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  1. The great thing about the Merlin powered mustangs is that you can pose the gear doors and flaps pretty much any way you want. Up, down or in between, you can find photos of any combination, so nothing is "wrong" Allison engined Mustangs, OTOH, seem to always have had the flaps and gear doors retracted while parked.
  2. Thanks, Basuroy. I suspect that the master for the resin seat was computer modelled and 3D printed.
  3. Outstanding. Always a treat to see good old fashioned scratchbuilding work.
  4. The seat is from BarracudaCast (http://barracudacals.com/proddetail.php?prod=BR48260) The kit provides a decent photoetch seat, but the BarracudaCast seat is in another league altogether.
  5. Just finished up this little gem of a kit, the new CSM Dolphin. Easily on par with the best of Eduard, Roden, etc. A few minor tweaks to make it my own, most notably the painted markings for No.1 Canadian Air Force Squadron, Ca. early 1919. Full build review to appear in an upcoming issue of Military Illustrated Modeller magazine.
  6. Very attractive scheme. A nice break from the usual Jolly Rogers markings! One thing I would like to point out, it looks to me that your vertical stabilizers are completely vertical whereas they should be canted outwards at about 4-5 degrees. If my perception is merely an artifact of the camera angles, feel free to ignore me!
  7. The Bronco folks have got to be kicking themselves right about now. Seems like there's really no comparison. And considering Bronco's MSRP of ~$60USD, well...
  8. Nice! I like the fact that the sliding hood is sitting down properly on the fuselage spine. Too many models miss that subtlety.
  9. If one is primarily concerned with the nose, Quickboost (which is Aires) sells the engine cover separately (QB 48 236), and BarracudaCast sells corrected rocker covers (BR48024). The entire Aires Seafire FR.46/FR47 resin engine, cockpit and wingfold set (cat no. 4338) can still be found online, but it's pretty spendy.
  10. HI Peter, This may seem like a stupid question (although my dad always told me there's no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid people), but how do you trim the aluminum? Snips/scissors? Knife and a guide? Do you sand the edges? Cheers, Tony
  11. Outstanding! My favourite memory of this kit was adding a blob of Play-Doh to the nose of the bomb and pretending my cat was the Akagi. Monogram really did get those rivets right, didn't they?
  12. Sweet. I have the CA TT.18 sitting on the Shelf of Doom. Yours make me want to dust it off and get going on it again.
  13. From my experience with the Mk.V kit, the piece for the external armour windscreen fits substantially better than the one for the internal armour. Of course I had to go with the latter...
  14. You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. I'd have probably scrapped it trying to mate the Alley Cat tail. If you want to avoid the baby poop vs. blanket issue in the future, I suggest adding a generous dollop of dish soap to your acrylic wash. Not only does it make cleanup much easier, it also helps it flow.
  15. Very nicely done. Definitely one of Trumpeter's better kits.