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  1. That looks like the box I got the two complete kits in BUT as far as I recall this was a factory error and might have been corrected at some point. Model shop where I bought it at the time was of the opinion from what they had been told by the Airfix Rep that it was a short term offer.
  2. Photo was taken just after the gates opened at 0800 on what started as a clear September morning with a very low and bright sun directly behind me hitting the aircraft side on plus the vagaries of film orocessing probably accounting for any odd taint seen and make it look perhaps a bit shinier than it really was. By early afternoon the heavens had opened and on the only occasion that I am aware of at at Leuchars the flying display was abandoned.
  3. Received the 1/48 MH-53 Weapons Set from Mike earlier this week , great service !! Bought the MH-53 airframe conversion direct from Cobra many years ago before it became a bit awkward to order from the UK so now hopefully looking forward to the interior set at some point in the future to make a start on transforming the Revell kit.
  4. My starboard side view is missing from its place in the album but this port side in the full glare of the early morning sun at RAF Leuchars in September 1991 shows that the original satin finish had started to lose its lustre , looks like the aircraft is in a three tank fit with a Desert Sand Sky Shadow ECM Pod , presume there was a BOZ Pod on the opposite outer pylon but cannot recall what colour.
  5. Definately overall black and from memory it was rather matt , photographed it at Leuchars many years ago but will not be able to dig it out until tomorrow.
  6. Quick flick through a few books on the subject and all images show them open on the ground , one describes them as having been popularly known as 'elephants ears' but like many 'popular' nicknames might or might not have been the case with those who actually worked on and flew them. If they really are too annoying could always backdate to a B. or K.1.
  7. Assuming that it is the same thing , mine have an F-16 as the main image on the front cover of the binders with smaller ones of the Apache , Boeing 747 and Lancaster below and three-view artwork of a P-51 on the back. Material is copyrighted to Aerospace Publishing and publisher shown as IMP BV/International Masters Publishers Ltd.1996, 1999. Each file is an A4 sheet folded double to A5 size. I make it a total of 1205 files divided into 16 subject headings in 7 ring binder files.
  8. Can get back to you on this with more details when I dig them out. One of those I've started so I'll finish collections which went on for quite a while as there were a lot of them in about half a dozen folders by the time I finished.
  9. Good to see that you have got your project sorted out and sorry that the news on the Heller twin-set option was less than encouraging , hope that they all work out well. Some recent F-104 builds on the forum and a longer-planned multi-type project had already got me thinking about the same myself hence the Heller kit having previously been brought down from the loft so parts off sprues and some minor building already done on a Marinefliger RF-104G from the Hasegawa S kit and a Belgian F-104G from the mid-90s Revell G kit. Some of the left over parts might even allow the best attempt possible at a TF-104 from the Heller F/TF kit but now that I know it is rather ill-proportioned keeping it well away from the others to avoid comparison and probably in Danish or Canadian overall dark green or Norwegian dark green over grey to avoid having to make a camouflage scheme fit the disproportionately stretched fuselage. Might even manage to resurrect the Bullpup carrying Greek Hasegawa G kit model that has been lying in a box partially decalled and with the various breakable bits broken off for the past decade while I am 'Starstruck'.
  10. I would have thought 'accuracy' was obviously being used in a relative rather than a literal sense to provide something a bit closer in proportions to the TF-104 with the removal of the gun port and reversing of the nosewheel arrangement being fairly obvious to anyone attempting such a project.
  11. According to various print sources the Buccaneers which were painted ARTF Desert Sand and deployed to Muharraq in January 1991 had their wing roundels applied as you describe (unlike the Tornado GR.1 and Jaguar in-theatre) so possibly it was thereafter accepted by the paint-shop as standard when it came to applying the Greys colour scheme , or maybe it was just a bit of Buccaneer oneupmanship.
  12. That's because the Spitfire 'won the war' Derek. Lovely Hurricane , nicely done and a great finish , have always felt it is an aircraft that has great character which you have captured well and it always seems much more satisfying if the kit needs a bit of persuasion along the way.
  13. I was not aware of the scale discrepancy that Scott mentioned but a few minutes with a craft knife to release the parts from their sprues and some scrap masking tape enabled the following comparison of the single-seat parts as I do not have another twin-seater. I am presently working on a Hasegawa F-104G kit and assuming that this is more accurate taped some parts of this (in light grey) against the Heller parts (in tan) and discovered that the problems are not quite as simple as being merely different scales. Both kits share a fairly similar radome shape but then it goes all wrong with the Heller forward fuselage being much deeper and much longer. However using the quite similar fin leading edge and height for comparison albeit with no rudder on the Hasegawa part the rear fuselage lengths are almost exactly the same but again the Heller is much deeper. Comparing the wings both kits seem to share the same span but the chord on the Hasegawa kit is deeper. Sadly the major sub-assemblies for the twin-seater version of the Heller kit come together well as when roughly taped as shown below and obviously with more attention it could result in a good looking but maybe slightly distorted model. If accuracy is essential then maybe the old Matchbox twin-seater or its Revell rebox as mentioned along with the Heller kit for some of the detail parts such as the cockpits could be an alternative.
  14. I brought one down from the attic stash recently with a view to building it , raised panels and detail quality patchy and not as good as the Hasegawa kit. Detail in the main undercarriage bay but not the doors whereas the nose undercarriage bay has no detail but the doors do , also the forward edge of the air-brake doors look a little out. Raised console and panel detail in the cockpits and the seats are vaguely similar to the C2 , canopies are single piece. Tanks provided for the wingtips and underwing positions but they are rather thin looking , detail on the inside face of the afterburner and rear engine face but not on the jet pipe. Undercarriage detail reasonable with the main gear and wheels being perhaps better detailed than the nose gear. In general it seems a fair enough kit and is sharply moulded although I have not removed any of the parts to check the nose/fuselage/wing joint yet but no doubt if it is awful someone will be along soon with dire warnings.
  15. Wonder what the thing was about Cycle Shops , there was one in Stenhousemuir near Falkirk in the 1960s that sold mainly Series One Airfix but also a few FROG kits as well which is where I got my first Wessex and Fw190 , they always got the latest catalogue when it was issued which highlighted how big the range was compared to how few of the kits ever seemed to be easily found.