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  1. Shelf life of different model paints

    Did you add any thinner to the Humbrol white? I have read about this happening to the new enamels after thinner has been added to the tin. I haven't had any of the new paints go off so far. So far, not counting the old enamels which I would say should be considered bullet proof, we have: Tamiya Acrylic; Almost perfect reports apart from one stating they crystallised. Model Master paints one good report, however whether that is acrylic or enamel, unknown. Lifecolour; Bad reports across the board, bar one good report. Seems to be the new containers. Vallejo: So far all excellent reports. Humbrol enamel new: One bad report, one good report. Alclad: Colour specific bad reports. Hopefully others will chime in with more reports of these and other paint brands.
  2. Shelf life of different model paints

    I would also agree that it is usually the container, rather than the paint, that is to blame for paints drying out. This doesn't seem to equate to the Revell enamels however, that had the same tin as Humbrols, yet every one had dried out. I have a few ancient Humbrol Acrylics that are still fine, while a couple of them have gone off, where the pigment has gone turned into floating lumps and will not mix in with the carrier. Hopefully more members will come forward with their own experiences of long term paint life and we will be able to seperate the wheat from the chaff.
  3. Shelf life of different model paints

    Hmm, well it seems Vallejo model colour is creeping up there. Pity about the Alclad Mike, not cheap over here. When it comes to paints I have noticed two failures; Drying out, and 'going off' where lumps appear never to be mixed in.
  4. Shelf life of different model paints

    Well, I am hoping others here will list their own experiences with longer term shelf times so we can get a general idea Tony. As for old airfix and humbrol, i think the concensus is 'bullet proof' for shelf life. I wish i had more of them.
  5. Shelf life of different model paints

    Hi all, Just wondering how long a shelf life have people here gotten from the various brands of paint? I will list some of the brands I have been using for over 5 years plus. Humbrol Enamel: So far they mostly seem to last forever. I haven't given the new variants long enough to see if that has changed. Tamiya Enamel: 5-10 years and a bottle is dried out. I can usually see that the solvent is slowly evaporating and replace it, but something to keep in mind. Revell enamel: I only had a few from the 80s and 90s, all of which dried out. Not sure about new tins. Revell Aqua: While I love the paint, they seem to slowly dry out over time, and not a long time either. Thankfully they seem to be easy to rejuvenate, but still... Tamiya Acrylic: They seem to last forever. I have many jars going back to the early 80s and all are perfectly usable. Heard some comments from others that the newer jars can 'go off' but cannot confirm. Airfix enamel: Seems to last forever. All my tins are still perfect.
  6. What paints for Dark Earth / Dark Green ?

    BIG X, did you find a suitable Dark Green and Sky after all your tests? I like how you found an acrylic equivalent of Humbrol 29, which has always been my favourite Dark Earth as well. PS: If anyone suggests Humbrol Acrylic, things will get ugly
  7. Hey guys, I love the look of your products. What products do you recommend for snow/ice effects on 1;76 up to 1:35 armour subjects and 1:76/72 dioramas for the snow/ice effects? I tried sorting through it on the website and became a touch confused by the sizing ratio. I assume I need some acrylic gloss laquer paint? Tamiya TS spray for example? Or something different? And how is postage to Australia? I am not sure how much it would all weigh and postage costs could be a factor.
  8. Tamiya Paint vs Vallejo Paint

    I would be heading into that hobby shop and showing them the link to Tamiya USAs' 23ml pots, and asking why they are in the business of highway robbery. $2.95 is a mighty fine price though. I would consider putting up with the short comings for that price, except I prefer enamels.
  9. Tamiya Paint vs Vallejo Paint

