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  1. What's red and wails?

    Great build of a cool car, I think 333s are fantastic and have the 98 MOMO version in my stash for some day.
  2. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Impressive! I'll be sticking with 43rd scale but I do enjoy following these large scale builds.
  3. Merit 1/24 Connaught Type B

    Lovely. If I may, get yourself a Molotow Chrome paint pen for things like your mirrors and gas cap. Really adds a nice little extra zing!
  4. Norwegian Albatross

    Really like that!
  5. The six hour Spitfire.

    Wow! Six hours!? And so nicely done too.
  6. Nice! I built that when it was new...need to do it again. Your rivet detail enhances it a lot IMHO.
  7. Porsche 935-78

    Beautiful job on a neat car.
  8. 1986 Ferrari

    Aha! I wondered if anyone would notice. I was soaking them prior to application when I noticed. Fixing at that time would have been possible but a real PITA, so I let it go. There was a day it would have drove me nuts but my attitude now is it's a conversation point for those who notice. Most won't notice. Having done my share of decal art, I can't quite figure out how the artist muffed it up like that. MrModeller is exactly correct, the top wishbones are mine. spoly may be correct on the engine cover form, I can't say I checked that close, but it doesn't seem to be off that much in comparison with this photo Thanks for the well wishes everyone.
  9. Porsche 936

    Love it!
  10. Great job on a cool car!
  11. 1/350 ccn-65

  12. Last one for a while, we're packing up for a move next week and then I have my next round of chemo right after so I've no idea when I'll be able to get back to building. 1986 Ferrari F1/86 1/43rd Scale from Hi-Fi Automodelli. Pretty much like the others, essentially box stock with addition of foil & etch racing harness. Tamiya paints, urethane clear. One exception. The upper A-arms where missing from my kit so I had to carve new ones. Just once piece that slides through the nose. Made it out of sheet plastic, fortunately it's the same part in a kit I had of the late season '85 Ferrari so I had something to copy. Can you tell which is which in the photo? So here are the F1/86 photos Here are some photos of works in progress I'll hopefully get back to before too long. SMTS 1967 Ferrari 312 Building and test fitting sub assemblies Filling imperfections and sharpening up surface detail prior to primer Same procedure on a very old and rare C Scale 1/43 1966 Ferrari 312 And lastly, same pre assembly and clean up for the 1/43 Tameo 1988 Ferrari F1/88 From Mr. All Ferrari All The Time
  13. Decal solution?

    Have you tried the Butyl glycol solution on the old ESCI decals? I'm not finding much of anything that works on them...