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  1. Chengdu J-10

    Ni hao all, Just found this interesting topic! For ultimate 1/72 J-10, J-10A and J-10S I would suggest Serge's recipé of using Trumpy's J-10B as a basis. On the other hand if J-10A or J-10S is built adding some support to seam between wing upper part and fuselage wuöld be helppful. In J-10B this issue is taken into care. Cheers, AaCee
  2. Hi RR and all, Bis intake is bigger in diameter than MF. More powerful engine needed more air. If you compare pictures of the MF and the Bis shorter intake lip can easily be seen than in MF. Also front part of the fuselage is slightly more bulbous. An alternative to get a PF is also a Bilek PF. Difficult to find but one of those underrated kits. Cheers, AaCee
  3. 72 scale He 111

    Hi, I have both Hasegawa/Revell and Airfix (and Roden I would say that Hasegawa is good but Airfix is better. Difference is not big, so availability, price etc. might affect to decision which one to go. Before Airfix I was perfectly happy for Hasey. Cheers, AaCee
  4. Lapland war Finish insignia?

    Hi Vesa, J-W et al, Finnish AF history series book tells about MS-624 that it went to factory during summer 1944 and was handed over to Fighter Squadron 28 middle of September 1944. Based on that I believe toned down insignias. No victories mentioned there for this airframe. BTW - it was originally an MS 410 with four-gun wings, fixed radiator and new style windscreen so maybe a new type for J-W? I agree, that yellow theater markings look good on MYrsky but I prefer the autumn livery without them but with lightning on the cowl and tail number as my (coming)FinAF collection has (will have) enough yellow stripes... Cheers, AaCee
  5. 1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Hi Gabor, Fujimi was as a great kit (and still is) when published but not as a model of MiG-21. It was already at that time found to be hopelessly inaccurate. Fuselage too wide, tall and long, odd-shaped dorsal spine, wing located too forward, XXXL-side canopy, small horizontal tailplanes etc. I remember waiting it eagerly but never built one. KP at least had main dimensions correct but with badly undernourished fuselage. MIleage may wary which one to call "best" or in this case less worse. All in all I'm still waiting good (in terms of accuracy and buildability) 3rd/4th generation MiG-21. Cheers, AaCee
  6. Hi all, A bit off-topic for this threat the Airfix wing need some adjustment with the fuselage on rear. It stands too high without removing some stuff from the rear joint. Also main gear wells are easy to locate too high. For my taste engraving needed to be toned down with three applications of Mr. Surfacer 500. Back to the Matchbox kit mine converted to a single seater when I was probably 14 was red and yellow plastic. Cheers, AaCee
  7. Lapland war Finish insignia?

    Hi, As Mörkö-Moranes were delivered starting from summer 1944 from the factory they certainly had toned-down insignias. In book "Suomen ilmavoimien värit 1918-2013" is said possible colour of the spinner RLM 70. If I recall right props were overhauled German war-booty items. If I had to select one type for the Lappland War I would probably be VL Myrsky as only Finnish-designed aircraft used in combat. Cheers, AaCee
  8. Lapland war Finish insignia?

    Hi Jerzy et al, Order to change swastika insignia to the roundel before 1. April 1945 was given on 13th March 1945. So technically both insignias were used during the Lappland War as the last war flights were flown during April 1945... Worth of note is that since early 1944 background of the insignia was dimmed. Order given 12th January 1944. This is missing from MS-633 drawing. Also red spinner is questionable. Order to remove yellow theater markings was given 4th September 1944 to be done before 14th September 1944. Aircam's Finnish Air Force 1918-1968 is well-known to be questionable in accuracy department as there were not a Morane serialled MS-551 and the post-war tail number "6" of MS-632 was not white. Blue and yellow are published alternatives. Cheers, AaCee
  9. Hi Jerzy, Nice! Looks like a sound basis for a mice model. Cheers, AaCee
  10. Hi all, Been there, done that! Take care with the wing-fuselage seam and getting the fuselage in correct width in the cockpit area. At least mine needed quite a lot of fiddling. Cheers, AaCee
  11. Hi Patrice, Have you compared this kit with Monogram? If so how does it dfiffer in main dimencions? Especially interesting is the fselage width. Greetings, AaCee
  12. AZ Bf 109G-6, Slovak Air Force

    Hi Mitch! If you mean seams of the top part of cowling there is no seam there in a real 109. Cheers, AaCee
  13. Hi Serge, I think that this white emblem on the intake side is related to forthcoming Chinese movie "Sky Hunter". In ca. 1:46 this video may have J-10 control column? Cheers, AaCee
  14. Paint Colour Accuracy Vallejo Model Air WW2

    Hi all, At least the Finnish ones are so-so except light blue which is not a light blue according to Vallejo. Better alternatives exists or are easy to pick up based on the FS-numbers. Cheers, AaCee
  15. Hi Gabor, Really? With it's too narrow and too low fuselage? Wings and tail surfaces are basic but correct. I once usd the flying surfaces for an F-13. My mileage will wary but I would start from either new KP or Bilek PFM if I had to do it now. As this is not the case I'll wait for the Eduard. Cheers, AaCee