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    Victoria, BC, Canada
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    Second World War: RCN/RN/USN/IJN; Ships, Armour, Aircraft; Battle of Britain; Battle of the Atlantic; Pearl Harbor; Normandy
  1. Nakajima B5N2 Camo - Shōkaku 1941

    'Evening All, Would anyone have information on the ordinance racks carried by this aircraft for the Pearl Harbor strike? ve been unable to locate any drawings of the racks for the smaller bombs carried, as shown in the artwork at the top of this topic. Cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC, Canada
  2. Tamiya Lancaster BI/III

    Good Afternoon All, I've been following this thread with interest as I have the new-tooling kit of Tamiya's Lancaster in my stash, along with the Eduard P-E sets and Master Brass .303 Cal MG barrels (beautiful barrels!). In going through the various posts here, particularly those relating to the interior corrections and cockpit floor height corrections, I've seen two different meaurements for the floor height correction. The first was to raise the height of the cockpit floor and bomb-bay by a scale 8", but I recall reading another post where the change was listed as 11 1/2" . Second post with 11 1/2" below: Iain Wyllie, on Sep 22 2011, 03:38 PM, said: Which figure is correct? Cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC, Canada
  3. Does anyone have a release date for the new-tool 48th scale Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk I? I've checked Hannants and they're showing a release date for 2016 (I'm hoping for soemthing sooner). Is this correct? Cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC, Canada
  4. Fuselage #s and Serial #s of FAA Corsairs on 9/8/45 Gray VC Mission

    Hi Everyone, I've got a Tamiya 48th scale Corsair underway that I want to finish as Hammy Grey's aircraft, being RCNR myself, and from the same Canadian Province as Grey. I've been following this thread (and other's) on the markings for the aircraft he flew on his last mission with lots of interest, and with some help from friends of mine here in Victoria who are also interested in Grey's last mission, I put together my own thoughts, and submit them for your consideration. Both friends of mine have given me much food for thought on what aircraft Grey was flying on his last mission, so I've been poking around both the Hyperscale and Britmodeller Forums, searching for anything to do with FAA Corsairs, and as both of them have said on both forums, *115/X was not the aircraft he was lot in. Also, another well-informed member from this board and others has indicated that he's narrowed the possibilities down to 2 possibilities, and is confident that the aircraft Grey was lost in was serial number KD658 (by process of elimination rather than by direct evidence). That being said, and using the information that one of my friends posted on both Hyperscale and Britmodeller - here: Note: 1. LCdr Bigg-Wither took off at 0600 with 12 1841 Sqn Corsairs (see notes in parenthesis below) 2. Lt Gray took off at 0826 leading 8 1841 aircraft. 0405 to 0815 113 0525 to 0855 115 0811 to 1155 119, 120 0925 to 1205 115 1110 to 1455 112 1430 to 1825 115, 116, 117, 118, 122, 123, 124, 130, 131, 134, 135, 137, 138, 140, 141, 142, 145. On 10 August the following aircraft were flown: 111,115,116,117,119,121,122,123,124,125,132,134,135,136,138,140,142, and 146. The following aircraft from 1841 and 1842 Squadrons are a possibility: 113 - but only had 11 minutes turnaround time having landed at 0815; 114 - barrier prang on 30 Jul 45 and not shown to have flown (Connolly flew 114 on 9 August 1945); 126 - last flown 5 August 45; 127 - not on strength having crashed at sea 21 May 1945; 128 - last flown 4 August 1945; 129 - last flown 28 Jul 45(Glading of 1841 Sqn flew 129 on 9 August 1945); 130 - last flown 7 August 1945 (MacKinnon flew 130 on 9 August 1945); 133 - last flown 25 July 1945; 139 - last flown on either 17 of 30 July 1945; 143 - last flown 30 July 1945; and 144 - last flown 28 July 45 (MacKinnon of 1841 Sqn flew 144 on 10 August 1945. Based on the above information, I noted that of the aircraft that sortied in the AM of 09 AUG 45, the only 2 aircraft that do not appear again as flying on 10 AUG 45 are 112/X and 120/X, but 112/X did fly in the PM of 09 AUG 45. So........was Grey flying Corsair 120/X, Ser No. KD658 ? I made a list of aircraft flying in the forenoon and afternoon of 09 AUG, then a list below of aircraft flying on 10 AUG. The only one that doesn't appear in the afternoon of 09 AUG OR as being flown on 10 AUG is 120/X (112/X is shown as having flown on 09 AUG from 1110-1455). Your thoughts? Cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC
  5. More FAA Corsair Mk IV questions

    Hi Everyone, There were a number of posts on this forum recently regarding FAA Corsairs, which caused me to dig out my three Tamiya 48th scale kits with thoughts on building Hammy Grey's aircraft. I've done a search on this forum for all articles relating to RN Corsairs (............and there's a lot of material there !!) and I'm hoping I can shorten my search for info with a few questions - and answeres from the more knowledgeable ones on this forum. Before I go any further, I'm aware of the confusion/controversy over what aircraft Hammy Grey was flying on his last flight, so that's not one of my currrent questions - I'll save that for later. 1. What is the correct diameter propeller for an FG-1d, and which Tamiya kit has it? 2. I have the MDC conversion kit, but the instructions are very indistinct and not fully printed - where do the fueselage scoops go (all of them)? I can't find their location on the intructions due to the incomplete printing of same. Can anyone on this board advise? Thanks in advance. Chris Preston, Victoria, BC, Canada
  6. New Riich 6 Pdr A/T Gun kit - availability

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone have information on when Riich will be releasing their new kit of the35th scale 6 Pdr A/T Gun, or who has them in stock? I don't recall seeing any release date. Cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC
  7. Looking for Three Guys Replica decal sheet for He111........

