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  1. Here in Finland you can get those touch up paints from car paint stores. Or on rattle can or kind of what you need. They produce those paints from demand, only you need to know is paint code. And you can thin it with thinner,here in Finland they offer correct thinner also, in package size you need Don't know policy of your country, but I think it's worth looking for.
  2. Thank you for the tip. I will get Dot4 fluid also. I think I'v used that fluid to strip Tamiya acryl paint, and Tamiya primer went of with brake cleaner (isopropanol?) Sometimes I have just sanded paint down, but that is not what I prefer, because you can lose shape and detail on piece itself. Has anyone tried those paint strippers that Zero and other sell? Are they same stuff than these? I have also industrial paint stripper, but it could effect plastic.
  3. Thanks for the info, is it due clear eating through decals then? I found some decals to go with red from ebay. Some French manufacturer called Rallye-Miniatyre. Never heard of that before, thou they have web shop and Facebook account. But don't know anymore, what to do. I afraid that I'm too weak hearted to paint white stripes. Body is very close to go swimming in brake fluid. Little bit fell on Studio 27 "Yacco" livery. This build had been one those "those" build's. I failed painting, surprise suprise, white stripe on rear wing. So paint stripping it goes. And what idiot of me did? Dip it into thinner!! . And guess what? Yes, correct melted a little bit. Cladly I realized my fatal error quite soon, and washed thinner away pretty fast. But of course surface on that piece was little bit critty. So some major putty worth there. But we live and learn. Huge thanks all of for the help and tips! Really appreciate it. Pekka Edit. Ps Is brake fluid best way to strip paint? I'v used Tamiya LP paints and primer is MR.Surfacer
  4. Yes I really have to talk to myself, am I really upp to task to paint those white stripes. The trust is not huge to my skills in this job. There is one "Astra" decal set from Studio 27 and Renessaince, what goes with red, but it is not really good looking scheme. Well it is Gardemaisters car thou... Maybe I start interior and se if seat decals etc. are okey. Pekka
  5. Sorry about bad picture. Decals what i meant are just like number 11 on the left. And it goes there where my majestic photo shop skills show So some bending to do. And yes, I guess those could be painted also, but there are many of those so masking job is not so tempting. And it already clear coated once to protect those white decals to become pink. So paint layers could come quite big, if you want those parts to be white. Also I'm planning to put some 2k clear on top of everything.
  6. I have too searched in depths of internet but was not able to find any. Tons of different scheme are viable, but then is this color issue. I'v used Tamiya Strong Decal softener, and still decal cracked. Even when I tried to correct position it split in halves. While ago I build Italeri old Scania to my brother, and decals were really suspicious, but they were great. And that kit was from 90'. Is it something to do with white color of the decal, don't know,or it this Tamiya's own decal issue...
  7. Hi all! So the decals were cooked. Especially white stripe ones cracked even in slightest movement. Also they were really stuck on backing papers. Seems that adhesive was dried out. I have used much older Tamiya decals without issue, but these are gone. Or might be that this was user error. Does anyone know is there original "Marlboro" looking decals available on any brand? Problem is, that everything is already painted in red. Cheers Pekka
  8. Masterpiece. Truly next level skills you have there!
  9. Thanks! But pictures "do the justice" little too much to the paint job quality. Quality varieties throughout the body, roof is worst. But when look it afar it's really good, but in close you could see rough surface and orange peel. But as I said that could have been polished away, but maybe I was too afraid to doo that. I fear that I ruin it, because I'v had painted it already so many times due mistakes.
  10. Exactly. . I wish Tamiya had kept those original treaded tyres. But maybe if they come across on ebay or elsewhere, I may get those if the price is reasonable.
  11. You truly master weathering! Marvelous job mate!
  12. What of marvelous customisation here! Excellent color choice too!
  13. Sorry for your and your missus loss, my condolences. Magnificent built, great tribute to him.
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