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  1. Amazingly amount details in such small scale. Beautifully work there!
  2. Thank you for compliments! Today I decide not replace molded bolts to simulated ones, because cost was going to be huge. And this model is quite "bolt and nut" heavy if you know what I mean. So I guess no reason to change just couple ones. So it's all paint detailing there. But what I couldn't not to resist, is some banjo and An fittings fom RB Motion. Especially on fuel injection unit Tamiya's "rubber ring thing" is really poor. Also I wanted to add couple other lines in engine compartment. I have question to you lads. What you think, should I do some black wash on under
  3. Yes, same from me. Decals especially big ones are allways something that scares me. Stunning model, light looks very good! Nice weathering on underside too.
  4. Small update. Front coilovers, steering and suspension parts done. Coilovers are stripped from original metallic coating and painted with Vallejo Aluminium on Alclad gloss black base. Springs are painted with rattle can. There is really big temptation to do some major upgrading on parts, like use real bolts and nuts etc. But I choice not to go in that route due lack of skill and patience. So detailing was paint job this time. Original details in nuts and bolts is not so bad, those have actually hex shape on them.
  5. This stuff is unreal that it look's so....real. You have some serious skills there.
  6. Progress so far. So this is my first try on flocking, so kind hard to tell is it looking as it should be. Most time consuming part was rear section. There was big caps on each side, so it was quite big putty and styrene job there. At the moment I'm not planning to put rear seats on there. Plan now is to make this street car with some race heritage. Main interior color is that Ferrari Cuoio leather color with some Titanium silver from Tamiya lacquer paint.
  7. Ain't it! . Give's a boost to the hobby too. Thanks!
  8. So after crying and complaining, I finally succeed with Zero Paint. It just needs to be smooth surface to lay on. Sanded down with 800 grid wet sandpaper. One light coat and after it was tacky free another medium coat. After that surface is not super smooth, what is nice because this should simulate leather. It has nice little texture on it. Maybe put on some semi gloss clear on it to give it more "cushioned" look. Edit: Hello it's me again So... How to put this. Öhm... I lowered airbrush pressure down to 14 psi. And voila' perfect result. So seem's that it
  9. AARGH! I allways had issues with Zero Paints. I know people get amazing results with these paints, so problem is me. I just cant get good result using these paints. Problems is most of time after painting result is very gritty surface. Sometimes I manage to get some spot good result and next to that very poor. I know that the ground work is important, and base of paint should be smooth....in base coats on car bodys etc. But this same problem I have with interior line. It is impossible to get sanded down surface on seat etc. Paint that I struggle this time is Ferrari Cuioi interrior
  10. So here is first peek of a colour scheme. Colour code is Ral 6033 "mint turquoise" It is more on the green side. My poor mobile phone has tough time to get the colour right, but it is quite close on picture seen here. Paint is "automotive" 2K. I had little difficulties to get mix right. Paint is very thick even with hardener, so finding right thinning ratio is kind of try and fail. My airbrush is Iwata Revolution with 0.5 needle. Surface is far from excellent, but still acceptable. There is no separate clear coat, 'cause clear is in paint. Pros to this paint is most obviously very hard s
  11. So here we are at the moment. I'v been smoothing those fenders. I use some automotive polyester putty to give it kind of right shape, and then some basic Tamiya putty to correct imperfections. Overall body needs quite a bit attention. I open open those air ventilation holes on front and back. On front there should be somekind of mesh front of those holes, it was molded plastic to simulate that. Not sure yet do I put some mesh on it or leave it that way. Back top of rear window: Front air intake for cabin fan/ventilation Al
  12. Yes marker was completely sanded of. But when I read through these replies, I wonder that maybe I'm not so patient. Really good notes here, many thanks! I decided to put some putty on those lines, like really pushing it tight to surface. Now that I sanded it down, it really show that there was that "cap", and putty filled that up. At least I hope so, putting some primer on it so let's see result then. Pekka
  13. Thank to everybody for the replies! Will get those nail files, and give them a go.
  14. I just wander why on earth that ridge type line turns into ditch type of line...?
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