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  1. rarely seen/few seen pix of the AC-47D?

    Some in the Douglas C-47 section at - https://www.flickr.com/photos/133697406@N05/albums - also a few in some of the individual airfield files on the same site.
  2. 1/72 Fujimi Sea King HAR.3

    I have (most) of the Fujimi decal sheet but cannot find the instructions , one option is offered for XV661 with pairs of decals for 'Royal Navy' with small 'XV661' below , '266' in the same size as the RN logo , 'H' in the same size and large '66' all in white and no form of unit badges.
  3. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Never thought of sending the wife although a Solicitor's Letter was a waste of effort , maybe we could form a SIG.
  4. Bundeswehr U/CH-34G camo

    The ex-German aircraft that were obtained by Israel had areas of FS30215 Brown applied in a wraparound pattern over the original overall RAL6014/FS14064 to cover the German markings and German language stenciling but the Isradecal IAF-11 decal sheet instructions do not indicate whether this was applied in Germany prior to export or in Israel after delivery.
  5. October 2017 SAMI Magazine

    I am not a subscriber but am on their email list and got a message this morning saying that due to a now resolved subscriber list problem with the October issues they are now sending out the entire list again to ensure that all subscribers get their copies , no problem with November it seems.
  6. Definately a very different age but very well done. I combined one with leftover bits of the Airfix and Heller kits to make an FAW.1 and recall that the plastic was very hard compared with more recent kits.
  7. Simply outstanding !!
  8. Tornado when "parked",question on the position of the wings

    Mentioned six months ago , there was a photo but it has been 'Photoboxed'.
  9. October 2017 SAMI Magazine

    Likewise Montrose
  10. Heller 1/48 Models

    I am guessing not in most cases , I only have five of my kits to hand at the moment as the rest are in the attic but in the case of the Alize , both Vautours , the 1/40 Magister and the Alpha Jet only the latter has the scale marked on the box lid but all have it clearly displayed under the Heller logo on their instruction sheets. If it is anything to go by all of the older ones in the range that I have with the exception of the Mystere 20 are in boxes about 13" x 5" x 1.5" with very stylised artwork although I suspect that with some of the later kits such as the Puma , Squirrel , O-2 etc. the boxes while generally similar in shape/size might have been slightly different as I seem to recall that when they were all stacked together the stack was a bit askew. Some more for the list of 1/50 Heller that have come to mind and been confirmed by Scalemates were the Cessna 337 , Cessna 150 , L-4 Piper Cub , Alouette III , Gazelle and SA365 Dauphin and it sticks in my mind that the Trident mentioned earlier was not the only French research type covered by the range.
  11. Heller 1/48 Models

    The 1/50 Heller kits I actually have or have had are the - Jaguar E & M , Mystere 20 , Alize , Alpha Jet , Vautour B , Vautour N (although it is actually the single-seat B kit with a solid nose which makes it an A model) , Cessna O-2 , Puma , Squirrel. Others I have seen listed as 1/50 are the Jaguar A , Mirage IV , Mirage III , Etendard , Trident , Super Frelon. I also have their Fouga Magister which is closer to 1/40 scale as is apparently a Fiat G-91 that was released in the early 1960s. Some are very prototypical in nature and bear no relation to the later kits of the same aircraft that Heller released in 1/48 scale - Jaguar A , Mirage IIIC/B , Mirage IVP , Etendard IVM & P or Alpha Jet although Scalemates describes that one as an Esci re-box.
  12. Heller 1/48 Models

    I have built the IIIC/B and have another still to do and they look like 1/48 scale to me. Heller did do a 1/50 scale Mirage III in the early 1960s which I think was based on a prototype as many of their 1/50 kits were around then and had 'working features', as time passed they gave up the gimmicks and started to cover production series aircraft before changing to 1/48. Scalemates is a good place to start when checking their history.
  13. Nicely built Helix and while maybe not pretty it is certainly eye-catching. There is something about the whole Helix/Hormone family that it wouldn't be surprising to see them without rotors as some sort of spaceship in a dystophian Blade-Runner type future.
  14. Tornado book

    Because the Tornado GR.4 is still in service the story is still being written and most books published so far can be a bit dated although the Datafile mentioned above might change that. For the Tornado F.3 you could try - https://www.squadronprints.com/item/978-0-9512656-5-9_TornadoF3-25YearsofAirDefence_0_0_1798_1.html - which was published just before 111 Sqn. disbanded and the type was withdrawn from frontline service.
  15. 1/48 Gnat mystery part

    Is that not the smoke generator pipes for use on the Red Arrows boxing of the kit?