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  1. T-90, Zvezda 1/35

    Thanks guys! Kris B, the kit provides plastic meshes and a measurement to cut them.
  2. Sukhoi Su-33, Kinetic 1/48

    Thanks guys! whiskey I use airbrush, but I am not that good in airbrushing tiny spots like these. On to the kit, I found out that the nose cone has a terrible fit! I don't know if it's just my kit or not. I left a little gap with the fuselage and I used superglue, because I have to rescribe the line where the nose cone meets the fuselage. Didn't have the time to take some photos.
  3. Amazing kit!! With clear parts for the lights, the SHTORA system and some other stuff that I don't know how they are called. Painted with Gunze paints. H79, H309 and Black.
  4. The Kinetic kit of the Su-33 is really good. Nice detail, many parts, no resin needed to my opinion if someone wants to do a decent model. But the total dissapointing thing is the instruction sheet. The instructions can be easily misunderstood as they don't explain anything thoroughly... I started it with pleasure and trying to do my best. The cockpit and whell wells. I forgot to take pictures after the wash and matt varnish. The engine fans were painted with Alclad Polishe Aluminium and the intake meshes with Alclad Aluminium. The intakes were painted Alclad Steel. The inner pieces of the exhust nozzles painted with Gun Metal and drybrushed with Silver. For the outer pedals I used a technique that I saw on youtube. This is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koNEr3CbEBk&t=85s I messed it up because the clear colors I have are not Alclad, but Gunze. It doesn't matter. Next time... I have already glued the fuselage pieces together. The kit will be made with the wings and tailplanes folded.
  5. MiG-25RBF, ICM 1/48

    The beast is finished!!
  6. After three years I am back to this topic, but with bad news. The decals from Tiger Head are wrong. The roundels are too small and the shark teeth too big!! I am in search of roundels. Or I will paint them myself as I have ordered a tool to cut circles from masking tape. And of course I will paint the shark teeth.
  7. MiG-25RBF, ICM 1/48

    Thanks guys! It's almost ready, but I had a disaster with the outer petals of the exhaust nozzles. I left them out to paint them easily, but when I tried to glue them on position, I had to cut off every locating pin there was for them. They were obstracted by the vertical fins, the lower little fins and between the engines. So they couldn't get to position well and I have to live with it. One day I will try to fill the gap with plastic sheet or something. Here are the nozzles And the model so far
  8. MiG-25RBF, ICM 1/48

    I clicked on ''Submit reply'' too soon, so here are some more pictures. The grey areas at the nose and the fins are H317. For the engines I used Alclad Steel.
  9. MiG-25RBF, ICM 1/48

    Thank you exdraken! There is a 3rd camo colour, H305 also lightened with white. The Begemot decals went on well, but the ICM decals are too thin and didn't like them.
  10. MiG-25RBF, ICM 1/48

    Some clamps for the intakes And some paint when everything was together I followed the instructions from Begemot decals The sand is a mix of H66 and H310, 4 to 1 ratio. The green is H340. All lightened with white and sprayed freehand.
  11. MiG-25RBF, ICM 1/48

    ICM has no instruments in the cockpit. So I used the ones from Revel's Tornado GR.4 and glued them on the clear part. Looks nice to me!
  12. MiG-25RBF, ICM 1/48

    This is the bulge under the RBF's nose. I also have to delete the cameras and make new panels. And here is what I did to make the bulge. I bent the plastic and filled the gap with plastic and superglue. Some weight...
  13. Hello guys I don't like aircrafts being full gray, so MiG-25 was no exception, either. When ICM released their MiG-25RBT, a friend of mine sent me some info about a three-coloured RBF. I searched the internet and found out about RBF and the changes I had to do on the RBT nose. So I purchased the kit and started modifying it. I have made a lot of progress, so I will upload photos step by step to let you know what I did. This is the kit
  14. Thanks Dave! The kit is very good. Very good fit. If I had the money, I would buy another one to paint it with the grey scheme.