    Thanks Arnie and Steven, The photos and insight are most useful. I've just managed to track down a set of the TGR decals that I'm looking for, as I'm very keen to use them as they match the second photo above. I'm still working on the differences in markings for aircraft from Stab./Kg 53, and Staff's I - III/Kg 53 and the colours used for the individual aircraft letters and propeller spinners, ,etc. Thanks again. Cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC
  8. Greetings everyone, I've finally found markings for the He 111 H-2 that I want to build (using the Monogram 1/48th scale kit), but now I'm having a challenge finding the decal sheet produced by Three Guys replicas for this aircraft. The sheet is: TGR 48-002 for He-111s, with markings for 5 aircraft. The Aircraft I want to do is A1+DA, from Stab./KG 53. Does anyone know of a source for this sheet, or can help me out with a set their willing to part with (with suitable compensation for same)? cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC, Canada
  9. Another (Tamiya) Spitfire Mk IX question....

    Happy Easter All, Another plea for help from the Spitfire gods ...................the Spitfire I'm moldelling (443 Sqn, RCAF), was - according to to the replies I received to my last post - fitted with a Gyro Gun-sight (June 1944). If so, would aircraft fitted with this sight still require the (refelctor) gun-sight spare bulb stowage, Tamiya part # F30? If not, would the stowage assembly be removed completely, or left in the aircraft minus spare bulbs? Thanks again for your help. Chris Preston, Victoria, BC
  10. Correct Gun-sight for Tamiya Spitfire Mk IX

    All, Thank you very much for your help with my questions - all of you are a gold-mine of information. I'm not sure if any of you are aware if this, but 443 "Hornet" Sqn RCAF is still operational in the RCAF (and yes - it's official - our Navy and Air Force are "Royal" once again, and officially the Royal Canadian Navy, and Royal Canadian Air Force). The squadron is now 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron, flying Sea King anti-submarine helicopters off the ships of our Pacific fleet, and is based right here in Victoria, BC. Squadron call-signs for individual aircraft are prefixed with "Stinger" during transmissions, reflecting their history as 443 Hornet Sdn - I.E - "Stinger 34". I became aware of 443 Sqn's history through local fellow model and Spitfure Guru - Brad Main, who's been known to frequent this site, and when Tamiya's new 32nd scale kit came out, decided that I wanted to do it in 443 Sqn markings - specifically that of S/L Wally MacLeod, who was KIA on 27 SEP 44. I'm planning on completing the model as "21*E", serial number MK636, with D-Day markings. Thanks again for your help. Cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC, Canada
  11. Correct Gun-sight for Tamiya Spitfire Mk IX

    Greetings All, I've finally started work on my Tamiya 32nd scale Spitfire Mk IX, and I'm wondering what the correct gun-sight would be for a 443 Sqn, RCAF, Spitfire, operating during June/July 1944 - would it be the GM2 Gun-sight or the Mk II Gyro Gun-sight? The a/c serial number will be MK636. Cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC, Canada
  12. Looking for DMolds corrected tailplane kit for CA Do-17Z

    Many Thanks for all your help Jerry. I've managed to locate a DMolds correction set after all - right here in Victoria. The information you provided in your first post will be very helpful. Happy New Year. Chris Preston, Victoria, BC
  13. Looking for DMolds corrected tailplane kit for CA Do-17Z

    Hi Jerry, I've seeen the Hobby Craft kit at Imperial Hobbies last year (almost bought it, too). I'll see if they still have it. Thanks again for your help. Cheers, Chris
  14. Looking for DMolds corrected tailplane kit for CA Do-17Z

    Hi Jerry, This is great - more information here than I had before. The "Links to builds or reviews" wouldn't open for me (as the computer couldn't find it), but I think I've got enough here to make a good start. Thanks again, and Happy New Year to you. Cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC
  15. Good Evening All, I don't have enough posts on this board (yet) to post this down in the "Buy and Sell" forum, so I have to post this here. I have a Classic Airframes 48th scale kit of the Do-17Z, and my research indicates that the tail-plane needs to be corrected. DMolds Modelworks, in Tucson, Arizona, produced a corrected tailplane after-market set for this kit - Do-17Z repositioned tailplane (for CA kits), set #DM48001 , but the owner has advised me that it's out-of-production, and not likely to be produced again. Would anyone know of a source for this set or have one they're willing to part with (with compensation)? Happy New Years. Cheers, Chris Preston, Victoria, BC