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  1. Colours for F-35 Lightning II

    Exactly, there is no third color there and FS 36375 light compass ghost is only for lettering and insignia. The taped areas are under FS 36170. Appendix C. Fig. C-21 F-35B Marines. PDF is downloadable. Nils colors are very exact to me! Wow! Cheers!
  2. 1/32nd FIAT G-91

    You have a fine taste, HL10! This seems to be the one and only good Gina in any scale! (My Meng was also no burner.) And the german decals and their typography look excellent. But Ginas are tiny, can i have one in 1:18, please!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Monogram North American X-15A-2

    Thank you, mates for your positive feedback, i am happy that you like it!
  4. Colours for F-35 Lightning II

    Hi tom! Maybe you can have a look into the ModellFan 12/2017, there is my feature about that. The original color is the new (neutral) Camouflage Gray FS 36170 (Have Glass Gen 5), recently confirmed. I used 30% Revell 07 black, 30% Revell 04 white, 30% Revell 43 gray and 10% Humbrol 191 chrome Cheers Thomas Maybe this is the wrong thread and should be moved (I am quite new too)
  5. Matchbox F9F-4 Panther

    Hello Tommy, Thank you for your expert feedback, that´s great to get it here, because i am tailhooked by blog and NF and D&S too, also with lots of the printed stuff. So the Flak hit is not beyond repair: i changed my Oldie now Cheers, Thomas
  6. Hello mates, that´s my 1:72 model, built in 2001. It came in the big astronauts box with the NB-52, which i have still to make (shame on me). Except more details, it is quite OOB. Stencils are Verlinden. The faster, the hotter for a oldie speedfreak like me. This is the ultimate hot ! A classic Oldtimer, that made 4.520 mph!!!!! I hope you like it. Cheers!
  7. Hello Bill, it´s looking even better than at scalemates. The bigger the better!!! Wow again! Thomas
  8. Matchbox F9F-4 Panther

    Thank you Mike! Even they come with 8.8, i will post some more old korea stuff of mine and sing for me: always think of the bright side of life......
  9. Thank you all, mates, for your friendly feedback!
  10. Beat up and beached!

    Tastes first class, the little sausage! The other stuff of course too!!
  11. Thank you! But this is only possible because your and fellow spotters skill and passion give us all this perfect reference photography to rely on today!
  12. Airfix 1/48th Hurricane Mk.I

    It´s a beautiful model, such delicate colors, really, wow!!
  13. Hello fellow Modellers! This "Red" 02 is a "Polish Flanker" stationed in Stargard, Poland and featured by photographer Robert Senkowski in Verlinden Lock On 17. 1992, when VVS left, there was a big fly out ceremony. I spent a lot of time to make a sleeker aft fuselage and other corrections and detailing. I made this model 2002/2003. The older pictures on tarmac were on film. I hope you like this grey stuff, Cheers!