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  1. Hello, My name is Joe, and apparently I can't follow instructions. Introduce first, THEN post! Despite this personality flaw, I will do my upmost to become a good citizen of Britmodller. (Hey, instructions are just to keep the model from rattling around in the box, right?) This is the first forum I have ever joined so etiquette is a little new to me. If I step out of line please let me know, I'm a quick learner. I am on the west coast of the U.S.. Have been modeling since I was about 7 or 8 years old when my dad bought me my first kit. I stopped counting birthdays after I turned 50, that would be 12 years ago, so I do have a few kits under my belt and in my stash. Actually, I did take a little time off in the middle there. About 20 years, got married and raised two fine young men. (yeah, I'm proud) My interests are in 1st, rally cars, 2nd, road race cars, 3rd, trucks, then, everything else. I build almost exclusively in 1/24 and 1/25, although I have an deep appreciation for anything well built in any scale. Scratch builds and resin kits seam to attract most of my attention. (like a fish after a lure) The more obscure the better. The first car I ever bought was a Ford Cortina mkII, Estate. At the time, 1975, they were dropping like flies and it was often cheaper to buy whole cars than to just buy parts. Consequently I have owned about 13 or 14 Cortinas throughout the years. The last one, about 20 years ago. This is just to say, it fueled my interest in all things European automotive and all those funky little "foreign" cars. If it's older than 1970, I'm interested. If I can build a model of it, I'm in haven. Sorry, I diverge. Would like to add, being a Yank, I don't always get the different expressions, so if I ask really stupid questions, I ask your forgiveness, in advance. I look forward to what unfolds! P.S. Is it OK to post builds in "Ready For Inspection" even if they are a few years old?
  2. Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    Am so looking forward to having one (or several) on my build bench when they are done! Following with great interest.