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  1. Any further movement on the Heron front Neil?
  2. That's very interesting Neil. I had no idea of this other use as a barrier between two surfaces. Makes total sense though!
  3. Wow! PTFE tape has changed a bit then since my time in the aero-industry!!
  4. Space Ranger, PTFE tape is a sort of thin, normally white sort of stretchy tape that is usually used as a sealant on tap threads, pipe unions etc., anywhere you don't want system leaks on pneumatics, water, etc etc. Hope that helps.
  5. Not sure if I've missed something here, or maybe the holidays have got in the way. Any Heron news at all Neil?
  6. This topic continues to make fascinating reading Neil. Great detailed descriptions. I just wish that SOMEBODY COULD PLEASE MAKE A 1:48 OR 1:32 HERON II!!
  7. I heard somewhere (on here somewhere maybe?!) that Airfix are re-releasing this Heron kit in December 2019. I just wish they'd up the scale to 1:48 or even 1:32!!
  8. Please do Neil! As you can gather from the comments you're receiving, there's a whole chunk of the modelling fraternity that would love you to turn your skills to civvy machines! I'm loving your Heron work here. Top class
  9. ...Oh, and I'd be up for a set of engines or anything you're up to producing too Neil!
  10. Yes, this really is coming on a treat Neil..very inspiring! As a small aside, as an ex--DH/HS125/Trident engineer myself, I can see how the cabin internal layouts changed very little between the early DH biplane airliners right through to the Dove, Heron and the 125; the 'Jet Dragon' as she was originally known. A case of 'if it aint broke, don't fix it'. Now, modelling the Heron's intricate cabin walls, complete with cup holders, punka louvres, veneered wooden foldaway tables, wooden drinks cabinets etc, THAT'S food for thought! Just a shame we don't have a 1/48 or a 1/32 kit on the market! Anyway, I'm enjoying this one immensely Neil. Fantastic work!
  11. Wow, what a really interesting article, and one close to my heart as an ex-de-Havilland man! I've even got one hidden in the stash somewhere. I'm definitely up for following this. One question I'd like to ask of everyone interested in Herons; does anyone know of a kit manufacturer who has produced a larger scaled version? I've been searching for months! (Apologies for the hijack).
  12. That sounds fantastic news to my ears! Thanks for your swift reply. You've even saved me the job of black lining it! No probs about instructions or decals (unless you're in dire need to turn your room upside down). The Aviation News drgs sound a bonus too. Having never bought anything from anybody on britmodeller before, what's the damage and how do I pay you? By the way, do the wings have those prominent flaptrack fairings we all know and love?
  13. Thanx for that news update Tommo. Very informative. Wow, things are moving space this year. Before you know it they'll be a 1:72 146 on the market.....thinks.....hmmm..
  14. Many thanks for your excellent ref content there davepb and for your input too, proplineruk. I'm still trying to find my way around this webpage, and keep finding me repeating myself! And though a 1:72 VC-10 sounds absolutely awesome, a 1:72 Courtline BAC 1-11 500 is going to be the one I want to build, even if it needs heaps of scratchbuilding! Fingers crossed that one comes up Dave! I'd like to put some pics and info up on subjects I've built in the past but unfortunately I'm trying to get over a broken spine from a few years back, meaning I can't get about too well. Hopefully you can all bear with me...
  15. Oops! Bit trigger happy there. Sorry for the repeated message. I meant to say that I could imagine that a VC10 in that scale must be a fair beast, but what a beautiful aircraft! Bet it took a few bottles of adhesive to put that lot together though. If I manage to get a 1-11, I'm aiming to build a fair bit of detail into it as I just love opening panels and exposing heaps of pipework, frames and ribs, even on civvy airliners.
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