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  1. No, I don't remember. (I just saw your answer! Sorry!!)
  2. I missed the finish date of this Group Build, but I did it!
  3. Thanks Jean! The canopy is masked with masking liquid from Windsor & Newton. I don't think that this build is going to end well, but when I think that it was already started, I feel a bit relaxed.
  4. A friend of mine started this kit almost two years ago and in 2018 he gave it to me almost in the shape you see it in the photos. He hadn't glued the canopy because he realised that he had painted the cockpit in the wrong color. So, in 2018 he gave it to me to finish it. The plane was painted by him with the correct colors for the Hellenic Air Force trainer, but in a bad way. I tried to do my best... I painted the interior by brush, built the seats and installed them, I glued the vacuformed canopy and when I put the decals, disaster stroke... Some decals were peeled of by the masking tape. Maybe I didn't sprayed the varnish very well. So, the kit rested on the shelf from the summer of 2018... But now it's a great opportunity to finish it. I wanted to finish it during January even if this GB never existed. I will do my best to restore it in a decent state...
  5. So, eight months after finishing the MiG-25 RBF, I masked some decals with masking fluid and sprayed the Dark Green. I lightened it with Gunze White. Then I used the stars provided by ICM and also changed the colours of the bare metal and the exhaust nozzles. ICM sent me the bombs of the RB kit, free of charge!
  6. Well, after some problems I couldn't leave behind, I made a slight progress by trying to do something with that tank. So, is this acceptable, or should I paint it again?
  7. Thanks Usman! I am struggling a bit with tanks, to be honest. What can I use for steaking? Did those tanks had any streaking at the desert? Also, did dust or mud stayed between track links or on the hull? I mean, in thedesert there is no rain, so what can I do to weather it?
  8. Hellenic Air Force had both types. The difference is that the H type didn't have the air refuelling capability. Also when the H type arrived in Hellas, the camo at the fuselage went all the way down. It didn't stop at one point where the Light Grey starts, as at the E type.
  9. I was very disappointed with the value for money for this kit. The colour and the detail of the turret looks like it's made from an other company. Eastern Express or Heller! Actually, I think it is. The turret is from AMX-13. So if a company has already produced an AMX-13, then Dragon might have taken the sprues for this turret. The DS tracks are longer and I had to cut away one track link and it still looks if I must cut another one. I will see after painting. In my opinion, this kit should cost about 40 euros the most. My first Dragon kit was a Panther G with zimmerit, which is a whole lot better than this Sherman and costs 60 euros. Next time I'll wait for a proper review...
  10. It's the new Sherman kit from Dragon. Simple and cheap (I think) kit, with one-piece DS tracks and not in individual pieces. The detail is very good. The Egyptian Shermans were the M4A4 type with the diesel engine of A2 and the French FL-10 turret with autoloader. If I remember well, they were all destroyed in the Six Day war. I have started building it. It looks very easy to build.
  11. Oh I forgot! In about 5 months a second baby will come! If it is a boy, then a PRU Blue Spitfire will take its place on the shelf!
  12. Nice effort with the reshaping. I would leave the nose as is in my kit, if I ever get a MiG-19 from Trumpeter. I have the HiPM kit of Shenyang J-6/F-6 to built a plane from Indo-Pakistani war.
  13. Very nice work at the intakes! As for the Millenium Falcon, I think you are right!
  14. A desert pink Tomcat! Great idea! Is that 1/48?
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