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  1. Video - Painting with acrylic paints using flat brushes

    Good old Revell Aqua. This paint almost sends me totally over the fence to acrylics. If it wasn't for the sheer amount of mixing I need to do for colours, and the fact it is so hard to source here, I would make the transition. If only Humbrol, or Colourcoats, would copy the formula and produce it in their colours...
  2. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    C'mon fellas, how can the government cover the costs of their hard fought for corporate tax cut they are proposing without something to fill in the gap? Think about our poor CEOs here guys. In any case, I have heard the extra surcharge will be $7 not $5.
  3. Hmm, is there a free online version? I would say it will be like every other chart that isn't a paint sample; representative.
  4. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    Hi all, Apologies as I am not sure if this is the right forum for this. I have recently seen various new stock of Airfix 1/72 and 1/48 kits coming down under and...the prices... I will give one example here; Airfix 1/48 Hurricane: $45. I probably could get it cheaper, yet further down the aisle, 1/48 Tamiya aircraft kits, $30-$35 dollars. The difference between the twin engine and above is even greater with Airfix being much more expensive. The same is applying to the 1/72 kits. Two years ago, the situation was reversed, with Airfix being the cheaper option. Not anymore, unless we are talking about older mould stuff. Tamiya prices have been fairly static, yet Airfix seems to inflate more and more. Is this happening in the UK/elsewhere?
  5. Humbrol 56

    Revell Iron is a decent one. I also mix some Tamiya mettalic grey with some of tamiya flat aluminium.
  6. Humbrol 56

    While I can get the new made in England humbrols to usually work quite well (they are very thick. Stir them up, take some out, thin it down a little and brush it on. Don't brush from the tin), the 56 has been fairly useless as a metal paint. Again, I can brush it on fine using the above method, but its properties as a metal paint make it a rather poor version to use for this purpose now. If you want enamel, try the revell metal paints (I use the Tamiya metal enamels but I know they don't sell them in the UK).
  7. Pascoes Long Life instead of Klear, one for down under types.

    I have seen this mentioned before but never bothered with it. How has it worked for you? Are you using it for canopies? Or the whole model? And I wonder if it would work using the tamiya flat base mix to create a good matt varnish.
  8. Revell Aqua SILVER - Substitute to Alclad?

    Vallejo Metal Color is actually designed for airbrushing, but as is the case with many 'airbrush only' paints (eg, Vallejo model air brushes better than model color, especially across large surfaces) it brushes excellently too.
  9. Revell Aqua SILVER - Substitute to Alclad?

    Vallejo metal color is very, very good for a brush painted silver/aluminium/insert metal colour. I use either when I am acrylic painting.
  10. Revell Aqua SILVER - Substitute to Alclad?

    It is pretty good for an acrylic silver, though I would spray it on a spare wing/mule first and compare.
  11. Beginner

    Hence why I say; don't paint from the pot. You cannot control the consistency of the paint, and your paint pot is also drying up while it sits open. Take some out, thin it to whatever degree you want, and paint from that. Clean the lid area of your paint pot thoroughly and replace the lid. I also still find enamels easier to brush, though some acrylics, with proper technique, can be very good.
  12. Testors Discontinues Even MORE Model Master Colors

    Thought I would use this already existing thread; Regarding the MM Acrylics, is it me? Or have some of these vanished? The list at the Testors website of them seems to have shortened somewhat, with even some RLM colours missing now. I thought they might expand the acrylic range since they seem to be chopping the enamels range to bits. The acrylics have been some of the easiest acrylics I have come across to use. I can spray them easily, and with a brush they are very, very good. Can any of our US member comment on whether they have noticed a reduction of the acrylic range?
  13. Japanese army airforce colours?

    I wonder who did the research at airfix for this one? Normally they are nearish in colours, but for the 'new' release for the Dinah, 195 and 168 seem to be very different to these paints. I will just have to decide which top finish I want for Mr Dinah now (and hoe creative have it in stock...). Thanks again gents. And Stew, great looking aircraft, both of them. And your conversion to the later model is superb. Who says old airfix kits are not worth buying?
  14. Hello all, I am going to be doing an airfix Dinah shortly as a fun trip down memory lane. The callouts for the main scheme are Humbrols 195 dark green over 168 hemp. What would the colourcoats paints be to cover this aircraft? I confess the Japanese names have me a little confused.
  15. RAF Dark Green 1942

    I was always curious as to whether the reformulation of humbro 30 ever occurred. I guess this answers it.