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  1. Sea knights and skyhawk help needed

    Try using masking tape to hold a larger piece of acetate sheet over a rounded surface like a metal pen tube or heavy duty screwdriver etc. pour some boiling water over it and use a clamp or something similar to hold it in shape while you cool it in cold water. I have found that when the tape is removed it springs back a bit but with some trial and error can leave you with a gently curved piece of plastic to work with without the stress marks left from bending it cold ....... something else I didn't get to do when I was 12.
  2. That should help , I have the book and although the pictures are not of the greatest quality they are better than the PDF so hopefully will provide what you need. I have been pulling some other F-105 and Vietnam War books off the shelves during the advert breaks for Endeavor and scanning through them but have only found another couple for the 'Marilee' side so far but will check the rest over the next couple of days and let you know if anything turns up for Mr.Toad.
  3. Google search came up with this link , see page 17 - http://www.fescanphoto.com/korat/pdf/F-105 in action book 1974.PDF Images search also came up with close-up of the 'Marilee' marking but I could not get it to open up to see if 'Mr Toad' was there as well - http://matchbox.top81.com.cn/mil/2013/f105vn/105_23.html From a project a few years back I have al,ost 20 F-105 books scattered about the place and I will see if the aircraft features in any of them.
  4. Sea knights and skyhawk help needed

    Sounds exactly like the same problem in the same place as I had back when the kit was first released in 1965 , was 12 at the time and under pressure to complete the Friday pocket money Airfix kit from Woolworths same day or by Saturday morning at the latest. Knives sharp enough to actually cut were a definite 'no-no' so twisting parts from sprues and rubbing them down with a matchbox was the best I could do for tools and not surprisingly I never found that white PVA worked quite as well for windows as the writers in Airfix Magazine at the time suggested , always dried a bit foggy. But nonetheless great fun at the time and the impression that there was something new every week.
  5. Sea knights and skyhawk help needed

    Isradecal have done 1/72 A-4 Skyhawks in the past but you might have to search around for a sheet. As regards the Sea Knight just out of interest is the fault in one of the rearmost side panels? The first example of the kit I ever bought when it was brand new had one of the side panels moulded as a curve rather than a right angle although a very low-tech answer way back then was to drag a film of white PVA glue over the space once the cockpit piece was in place which dried almost clear. 'Almost' perhaps being an apt term to describe many 1960s modelling fixes.
  6. Tornado GR4

    I recall reading a while back, possibly even on this forum, that some RAF squadrons on some types of aircraft have had their own procedures as to how a parked aircraft is left if more than one option is available with penalties for those who get it wrong or follow habits learned on another squadron. No idea whether that still happens today or if it happens on active service.
  7. Very rare bird

    Further to my post on Saturday although I was away from home today I received a telephone call from friends here in Montrose around 1230 to tell me that the Air-Crane had landed safely at Montrose Docks which brings what is thought to be this first S-64 visit to an end. The crew I spoke to on Saturday had said that some visitors to the site at Keith had mentioned the visit of a German based US Army CH-54 to the Army Air Day at Middle Wallop in 1975 as possibly being the only other CH-54/S-64 to have visited the UK, does anyone know of any others?
  8. Very rare bird

    Thanks all , was up this morning , found it very easily and got some photos. The job is now complete and it is hoped to fly it down to Montrose some time on Monday depending on conditions (and as it happens I will be 100 miles south on family business until light has failed for the day) , dismantling will start immediately and it should be away as hold cargo within a week. The engineering crew did expect a lot of interest and seemed happy with the level shown and hope that the success of the project might lead to future visits to the UK.
  9. Very rare bird

    I unexpectedly have to be up that way on Saturday morning can anyone help with directions to the landing site from Keith?
  10. Harrier GR3 with paveway

    It is a Phimat countermeasures dispenser with the nose cone removed to clear the aircraft's nosewheel , seems to have been a short-term trial with 4 Sqn. as an alternative to the standard pod taking up a wing pylon.
  11. Oman Air Force Jaguar

    Probably why they would have been quite happy for the RAF to take them off their hands for Operation Granby if the books on the subject have the story right.
  12. Oman Air Force Jaguar

    You should be safe enough with an updated aircraft in the two-tone colour scheme for quite a while after the upgrade , from what I can make out the three-tone colour scheme came very late in the aircraft's service and even although there were very few aircraft in service by then I am not certain that all had been repainted when the type was withdrawn around 2014 , some magazine articles from the time are a bit unclear about whether they were using news or stock images to report the withdrawal. See this - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:A_Royal_Air_Force_of_Oman_Jaguar_taxies_towards_the_runway_at_Thumrait,_Oman._MOD_45143904.jpg - dated 2005 with the aircraft still in the two-tone colour scheme and with the single 'T' shape 'Have Quick' aerial on the spine air conditioning unit as well as a GPS disc aerial ahead of the windshield both of which became standard with the Jaguar97/GR.3A upgrade programme , red/orange edge to the open canopy is also a nice touch.
  13. Setting aside Chinese internet controls (although outsourcing basic background research to more liberal locations would not seem beyond the global familial reach as one of the basic strengths of the Chinese business world) it is now around seven years since the Airfix Sea Vixen kit was released and one would think that any business considering a project like this might have researched the opposition by checking perhaps more easily available print reviews to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing product as well as having access to the reference articles that new Airfix kits of such subjects invariably spawn. Then again perhaps I am overthinking the processes and potential for financial risk involved. Trumpeter is one firm whose kits I rarely buy unless there is no other available alternative usually because they are overpriced compared to other ranges yet despite this often contain quite basic omissions or flaws and I have often wondered if these apparent lapses are because the company knows the products will sell anyway either because they are of subjects in scales that others manufacturers will not touch or are of kits that are unlikely to be re-released in the near future. On the other hand perhaps it is arrogance to think that we Western modelers with our easy access to research that identifies any shortcomings (and £62.99 to buy the kits) are the key market.
  14. Oman Air Force Jaguar

    8 Squadron badge was in Red , 20 Squadron in Blue. According to some sources the first RAF Jaguars deployed for the first Gulf War acquired their overwing pylons from Oman , the UK having seen no need for them previously and although the pylons later became standard in RAF use the adaptions made to a couple of RAOF twin-seaters in having the RWR bar fitted on the tail and the French style of AAR probe on the nose did not.
  15. Oman Air Force Jaguar

    If it helps to clarify matters in any way a couple of follow-on aircraft to the initial OS/OB variant order were ex-RAF GR.1 and T.2 so probably not too many big differences with the equipment fit although something does come to mind about some export Jaguars for someone having their aircraft cockpits mainly in grey rather than the shades of black favoured by the RAF. Later , around 1997 a contract was signed to upgrade Oman's surviving 16 single-seat and 3 twin-seat aircraft to 'Jaguar 97' (GR.3A) standard with square centrally mounted multi-function display screen on the instrument panel , larger HUD along with a RWR display screen and some other equipment changes changes on the coaming , cable and sensor along the canopy centreline for the Helmet Mounted Sight system as well as a new control stick top.