good at finishing.....


EDIT: Have the SA-9 also in the collection

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Lovely selection of triple A Sean, the Russian material is always so amazingly industrial to look at. Built for a single purpose with no ribbons and bows.


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I got both sets of Meng/AK paints for Modern Russian Armour and I have to say they do spray very nicely.

 35847955223_a9f7ecfda2_z.jpgRussian AAA

All 4 vehicles have now got their base colour. I'm using the schemes in the Meng Shilka booklet for 3 of them. It may not be 100% accurate but they look good and that's good enough for me.

 36657313475_7bd2a7ba07_k.jpgRussian AAA

 35847958073_bb5a92a081_k.jpgRussian AAA

 36657311435_930bc62ddc_k.jpgRussian AAA

The Tunguska will get an Artic scheme with black and grey stripes

 35822556274_cbce3a9890_k.jpgRussian AAA

I hope to get a good bit of the camo painting done over this weekend

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As I said before, how much work, some must be magnificent once camouflaged, because they are very interesting vehicles ...:popcorn:

Cheers Sean :thumbsup2:

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