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  1. Oh I forgot! In about 5 months a second baby will come! If it is a boy, then a PRU Blue Spitfire will take its place on the shelf!
  2. Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-19PM Farmer E

    Nice effort with the reshaping. I would leave the nose as is in my kit, if I ever get a MiG-19 from Trumpeter. I have the HiPM kit of Shenyang J-6/F-6 to built a plane from Indo-Pakistani war.
  3. HobbyBoss 1/48 F-14D

    Very nice work at the intakes! As for the Millenium Falcon, I think you are right!
  4. RAF Grumman Tomcat FGR 1

    A desert pink Tomcat! Great idea! Is that 1/48?
  5. Never stop building Spits! When my daughter was born, I built a pink PR.MkIG. Then I built a Mk.IX flown by John A. Plagis and in my stash there are a Mk.Vb of Steve Pisanos and a Mk.Vc of a Greek pilot, George Plionis!
  6. Stuka

    Lovely work! The preshading was done with black and white paint?
  7. 1/48 Airfix P-51D Mustang

    I really like the interior. But I think that you have overdone the drybrushing at the black area behind the seat. I have the ICM kit and I see that Airfix has done a very nice job!
  8. MiG-25RBF, ICM 1/48

    I bought AKAN lacquer 63024. It's a dark green. I will mask number 20 and some stencils with liquid mask, in order to repaint the grey. From the repaint job I will lose some stencils, but I don't care. I will also lose the stars, but I already have replacements.
  9. Su-33, Kinetic 1/48

    It's longer than the MiG-25!!!
  10. Su-33, Kinetic 1/48

    The Su-33 was finally finished on the 10th of January. I repainted the exhaust and used some black pastel on the feathers. The kit has some serious issues at the wing folding mechanism. Care should be taken as some parts don't fit well into the wing's holes.
  11. F-5A HAF ( Italeri 1/48 )

    Hello Lance. Difficult project you have there, but it's a lovely plane. If you want, you can order the decals for the Hellenic Freedom Fighters, here from Greece at www.scaleindetail.com Click on 'Search' and type "Freedom Fighters". I think there are enough markings for three different F-5's. Regards, Stathis
  12. - MIG 25 RBF - 1/48

    Thank you! I try to be historically correct. It's sad for me to have a model historically wrong not because of my fault. And it's a lot of wirk to built another one. So the liquid mask looks like a good solution. Good luck with your build!
  13. - MIG 25 RBF - 1/48

    I have ordered the Dark Green 63013. I will try to repaint the grey on my plane and I won't do anything else. I am frustrated with Begemot's error because I have to buy the decals again...
  14. - MIG 25 RBF - 1/48

    Bort 57 was repainted. Is it possible to have been repainted in different colours than Bort 20?