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  2. One of the links that turned up when I googled sold cut offs. Shipping to Australia is expensive but you'd still be well under the cost for an entire board. I'd say keep searching, you'll find your best option will involve shipping no doubt. Thanks for sharing the Flying Scotsman's work. Beautiful.
  3. Thanks! Bullbasket, your wife sounds like one tough, wonderful lady. I've gotten to join the exclusive club she's been a member of for 12 years, I'm hopeful we both get to keep ticking up our total years since joined. And yes, the Hunter is a beaut for the ages.
  4. Thank you all! My operation was a success. I'm still in hospital and am on path to a discharge before the weekend. I've still got quite a bit of recovery time before me but will slowly be picking up my participation in the coming days/weeks. This Morning I found out I am officially a cancer survivor! I had esophageal cancer and the operation was the culmination of around two months of treatments including heavy radiation and chemotherapy treatments. In the surgery they cut out about half my esophagus and about one third of my stomach. It's been an arduous journey that I guess started almost exactly four months ago when they initially told me I had stage four cancer and the plan was to make me comfortable as I died. Luckily I connected with a crew of doctors who weren't ready to give up and here I am today, the luckiest man in the world.
  5. I love this thread and your work is inspiring. I used to be a professional pattern maker. May I recommend, for future projects, a substitute material for wood? It's a filled polymer commercially known as Renshape. I believe it's made (or was, at least) by Ciba-Geigy. Imagine a material available in various densities that range from medium to hard wood yet has no grain. It's beautifully carvable, machinable and can be sealed and polished to a mirror finish quite easily. That's Renshape. Simply lovely stuff. IIRC, my favorite to use was the 450. It looks a bit like grain free cherry wood. Here's a link to the first supplier that popped up when I Googled. Edit to add: you can actually carve/file/sand it to a fine enough edge you could cut yourself on a trailing wing edge.
  6. I have it in mind to do one of these early flat canopy two bladed prop Spits. What's the best source for canopy and prop? The old Hasegawa kit?
  7. Obviously I have a great deal to learn yet. Was completely unaware they had two levels of kits. That Buffalo looks fantastic, I'll definitely be getting that one....same for the Wildcat, frankly.
  8. For those who saw my introductory thread, I survived surgery and should be kicking around for a while ponder topics like this, apparently. I've looked at a few photos on line, read some reviews and still didn't "get" Hobby Boss kits. So I picked a couple up Monday, the P-38 and Razorback P-47 both in 1/72nd. I must confess, I still don't really "get" Hobby Boss kits. The strongest most immediate reaction I had upon opening the boxes was a vaque sense of insult. Can't say why exactly, that just the first emotion that hit me. Anyone have any insights on this topic? I assume all their kits are like this? A kind of cross between a diecast and a proper scale model assembly kit. I wonder if those early pre-WWII hobby pioneers who carved their models from semi vaguely roughed in blocks of wood felt the same way upon opening their first fully plastic Frog kits?
  9. I love the first primer coat. It's like a truth serum.
  10. I promise to do a build thread on the one I just finished this evening:
  11. ^^Truth so pure
  12. Thank you, all! That 109 convinced me, despite years of rust and dismal eyesight (mostly dismal eyesight) that I could at least still do this on some acceptable (to me) level. There will be no IPMS trophies in my future judging by what I see online these days, but there can still be something much more important to me...hours of fun. In all the best ways, when I'm modeling, I (a 52 year old) feel like I'm 13 again. I gladly offer up what experience I have if it can be at all helpful to anyone here. Judging from what I've seen since returning, you all have it covered quite well.
  13. Hello everyone. My actual name is Chris Etzel, but please feel free to just refer to me by my forum name Lowbrow, if you wish. This will be lengthy, so just getting the actual important stuff out of the way incase you fall into the TLDR camp. I'm returning to the hobby after an extended absence. I'd built 1/72nd aircraft for many years before switching to 1/48th sometime in the mid 80s. That lead to starting a little "cottage industry" business at the end of that decade I called "Medallion Models". Sometime in the first half of the 90s I succumbed to a lifelong passion and pretty much completely switched over to making race cars. That, oddly enough, lead to another start-up making scale model kits of race cars under the name "Etzel's Speed Classics". That died a somewhat ignominious death in the early oughts and I had a career change, expanding on yet another venture I'd started in support of my other businesses, namely graphic design. I worked for about 15 years designing and drawing t-shirts in support of the racing industry here in the U.S. and abroad. For a number of years I also did decal art work for places like Revell/Monogram, Studio 27 and a few others. I've recently (kind of) retired from that career and whilst spending some time in the hospital dealing with a little cancer problem, I got the modeling bug again. So, at this point I'm just scratching the surface and am literally flabbergasted at the changes in the hobby on all fronts. Astounding. I've got a slightly inexplicable fascination with all things RAF, particularly the Fleet Air Arm, so my efforts have been largely focused there, which might explain why this place seems to have become my favorite haunt. I finished my first 1/72 aircraft in 30 years first model of any kind in over a decade and a half...pictured below. It's the Me-109-E from the Airfix dogfight double release. Built utilizing only the paints and brushes included in the kit. Below that is a photo of yours truly. Assuming I can work Flikr and this forum from my iPhone. Anyway, thank you for letting me join and I hope I can offer some worthwhile contributions in the near future. I'm scheduled for major surgery Tuesday, so I'll probably be going dark for a while after that, but I do have every intent of returning to pick up the to speak.
  14. Just getting back into the hobby after long absence. Your "harry stick" adventures have been a significant inspiration to me. Gorgeous work, thanks for sharing. I'd love to see you do a brush painting tutorial on YouTube if you're ever so inclined.