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  1. Just something i stumbled across in a bookstore when visiting Berlin back in 2013. