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  1. Chieftain Mk.10 Berlin Brigade

    Hi Everyone, I am late to this, and sadly a ship fiend. However, I am sure I saw a Chieftain in this scheme at Duxford's Museum of Land Warfare years ago. Am I right in thinking this? Sincerely, Will.
  2. Humbrol paints rubbish?

    Hi Wavodavo, In a word; yes, there are better paints on the market. Humbrol paints are a waste of money and time. Will.
  3. Removing Acrylic paint from a model

    Hi Adrian, Believe me it can, and it's bl**dy good at it too. It's my first choice for removing acrylics such as Vallejo and Lifecolor. Mind you, you have to get the original stuff if you can, as I have heard the scented versions isn't as good. Best Wishes, Will.
  4. Golden oldie,USS Long Beach.

    Hi Everyone, I build this when I was about 10 or 11, almost 50 years ago. I loved it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Best Wishes, Will.
  5. Fine detail brushes

    Hi Everyone, For a good deep clean, The Master's Brush Soap is as good as anything else. I use it to clean acrylics from my Pro-Arte brushes. Sincerely, Will.
  6. Flyhawk Prince of Wales

    Good morning gain, Jamie, Thanks I see the problems people might have here. However, I am delighted to find my memory is better than I thought. Looking forward to getting the kit, whenever it arrives, as I particularly like this class of ships. Sincerely, Will. PS Just looked at the film again, I can see at least four distinct tones - just hedging my bets.
  7. Flyhawk Prince of Wales

    Good Morning Jamie Are you talking about the camo pattern, the colours used, or both? My hazy memory recalls some discussion as whether PoW wore a 4 or 5 colour pattern at her loss. Or maybe I just imagined the whole thing! Sincerely, Will.
  8. Flyhawk Prince of Wales

    Hi Everyone, A guy called Mike E posted this link to the forthcoming Flyhawk Prince of Wales on Steelnavy.net . It looks so good, and here's the link. https://toylandhobbymodelingmagazinepublishing.wordpress.com/2017/09/14/【flyhawk】1700-prince-of-wales-test/ Will. .
  9. Shelf life of different model paints

    Hi Everyone, I've Vallejo Modelcolor that's at least 8 years old and still useable. Best Wishes, Will.
  10. Brush Painting Model Air

    Ho MO Yes it's prethinned for use in airbrushes. I wouldn't use it for brush painting - I've never tried though. I don't think it would be like Modelcolor with some flow improver added and would have quite different painting charateristics. Only my opinion though. Will.
  11. What paintbrush brand is recommended for a beginner?

    Hi Beardie and Laurie, Thanks for your conversation above. Although I clean my brushes meticulously, I have often wondered why they sometimes fork, and now I know. Will.
  12. What paintbrush brand is recommended for a beginner?

    Hi ValleyofVallejo I use the Pro-lene series of brushes and they are synthetics. I find they are quite supple and last a long time. You can get them at your local Hobbyland or whatever it's called. Regarding using synthetics for acrylics. I have read they are better because acrylics are a bit a harsher on naturals such as sable. Sorry but I cannot give you a definitive reference for this. Will. PS I use Vallejo and Lifecolor paint.
  13. Vallejo Surface Primer

    Hi Treker-Ed, I'd go with Janneman36 and use Stynyrez. I used to used Vallejo surface primer, and quite liked it too. I've found Stynylrez or its near equivalent from Ultimate are better. You can sand Stynylrez in the same way as you do with conventional primers. Sanding Vallejo surface primer is less easy as it doesn't feather well. I add 10% Vallejo, Ultimate or Lifecolor thinner to Stynyrez and find it works well at slightly lower pressures. However, you can airbrush it straight from the bottle if you want. Sincerely, Will. I should have added you can thin Vallejo surface primer with Vallejo, Ultimate or Lifecolor thinners, although you don't need to. I wouldn't go over 10% thinner to primer in the mix though.
  14. Lifecolor RN sets, revisited

    Hi Ally by I think at the time she was sunk Hood was in AP 507B. However check the dicussion on Modelwarships.com regarding the authenticity of this colour. The set with AP 507A,B, C should suit your needs. The only other colours you will need in addition to this is a suitable colour for the deck, ships boats, and other minor details. Will.
  15. Brushes, some advice

    Hi PBS The Pro-Arte flats are good, I am less keen on some of the others as they bristles tend to splay a bit after using them for a while, particularly the finer brushes such as 0, 00 and finer. I'd use sable brushes if I could, but I have read that acrylics damage them, and it's best to use synthetics instead. I've used several ranges of synthetics and Pro-Arte is the best I have found so far. Best Wishes, Will.