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  1. Wot, no Humbrol 27002?!

    You could try some Revell while waiting. I get decent results with the acrylic metallics, or you could try some enamel which I haven't tried before. Other alternatives with enamel include colourcoats, xtracolour and phoenix precision? I don't get those last two over here, and very little of the colourcoats. I won't tell you to try Tamiya enamel as I believe it isn't stocked in the UK, even though it is a decent paint.
  2. Shelf life of different model paints

    The new UK Humbrol enamel is made by Rustins, a London based paint manufacturer. Perhaps someone could drop in there with a tin of Authentics (anything older really. 1980s stuff, Super enamel...) and say 'please drop whatever you are doing and replicate this in all colours'. Problem solved In all honesty, they do seem to be improving, but the improved versions need thinning before use; forget about the old 'paint straight from the tin' (not that this is ever a good idea really). The new stuff airbrushes nicely, even the horrible initial RLM batches. It is with the brush that you have to be careful. I forgot to mention that I bought a new tin of Revell enamel. Like their Aqua paints, very high pigment levels...however, they dry so quick! No wonder they dry out in the tin without the utmost care. The whole idea of enamel paint is that it dries slower so the paint levels out nicely. I think somebody is trying to make enamel into acrylic.
  3. WW2 pilot figures

    Thank you Dads, perfect! Courageous, yes, bad choice of words there. Perhaps a missing wing would be a little more to the point
  4. WW2 pilot figures

    Hello all, Just bought a nice revell 1/72 hurricane kit...and there is no pilot. As I usually make my aircraft 'in flight' on stands, this is the equivalent of not having a prop, or missing a tail section. I note in the instructions it has an option for wheels retracted (as any good kit should) but no pilot? Hurricane Remote Drone in WW2? So I went looking for a pilot figure in flight kit...nothing. Plenty of pilots lounging around, or standing, etc, but no kits full of generic ww2 seated pilots. So, if anyone has any ideas here, let me have em. Since I use them I have no spare pilots. Feeling like stuffy Dowding during the battle of Britain at the moment.
  5. Shelf life of different model paints

    Thanks degs for your experiences. Unfortunately, getting old Humbrol/airfix over here is very difficult. I have quite a few of the 1980s vintage, and super enamel, and these are great. The new tins need certain care when using, though they are hit and miss. Never thin in the tin; take some out to a bottletop/whatever, and thin there. Watery rubbish; some of them will go gloss and not cover at all; wait for paint to totally settle, tip carrier fluid out, and use as above. Matting agent marks; some are mongrels that seem to go on perfectly when wet/thinned, but dry with matting agent tide marks. I have'nt found a way to defeat tis problem yet.
  6. Wot, no Humbrol 27002?!

    First I have heard of it. Email Humbrol. Hornby is currently going off the rails though, so it wouldn't surprise me. Just flip Humbrol an email and ask them. I have heard snippets about various Humbrol colours getting cut, but nothing official has come out at all.
  7. Airbrush cleaning.

    Methylated spirits/denatured alcohol/whatever its called over there for alcohol based acrylics.
  8. New paint ranges coming soon from Mr Paint and Tamiya

    Oh. I was hoping for more colours...
  9. Non-yellowing varnish

    Just about anything from the hobby/art companies these days is non yellowing. Some say the Humbrol enamel tins of varnish (not the Humbrol Cotes, which don't yellow) still yellow, but I am not sure if that is still the case these days either. Whatever you do try, make sure you throw some of your paint on a scrap piece of plastic, let it dry, and run tests over it before committing the product to your finished model. In this case, a light shade of paint and matt black would be good colours to test over. For myself, if I paint varnish, I usually use the Humbrol Cotes thinned with enamel thinner. Others will no doubt have there own options. Whatever you choose, test first.
  10. Grainy acrylics?

    When I brush paint models, I usually use enamels with some Revell aqua and model master acrylic. Anything used with enamels I place in a plastic bag and put it in the outside bin therefore eliminating smells inside the house afterwards.
  11. Shelf life of different model paints

    Just thought I would drop in and see if anyone else is willing to share their experiences of paint brand longevity.
  12. Get Tamiya paint off plane canopy?

    When I am lazy and don't bother masking, I use a toothpick dipped in windex (ammonia based) to take acrylic paint off, or use sharpened sprue to (gently) scratch off enamel paint.
  13. Opinion's on Airbrushing Revell Aqua paints?

    Good old Revell Aqua. Easily one of the best Acrylic paints I have used for both brush and spray. As mentioned by others, make sure you check the pots regularly, and add a bit of water to keep it from drying out. Another tip; You will find two 'prongs' on the lids that are supposed to fit into holes on the pot. These never stay straight, and even if slightly warped, stop the container from closing fully. Get your sidecutters, and snip those prongs off flush with the lid, and you will find the lid closes much better afterwards, with less drying.
  14. The last time I bought modelling paint was in 1987

    First off,check those old paints. If they had been sealed properly and cleaned around the lid/bottle screws before storage, chances are they will be ready to roll after a decent stirring. Now, are you a brusher or a sprayer? That will effect the best paints to use.
  15. Grainy acrylics?

    Tamiya can be a pain for brush painting. Thinned first coat is fine. It is the coats after that you have to watch out for, they can lift the first coats right up if you are not careful. An acrylic retarder and possibly some of their acrylic thinner may be needed. If you can get them, Vallejo, revell Aqua both quite good with brushes once thinned a little.