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  1. Hi Jerzy, Nice! Looks like a sound basis for a mice model. Cheers, AaCee
  2. Hi all, Been there, done that! Take care with the wing-fuselage seam and getting the fuselage in correct width in the cockpit area. At least mine needed quite a lot of fiddling. Cheers, AaCee
  3. Hi Patrice, Have you compared this kit with Monogram? If so how does it dfiffer in main dimencions? Especially interesting is the fselage width. Greetings, AaCee
  4. AZ Bf 109G-6, Slovak Air Force

    Hi Mitch! If you mean seams of the top part of cowling there is no seam there in a real 109. Cheers, AaCee
  5. Hi Serge, I think that this white emblem on the intake side is related to forthcoming Chinese movie "Sky Hunter". In ca. 1:46 this video may have J-10 control column? Cheers, AaCee
  6. Paint Colour Accuracy Vallejo Model Air WW2

    Hi all, At least the Finnish ones are so-so except light blue which is not a light blue according to Vallejo. Better alternatives exists or are easy to pick up based on the FS-numbers. Cheers, AaCee
  7. Hi Gabor, Really? With it's too narrow and too low fuselage? Wings and tail surfaces are basic but correct. I once usd the flying surfaces for an F-13. My mileage will wary but I would start from either new KP or Bilek PFM if I had to do it now. As this is not the case I'll wait for the Eduard. Cheers, AaCee
  8. 1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Hi, I'm wondering the same. Better front fuselage profile and IIRC dorsal spine shape tha Zvezda. Dimensionally basicly accurate when compared to measurements from real MiG-21s although different subtypes. Maybe a bit long front fuselage between canopy and wing and slightly too big drag shute bullet. Sound basic for a god model but not a shake and bake one. Cheers, AaCee
  9. Hi Czaralko! Nice subject and beautiful work! There was earlier discussion about this same aircraft in this threat: Key issue is that in the real MT-422 was either sharkmouth or bat and the moon emblem but not at the same time if you want to be 100% historically accurate. Cheers, AaCee
  10. Hi all, Seems to be dimensionally accurate. Much better in that sense than the Huma one. Mouldings are a bit on the thick side so some cleaning is required. Good canvas with some work. Cheers, AaCee
  11. Hi Julien, Yes You did. Unfortunately I didn't notice so my apologies! Hopefully the link has some added value Cheers, AaCee
  12. Hi all, Nowadays Marksman utilizes Leopard 2A4 chassis: https://www.google.fi/search?q=leopard+2a4+marksman&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjVgMLUsc3VAhXRYVAKHRm5DpUQsAQIKg&biw=1523&bih=834 Cheers, AaCee
  13. Hi all, I have been thinking same question with Hongdu L-15. They got in early phases some consultancy from Yakovlev but would L-15 conversion made any sense? At least rear fuselage and horizontal stabilizers are totally different looking more like a twin-engined F-16, intakes are different and wing trailing edge angle seems to differ. Greetings, AaCee
  14. Good evening, Serge, 1. I was trying to say with "I stand corrected" that I was wrong with the #10357 engine. And after that just wondering why I had got another idea. At least it is the most documented J-10B from modeller's point of view. Displayed information told that #10357 is a J-10B multirole fighter etc. without a word about the engine. Same with the leaflet about J-10A and J-10S. One was not available for J-10B. 2. I was thinking should I call this grey with hue, tone or shade and thought hue as the most appropriate. Unfortunately I have no idea of possible connection in Russian! I was commenting the colour of the picture, not H61. It is closer to the lower surfaces of the 10357 in my eyes. I'm not familiar with Gunze colours but for my eyes this bluish upper surface colour resembles somehow but not exactly USN Compass Grey in factory fresh aircraft like F/A-18 4. Here we never know what others know especially if we don't know other's track record in the discussion. At least I have learned a lot during this threat - thanks for that! I agree that the Pakistan discussion forum is great. Much better than for example Key-forum. I'm visiting Pakistan one at least weekly but this engine issue never reached my brains There are plenty of open questions like J-20 engine etc. related to Chinese modern arms. Relationship between L-15 and Yak-130 from modelling point of view and so on. Let see what is shown at Avia-Darts. At least earlier nice pictures of Chinese aircraft have been seen after it. Yesterday Inner-Mongolian parade did not help at all related to J-10. Cheers, AaCee
  15. Hi Sarge, I stand corrected with the engine. During the show I got impression that the aircraft shown had the WS-10 engine. As I now have browsed a couple of hours it seems it was 17th airframe of first batch while Taihang was in the last ones. In the photo with aircraft with Taihang engine it is in hard light while the other one is in indirect. It certainly look quite a lot like USN gull gray but still in my eyes (!) with a bluish hue. BTW - Trumpeter J-10B gives for prototype "1035" colour call IJN grey Gunze H16/35, Vallejo 907, Model Master 1731 and Humbrol 146 for top surfaces. Interesting subject and you have clearly made your homework! Cheers, AaCee PS: And not only engine but also in case of J-10 part of the software originating from IAI Lavi...