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  1. Adam West's and Burt Ward's acting was what it needed to be, very heavily tongue in cheek. The show was much nearer to the comic book than the modern films.
  2. Just about there I suppose I'd better start on the basies
  3. I have received the Regiment de Dromadaires figures I requested Newline Designs to manufacture earlier this year. I think you can guess my next project after I clear the painting table . A nice looking set with plenty detail to get the eyes straining For anyone interested, Newline have the Christmas sale on until the end of November with 25% off.
  4. A few more hours and I think they're looking better. Still a few more hours before I can think of starting with the washes.
  5. The Firing lines have been completed (for now) with representatives from two Regiments. Regiment von Niesemeuschel Regiment von Sanger I hope you like them.
  6. French in Eygpt 1799

    Let's see them all
  7. Thanks Jim, I'm having fun with this set. More colour on the riders.
  8. Airfix Napoleonics

    I'd say they know better
  9. The riders now have the base colours. The tunics are royal blue and the 'loons dark red. The tungsten effect of the lighting is throwing the colours off in the photos. the lacings at the front of the tunics are still to be attended to.
  10. Airfix Napoleonics

    Ooops, a typo there Ratch. The 23rd Regiment of Foot, the Royal Welch Fusiliers
  11. Well that worked. This lot have acquired swords and one's even picked up a trumpet(bugle) from somewhere.
  12. Looking better primed. For losing their weapons, the guilty have been sentenced to impalement.
  13. I've started on the riders and this pose seems to be a little forgetful. Four of them have lost their swords already.
  14. I think the camels are abouit done. At least I'm happy with them. They've had various washes to finish them off so every one is a slightly different colour. Now to get some riders to steer them.
  15. More hours, more paint
  16. They're starting to get colourful. Still more red to be applied
  17. After another marathon session we have a full set of harnessed camels. Now to get the saddle cloths on.
  18. Progress is very slow on these camels, it's taking an age to apply the harness'. We'll get there eventually though . 10 done so far
  19. Cut the standard off and use a paper print
  20. Camels! Cleaned up, primed and bodies base coated.
  21. Saxon Firing Line

  22. This will be a fairly long term project. It's using a couple of boxes of Hat 1806 Saxon Infantry which looks a little like this. I've made a start with Prince Xavier's Regiment who are all standing smartly to attention. The left arm had to be re-sculpted to give some definition between the musket and the jacket. Not the easiest of tasks. Scalpel and hot needle were used. They came out not too bad. Only about another 174 figures to go.
  23. The Saxons are coming!

    Almost done. There's still a few buttons and the bases to paint.
  24. The Saxons are coming!

    Most of the detail is now done so they're ready to be made filthy then brought back a bit . Regimental colours on the pom-poms are still to be applied and of course buttons.