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  1. Heavy Dragoons

    More work to the horses. The manes, tails and hooves have been further darkened. Harnesses applied and a sepia wash. I've got the effect I wanted so I'm happy with the bodies. Then just for a bit of fun I saddled them up and added a little more colour to three of them. More red added to tunics.
  2. Heavy Dragoons

    I was waiting for paint and glue to dry so out came the files and I started preparing another Newline set.These fellows look very dashing but that's a tease as I'm only posting the horses for now. That shows where they're from anyway
  3. Heavy Dragoons

    20mm, 1/76 and 1/72 Napoleonics have been around for many many years Andrew. My first set was the Airfix HO/OO(1/76) French Cuirassiers in 1971 Onward with the Heavy Dragoons. I painted them Mocha and then coated with a semi-diluted black ink. I now have a varied set of brown to brown-black horses which is where I was aiming. The shiny bits are still wet.
  4. Heavy Dragoons

    The Dragoons have now been well and truly impaled. Another great set of figures. More detail when primed.
  5. The Wurst Artillery Set

    The figures are getting there. They have the uniforms on but no washes yet so they're a bit flat. Onwards
  6. The latest to hit the table, Austrian horse artillery. As you can see, I'll impale anything
  7. The Wurst Artillery Set

    I stuck a few bits together today to get this. The figures are coming along OK
  8. I was reminded that I had these waiting for me to decide what to do with them. They're not based as I have a few more to add in the near(?) future. They're quite colourful little chaps.
  9. The Wurst Artillery Set

    I wouldn't actually say interesting but it's certainly not one to rush
  10. Are these any good for you Vince?
  11. The Wurst Artillery Set

    The second wash on the horses toned down the gloss on the harness and the horses themselves I think are improved. I'm on wood and metal bits now, the boring part.
  12. The Wurst Artillery Set

    I've been spending time looking at six horse teams and I think I now have the information I need. At least I' should be able to do a reasonable representation.I've added some nice glossy dark brown leather harnesses to the horses. They still need another wash but they're looking better.Left side horses. The front horse here has the harness for the rearmost of the ridden horses.Right side horses. From what I've gleaned from the various sources these are in the correct positions. I've thrown a first coat of ochre at the woodwork and done some very coarse marking out on the figures. With the four figures on the wurst I predict some heart felt anglo-saxon nouns and adjectives may stain the air blue when I progress to trying to tidy up the paintwork.
  13. Thank you for the comments gentlemen. Something was bothering me about these Uhlans then this morning I realised I hadn't added the oak leaf clusters to the base of the plumes. Silly me. So here they are complete.
  14. The 3rd Uhlan regiment named after Erzherzog Carl Ludwig Johann Joseph Laurentius von Österreich, Herzog von Teschen (5 September 1771 – 30 April 1847) A delight to paint these little fellows.
  15. Hehe, it would seem you've also forgotten how to edit
  16. The Wurst Artillery Set

    Painting started. Primed. The horses have had a coat of Mocha and a sepia wash. I could do with some diagrams of the horses' harness, they seem to be few and far between.
  17. Austrian Uhlans

    The figures are now finished and will appear in the ready for inspection section
  18. Austrian Uhlans

    I've had the mini-files and the drills out so next up, a squadron of Austrian Uhlans from Newline designs. These little chappies look pretty good with the primer on. The excellent detail in the casting promises a fun time painting. I'll decide on the regiment later as the only uniform difference of the three ( prior to 1814) Austrian regiments was the colour of the Czapka
  19. Hornet Heads

  20. Austrian Uhlans

    Nearly there The lances are now in position and just need painting and pennants added. Then it's buttons, buckles and fasteners.
  21. Austrian Uhlans

    Coming along very nicely. Weapons next
  22. A British Siege Artillery position somewhere in the Peninsular. + =
  23. This is a set of Airfix British Hussars. The flash on these was quite bad but I wanted to test out a different paint (ink) on a set of horses.I cleaned them off reasonably well and the paint job on the animals I was quite pleased with. Needless to say I'll be using it again on other sets. The legs were re-sculptureds to remove the cavalry boots and have them in campaign trousers .I then split the set to 7th and 18th Hussars and I was pleasantly surprised how well they turned out. These Airfix sets have been around for 40+ years and the modern manufactured sets of Zvesda, Italeri, Hat and even Esci are recognised widely to be so much better. The figures are a little on the large side for the horses and I suppose even for the scale but they look fine on display
  24. I've now completed the figures carrying the regimental flags. The plastic on these is not exactly conducive to a obtaining a decent finish when carving lumps off but they'll do, they add a bit of colour to the set These are Officers and NCOs that I'd consigned to the spares box so I wasn't losing any of the figures already allocated to roles. The easiest conversion is to just exchange the flag standards for the halberds that the set NCOs are carrying but I didn't want to lose the halberds. Regiments, left to right; Prinz Xavier / Prinz Frederick August / von Niesemeuschel / von Sanger Regiments, left to right; Prinz Maximillian / Prinz Anton / von Thümmel / von Low That Grenadier Officer definitely looks like Lee Marvin, especially with the grey hair and 'tache.
  25. I've tidied him up a bit and added some metal to the horse harness so I suppose he's done. You know when people put coins in the shot to show scale and you've absolutely no idea the size of the coin they've used? Two can play at that game.