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  1. Acrylic metallic paints by brush?

    Ammo Metal Colours and their terrible quality control are why I switched wholesale to Vallejo paints. When I got back to modelling, I bought most of Mig's metallics to start me off simply because they looked ideal. All bar the matte aluminium would not brush properly and some of them separated fully (and I mean 100%) and immediately in the palette; the replacements were the same. They all stay slightly tacky seemingly forever (even when airbrushed); and they can be damaged with an enamel wash. Priming seems to make no difference. Other than the need for a stir in the palette and developing one's brushing technique, I have none of these problems with any Vallejo paint.
  2. First airbrush

    Mind you, someone once pointed out to me that the gap between .3 and .35mm sounds small, but is actually quite significant in percentage. I nearly chose that size of Iwata.
  3. First airbrush

    I found PSI very difficult to get my head around initially because what many Youtubers and article writers usually recommend seemed too high for me. I spray MC at just under 20 on my gauge and MA around 14-18. Anything above that, I reserve for polyurethane primer. Have a look on YT for what Phil Flory says about judging by ear because it's a good point, I think. I got to know when it sounds right or wrong, and it seems to go hand in hand with problems like spitting. But generally, I have very little trouble with MC.
  4. First airbrush

    Sorry to butt into your thread, Lostpanther, but... John, if you mean Model Color, I can only surmise that you used too fine a nozzle or tried it when the weather out there was just too warm. I routinely spray thinned MC (with retarder and either purified water or Airbrush Thinner) and they spray well through an Iwata .35mm. Not quite as smoothly as Model Air or Premium, but I would not expect so. They need a bit more pressure. I'm hardly an old hand at airbrushing, so if I can do it, it must be doable.
  5. What's the penguin emoji for?

    Some of the more bouncy ones are one reason why I have GIF animation disabled in Firefox. They sit still then.
  6. Ferrari F187/88c

    Tidy, Shaun. Regarding Micromesh, are you using its set of colour-coded square pads or something else? I was thinking of getting some. Incidentally, is the white bodyshell in the background for a Sauber?
  7. Crushed Coral runways

    I had an idea of creating a coral beach as a crash site. I wanted to resurrect an old F4F-4 which had its undercarriage broken and so was only fit for showing in a belly landing scene. My initial Googling showed up fine white aquarium silica as a possible material. I know nothing about aquaria and I haven't visited a shop to have a look at the stuff, but it might be suitable. The main problem, as I see it, is balancing an in-scale appearance with some texture to make the coral perceptible. Probably, just paint would be in-scale, but would it look convincing? Probably not.
  8. Hi from a returning modeller.

    Wow. Overly sensitive this morning? It was not a blanket statement or personally directed at you, so relax. Nor did it refer specifically to this forum. But I speak as I find and when I was researching airbrushes, much of the advice which I found in web searches was not substantiated and many contributors, even in one thread, contradicted each other. That amounts to unconstructive.
  9. What's the penguin emoji for?

    Or next door if they're in a zoo. That must be a shock on your first day in a zoo... What have I started?
  10. Graham, while Sabrejet's answer to you is correct, I can also appreciate your point that people think of "parlous" as being at risk of collapse. But several of the British magazines deserve to fail. For one thing, I can't believe that the market is not over saturated. Then there are the duplicated builds which publishers show in more than one of their titles. And one only needs to read any one publisher's output for long enough to begin to suffer flashbacks with the repitition. They severely lack imagination and development, which is ironic for a creative hobby. By no means do all modelling magazines suffer from any of these failings — I like and read at least one British (and one U.S.) title regularly — but I think that they are genuine problems.
  11. I wonder how you can confidently claim that? Some of us may have written for a living during our careers. Just not for modelling magazines.
  12. What's the penguin emoji for?

    One who's just won the Antarctic Lottery. Top prize is a lifetime supply of herring.
  13. I'm quite curious about the penguin emoji in the editing box! The meaning of it, if any, is lost on me!
  14. KV-2 - 1/35 Trumpeter

    Are you sure? I'm reticent to comment on RFI because most people seem only to give compliments. If I was submitting a build, I would expect people to be more analytical and be almost as critical as I am towards myself. I'll just give you a few tips about what I would have done (and, indeed, did — I've built the KV-1 Ehkranami version of this kit and really enjoyed it). It seems that KV track guards didn't last long before damage, so I took a segment out of mine and replaced it with some brass, then damaged it. I can't make up my mind whether your modulation may be a little too subtle under the weathering — a problem which I have suffered several times so far — but that is a matter of taste. And I think that the big turret KVs cry out for a hand-painted slogan. If you have no decals, try an artist's fine-tipped white paint marker, which is what I used in lieu of the kit decals. For your shiny figures, I'm sure than a brushable matte varnish such as AK Ultra Matte would flatten them, but I don't know how it happened either.
  15. If that's the Meng-sponsored magazine, I must disagree about the quality. The builds tend towards the high end, but the writing is usually atrocious and unedited. I cannot believe that it has an editor, yet someone is thus credited. For another example of this publisher's poor quality and absence of oversight, read either of Adam Wilder's books. Though not to everyone's taste, he is a skilled and distinctive modeller of the artistic style, but his books are undermined by writing which is simplistic and littered with glaring errors which no-one had the good sense to edit. I could have authored that first post myself because it reflects how I feel about most British modelling magazines and, indeed, most British journalistic writing. Anyway: rant over.