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  1. I've just had to go back into this to drool over that fantastic build and finish....how you got such a perfect circular finish on those rivets around the cowling and also the bolt heads on the engine crankcase are beyond me...obviously my elderly eyeballs need a change! Bravo Sir.
  2. What a truly fantastic finish you've got there Duncan B, and as others have stated above, that engine looks top class and real enough to fire up! I've got one of these in my quite ancient of stashes so I'll be digging the kit out soon... Many thanks for sharing.
  3. You obviously have some very good knowledge there Eric Mc. Your mention of the differing variants and their changes is very welcome. It would seem that the chances of anyone obtaining a decent 1:72 kit look very slim though. Your Welsh Models kit looks fantastic - a great scale finish to it too. Though I hate to admit defeat, maybe I'll have to have the scale and go with the Welsh Models too... The build here is coming along a treat and makes for some very useful debate!
  4. Yep, will let you know if anything comes up trumps. My problem is, if nothing comes up soon I'll go off the proverbial boil for the Herald and lose interest! I've had this burning ambition to make this kit now for soooo long and gone up loads of dead ends that I wonder if the kit ever did exist! This is fast becoming another case of the old FROG BOAC VC-10 kit with LIGHTS. So rare that I've only ever modelled it the once back in early-teen days...and that's a lonnnnng time ago now! Like I said, I'm scouring everywhere for this Herald, so if I come across some I'll let you know.
  5. PS...Busnproplinerfan, if I do come across any, I'll let you know. Finger's crossed then...
  6. Many thanks for that info busnproplinerfan. You might well be thinking of the Maquette version, which I think gets mentioned elsewhere above. Trouble is though, I think even that version is as rare as the proverbial 'rocking horse's s...!!
  7. I know that this message is coming to you literally YEARS after the event but I've been scouring the WORLD trying to find a 1:72 (or bigger?!!) Herald as finished so beautifully here. I don't know if I'm doing all sorts of wrongs by asking this here, but does ANYONE know where I could find one ANYWHERE?! Many thanks, Fazzman
  8. That is really looking the part! I'm desperately trying to hunt a copy of the kit down..!!
  9. I totally agree with what Epeeman said - words cannot add to what has ready been said. A fantastic build from a master builder.
  10. Fantastic job Neil. Old man de Havilland would be proud of the job you've made of it!
  11. That's great news to hear Neil. Thanks go to Space Ranger for asking the question that I suspect we all wanted to ask! Yes, keep safe everyone.
  12. Sorry, should have added "A very nice build too Adrian."
  13. I'm struggling to remember the 50-circa years since I built it! (Ahh, the struggle to get that giant red decal on!). One day I'll convert my 1:32 Revell kit into that colourful Forrestal F-4B bird..one day...
  14. A really superb effort there Neil - and even better being a de Havilland machine! Interesting to hear about how you obtained that smaller lettering too. Wouldn't it be nice if some kind manufacturer were to produce a 1:48 or even better, a 1:32 scale kit? You might not want to see one for a while now though...
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