    If you are a sprayer, enamel wise, Sovereign ColourCoats are excellent, and in spite of the silly business that sometimes happens with Humbrol enamel and a brush, they still spray nicey. I know there are a few Colour Coats sellers in the US, and Humbrol should be available there. Acrylic wise spraying, Gunze Aqueous is very, very similar to Tamiya, including the pot size of 10ml, they spray the same way too, but since you can buy the Tamiya in the 23ml pots straight off the Tamiya USA website (and I am sure elsewhere in the US) you are lucky in that way. Apart from that there is the new Mission Model paints that get plenty of thumbs up, old Model Master Acrylic that I use successfully for Brush or spray. https://www.tamiyausa.com/product/category.php?sub-id=60000 $3.40 a pot. For 23ml. And I have to pay $3.50-4 for 10ml pots here. And if Tamiya is selling it for that, I would be shocked if no other online Hobby shop in the US didn't have it cheaper. I am envious, as they used to sell the 23ml pots here in Aus years ago, replaced them with the 10ml pots and jacked the prices up. Enjoy.
  10. Tamiya Paint vs Vallejo Paint

    Yes, Vallejo and similar paints don't stick very well, which is another bugbear of mine regarding them.
  11. New to priming

    There are two reasons to prime; To show up areas of the kit that still need work ie seamline inconsistencies, etc. And number two reason being you are using a weak paint that doesn't grip very well to plastic eg Vallejo acrylic. Since enamel grips incredibly well, you won't need it for adhesion. So, any old enamel through an airbrush will be perfect. Humbrol 64 is one of my usual primers, or Humbrol 147 which is a very light grey. I have more control, can spray with accuracy on smaller parts without needing a different setup for rattlecans, and I save money. Too easy. For acrylic lovers, A nice light grey (or wharever) Revell Aqua sprayed on is perfect for primer. Excellent adhesion (for an acrylic) and cheap. tamiya Acrylic is also ok, but while it grips fairly well, it isn't as strong as Aqua. I would say Aqua or model master Acryl, but I don't think Acryl is available there. Both of these brands are incredibly hardy and can take masking with ease once given a day to cure. Unless the rattlecan is laquer based ie Tamiya primer from a rattlecan, there is no tougher primers out there than sprayed enamel paint. And even the acrylics mentioned above are tough enough. No need for special priming paint.
  12. Dry humbrol paints?

    Are they the flip top pots? If so, quite normal unfortunately. It is a pity, as the paint in them was superior to the new stuff they sell in the twist top pots.
  13. Tamiya Paint vs Vallejo Paint

    I don't know if the Tamiya formula has changed, but I do know that I can brush paint the older paint much easier than the newer paints without adding retarder, flow enhancer, etc, so I dare say you are correct that 'something' has indeed changed. Vallejo etc are ok, though when using Acrylics, I usually prefer Revell Aqua or Testors Acrylic. I find them to be great all rounders with excellent quality. If enamels were ever banned these would be my go to paints, bearing in mind I haven't tried the all new singing and dancing Mission Model paints that seem to have captured many hearts. With the eye dropper paints I find them to be incredibly fragile, and easily break down if heavily thinned. The reason many still stick to Tamiya/Gunze is the airbrushing quality they have. Very easy to use in that way. I still prefer enamels in most cases though. And 14ml of enamel paint goes a looong way.
  14. Tamiya Paint vs Vallejo Paint

    I have never heard of the crystal problem before, indeed, apart from tins of enamel, Tamiya acrylics have always lasted the longest in their jars out of any paint. I still have some from the 80s that are perfect. Tamiya acrylic used to come in 23ml jars, and were very good value. About ten years ago, this seemed to stop, and suddenly these 'mini' jars started replacing them all, while the price has crept up to average level. Same happened with the Gunze paints. I started buying less tamiya acrylic due to this. The Tamiya enamel always came in a 10 ml square bottle, but needs to be thinned down a lot more than the acrylic, and being enamel, goes a lot further, so it was never a big deal on that front. It seems like another case of price gouging overall considering how expensive hobby paint is anyway.
  15. Humbrol Varnishes

    Humbrol Clear Matt or Satin, see post above, do NOT use. Too much matting agent. I still use the Clear Gloss from time to time, no issues. I use the Cotes all the time. Work great, just stir thoroughly and thin appropriately with enamel thinners (I use Humbrol enamel thinners)