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  1. PK 503 Douglas Dauntless 1.32 scale

    Having just purchased one of these beasties from KitsforKash Tony, I just wondered how yours was progressing? No pressure!
  2. 1/100 Playfix / Nu-Bee / Plasticart Kits - Any Love?

    Some nice looking Tridents there! As an ex-trident man who happens to have quite a few trident production drawings from back in the day, I have to agree with Jessica that the nose is pinched (as well as having the wrong profile) but unfortunately the wing plan is also wrong, as is the false centre 'engine front/grill' atop the fuselage, the centre engine intake side & front profile itself, and the main undercarriage legs and doors are the wrong shape altogether, oh, and the scale appears to be 1/87. 5(!) rather than 1/100th. All the fuselage-to-wing fairings seemed to have got missed BUT all that can be corrected with a bit of elbow grease and TLC, plus it means you get a bigger Trident than you thought you would! Having said all that, I have my original, heavily modified Plasticart kit (complete with new wings, front galley and working internal lights) which I started way, way back in 1981(!) still in my shed, all painted and decalled up, though still awaiting fitment of its new undercarriage and doors. These I made years ago from scratch but again, just haven't got round to fitting. Life got in the way. The decals came from a mix of various 26Decals BEA sources, as I made my kit as the ill-fated G-ARPI that tragically crashed in Staines in June 1972. (This was always a sad incident for us Hatfield workers, even though the crash wasn't really blamed on the aircraft design at all). As you can tell, I'm a slow-burning model maker... So, it's almost completed but I felt like making another in this modern era, so recently purchased the Reifra kit as seen on the 'net. You do get the same white, black and silver moulded parts, still in quite a hard, brittle plastic, all separately bagged but you do also get all the above errors, as the moulds have obviously been left as per the original Plasticart moulds, albeit with the maker's name 'Reifra' now moulded into the stand. A broken spine currently prevents me from starting the kit just yet but I'll return triumphant to your pages in the future to tell you how things progressed! All I've got to do now is find the numerous drawings that are now 37 years old.... Talking of age, I was a mere 22 years of age and just married. During the manufacture of this ki, I've had two children, four grandchildren and the manufacturer of the Trident, Hawker Siddeley Aviation, got swallowed up into British Aerospace, which then built the BAe 146 at Hatfield until they moved the line to Manchester. This line has also now ceased operation. My whole family worked on the trident project at Hatfield in one format or other. So to me, this Trident kit is not mere plastic, it's the only source for a chance for any of us to make a reasonable rendition of a piece of flying history. And who says modelling is boring?! APOLOGIES for this lengthy script! To say sorry, I'd always be willing to lend a hand on any 'Tridenty' questions that might raise their heads...
  3. American 707 from Heller 1/72 kit

    No doubt this has been said a million times on metallic finishes, but this takes me back to the rub-n-buff days of the 70's & 80's..that's all we had, apart from the trusty 'kitchen foil fixed at differing angles/tacky gloss varnish adhesive' method!! Hmmm...strokes chin....
  4. That really is one very attractive build and colourscheme. A great job. If only the UK's Court Line had operated the type..just think of the colourscheme options we could apply! Am currently ordering my Heller 707....