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  1. More on Airfix 2017

    Saw the spitfire rebox instore today...with a noticeably bad boxart: it seems they printed the boxing from a compressed image, as it has artifacts typical of image compression : url=https://raymondbiggs.smugmug.com/Swatches/i-H86qLDH/A][/url
  2. 1/72 academy Cuban F-47D

    hiya! been awhile since I updated this! - after the base coat I thought id have a go at weathering with oils, first to break up the base colour a bit: then after further blending, i worked on weathering the exhausts and gun barrels - still not entirely happy with the exhaust weathering, so after it dries i might try another layer on the underside. I wanted a well worn look for a post-bay of pigs aircraft that had seen a lot of action:
  3. Hi Folks! taking a break from my p-47 kit I decided to have a bit of fun and have a go at modifying the 1/2500 AMT enterprise C kit. Not sure what ship this will be yet, but I have the JT Graphics sheet:
  4. hiya had a break from kitbashing seafires (pending re release by Sword), and been working on a kit from the boneyard: an Academy F-47D in cuban AF markings :-) just got the main painting done, canopy, wheel-wells etc will need. some work. i had a spare engine and cowl from a hasegawa kit that I used: Hollowing out the gun barrels was well worth it! the montex masks worked well though i will probably repaint with bush to get nice sharp edges from the aztec latin jugs sheet:
  5. Hoarders TV show.....

    Its only a problem when you start finding two dimensional cats in your stash! I remember hearing on ARC about a modeler in the states whose estate included 200! Hasegawa f-111s in his stash! Every kit has an assigned project ill get to....eventually!
  6. Hoarders TV show.....

    ....am I the only one that finds myself saying before an episode: "please don't be a scale modeler - my wife will never let me hear the end of it!"
  7. 1/72 seafire XVII conversion

    Hiya, yea im thinking te ventura/jays kit will be the way to go; quite a bit of reshaping from a lowback spit xvi to a seafire!! Got the fuselauge together on the 45, though gotta use some dullcoat on the wing beneath the cockpit as 8s shining through!
  8. 1/72 seafire XVII conversion

    Cheers guys! Yea i went with the trailing edge, was very very noticeably short if aligned to the leading edge! Two sword xvis turned up today! Looking forward to planning how to convert to Xvìi! :-)
  9. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Playing round a bit with filters to try and bring out detail, im fairy convinced this is just something propping up the airframe
  10. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Trying to figure out the thai spitfire RM873/747 - from the earliest photos on vintage wings canada it seems to be a C? wing, though I can't tell if they are clipped or jsut colapsed the 50.cal ports are intriguing - i heard kiwi spits had c wing with 50s...is also possible they just put em on for show
  11. 1/72 seafire XVII conversion

    Hiya! Cheers ! Yea I've used some plastic card to close the gap and align
  12. 1/72 seafire XVII conversion

    thoughts on wing alignment? :-)
  13. 1/72 seafire XVII conversion

    HI folks! small update: after a lot of puttying/sanding decided It would save a lot of time and swearing to use a sword XVIe and reshape the nose (as the short griffon is just slightly shorter than the merlin and easier to get the shape) sword/hase fuselage: sword seafire XV/ spitfire IX for the seafire 45, i'm glad i decided to go with the Airfix xix fuselage - looks quite different, and very sleek! - managed to use the instrument panel and cockpit floor from the build:
  14. 1/72 seafire XVII conversion

    Cheers ☺ yea i decided to go with the airfix fuselauge!