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  1. Zvezda 1/72 French Dragoons

    Nicely done. Did you use a wash at all Jim? A sepia wash on the face is enough to bring out some detail there.
  2. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    I must admit I wondered that too. These are definitely the real thing.
  3. Still a way to go but they're looking a lot better. Chin straps, bayonets and buttons are still needing doing and no doubt I'll find something else.
  4. My Pavlov Grenadiers are patiently waiting completion as I take my summer break from painting. These are the raw figure poses. And the entire ensemble undercoated. A few hours painting later (quite a few), they reached this situation. As I said, patiently waiting my resumption. Mainly weapons and washes still to do
  5. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    SR. 53 SR. 177
  6. Did keeping allied scouts drab give a real advantage?

    Don't forget the reconnaissance aircraft camouflage of PINK. Example (and yes I know its WW2) Not exactly drab is it.
  7. Further progress has been made. Swords in scabbards are painted. I think the next step will be chinstraps. Still a way to go.
  8. Thank you all for your comments
  9. I wanted a representative model of the transport of the small cannon used by the Napoleonic Mountain Artillery and this is what I threw together. They're not a specific country, they're generic. The piece being transported here is a 4½" Howitzer. After I made the above I had a few spares so this small galloper gun came into its own. These smaller callibre guns are very mobile on a battlefield but the downside is it takes just as long for their ammunition to catch up as the big guns. Calibre 1lb to 6lb, even a 1lb ball can do quite a bit of damage.
  10. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    For the technically minded. http://naca.central.cranfield.ac.uk/reports/arc/cp/0710.pdf SR.53 XD145 f/f at Boscombe Down 16/5/57 SR.53 XD151 f/f at Boscombe Down 08/12/58 SR.53 XD153 Cancelled SR.177 XL905 to XL907 Development of SR53 for RAF/RN- Prototypes - not built. SR.177 XL920 to XL922 as above - RAF version. Not Built SR.177 XL923 to XL925 as above- RN version.Not built
  11. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    Is this any good for you?
  12. Everyone has their way of modelling. I've seen fully painted sprues of figures which I still don't understand as when they're cut off they have to be trimmed and retouched. I remember those days of 9d for an airfix kit too. 2s for a Mosquito and 2/6d for a Lancaster
  13. At this scale it's much better to paint before assembly Jim. Cavalry are impaled, horses and Infantry I blue/white tack onto bottle tops for handling. Some will drill into infantry soles and insert a hot wire to stick into a cork. Zvezda are widely regarded as the top manufacturer of plastics however they've now stopped manufacturing so grab what you can while it's there, WIGIG. Strelets used to provide odd little figures ( to my eyes) but of late they are producing some very presentable Napoleonic boxes of marching or advancing. which is what Infantry do a lot of. The newest in production I think are must buys of Infantry "at ease". Worth a look Example
  14. Production has restarted on these. The ones that need water bottles now have them and nice shiny ones they are too. The uniform.
  15. What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    Two boxes of these added to the stash. Painting will recommence this evening to get the Pavlovs finished
  16. Waterloo Uniform references

    Incidentally Peter, Did I mention I have three boxes of these marked up for painting this winter. Nine Hussars and three Uhlans / box. They should make a good little group.
  17. Yes THAT red triplane.

    It is frequently described as Blood Red. so easy colour to match. Just p r i c k your finger.
  18. This site has links to Napoleonic Uniforms of most of the combative nations. Napoleon. His Army and Enemies Note to Microsoft Edge users:- Each of the articles linked can be made into .pdf files using the free app, Print Friendly and PDF. Just put the name in Edge search and it'll take you to the store. It's very easy to use, even for us oldies.
  19. Napoleonic Uniforms (All)

    2 images of the 10th Hussars added above.
  20. A few resources for British Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars. British Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars. More British Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars Napoleonic Guide: British Cavalry A list of books for sources on British Uniforms of the Napoleonic Period
  21. Imperial Guard cavalry French Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars Uniforms of the French Hussars 1804-1813 Guide to Napoleonic French Cavalry Napoleon's Cavalry PDF file
  22. This is a very useful resource for Napoleon's Cavalry Uniforms. There's something in there to learn about tactics and organisation too. Napoleon's Cavalry
  23. Napoleonic Uniforms (All)

    Spurs are not something I've paid a lot of attention to as my figures are 1/72 and 20mm. The Osprey illustrators do have a noticable spiked wheel fitted. Napoleonic Hussar Officer's spurs As worn by Prince Harry Hope this helps