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  1. This was a starting point. At least I figured out what part #5 is supposed to be. They are the little couplings for the rigid cooling lines that are located in various places in the engine bay … assuming you can figure out where the cooling lines are supposed to be run to. Now for an additional simple question. I am going to build this tank with the engine bay hatch posed in the open position. In real life it was pretty heavy. How should it be posed ? Did they use some sort of prop rod to hold it open or did they simply let it flop backwards ? Once again, any additional information would be gr
  2. I'm really liking it ......a lot !!! And it is in my favorite scale !! Thanks for posting. Bob H.
  3. I am beginning a build of the Tamiya 1/48 Tiger I ( late production ). I have the Verlinden Tiger I engine drop in ( VP 2180 ). The instruction sheet shows part #5, a bunch of little tubes. However, the instruction sheet does not show where the parts are supposed to go.. Does anyone have any ideas ? I also am curious as to the painting of the engine. Should the engine block and heads be some sort of cast iron color ? Are the valve covers an aluminum color ? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bob H.
  4. I really like the air brush work. Thanks for posting. Bob H.
  5. That is a very nice clean build. Bob H.
  6. I really like it. Very nice work. Bob H.
  7. Well done Sir !! And in my favorite scale too !! Bob H.
  8. I'm really liking it. The truck looks good next to the warbird. Thanks for posting. Bob H.
  9. I'm really liking this build. GREAT WORK !! Bob H.
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