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  1. F-86D Miss Minooky 1:72

    Thank you, Minooky Fans! I'll be back soon and posting more of her curves! Don't mention the nose, she is sensible....
  2. Hello mates, This is a test if i can receive any reaction at this time (t-online.de). I will be busy for the Nuremberg Toy Fair soon, but after, if you like, i will make more pictures for you of my quite ripe missy, more than 18 years old now... Cheers, Thomas
  3. Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    Hello, and thank you for your class 1 BM at that place, maybe poblems with.... t-online.de ......too, you know, we krauts are.... guttt in defeat devices ..... Thomas
  4. Hasegawa EGG F-18 Blue Angels

    So, here the walkaround is not too long! Eggsagtly quite short.... Thank you, btw, for the long ones!! Cheers, Thomas
  5. F9F-2 Panther Hasegawa 1:72

    Thank you, guys for your friendly comments! Thank you Mike, i made one, had old pictures, i will make new ones, Cheers, Thomas
  6. Fast jet, fast modeller! Scharfes deutsches Teil! (Hot german piece) Thank you Ken! Thomas
  7. Hello mates! I like tigers and cats made in USA. One can see. F9F-2 Panther of ATU-206 at NAS Pensacola ca. 1956. Hasegawa 1:72. I built this 2001. Hase didn't provide a number 53 for the rudder. The AC in front have them. There are differences in colors and sizes of insignia, not all have the same standard, AC in front grey flaps. 30 and 60 have big insignia. 53 with a small one is not in this common licensed pic. But there are, a very nice clean 53 in formation too, there are white flaps.... Cheers, Thomas
  8. Hello John, Tommys Tailspin Blogspot has thorough information for you 1. The 1.prototype was a quite different AC with even shorter nose 2. Normally Blue Angel jets had blue covers and blue struts, white wells, lot of pictures which proof that, Museum AC are better no reference, look at the fake Shorty pretending a Longnose that was at times on Intrepid Cheers, Thomas
  9. I am happy, so many like the Grumman Cat as much as me! Thank you, Tigers!
  10. F11F-1 Tiger Hasegawa 1:72

    That would be a Super! You mean with one that burners at the busy end?!!!! MPM, Modelsvit please DO IT!
  11. ouu, i see now i messed up my answer, didnt send, this is a most lovely scooter, i have a twoseater wihe the same haircut guy
  12. Thank you, guys! The Tiger is a pilots plane and a wonderful piece of enginieering Art to me, i am not so interested on military effectiveness...
  13. F11F-1 Tiger Hasegawa 1:72

    That's the point, that's why i am a modeller, thank you!
  14. KC-135A Stratotanker

    This Kacie is a stylish girl! Those NACA inlets on the wings.... Thank you!
  15. 1/72 Trumpeter, Ukrainian Su-24MR Fencer-E

    Please, can you throw it through the translattor, i only understand dresdener porcelain, ve haff some monty serpents trannslattet to us too, and we like it! Please don't leave us alone!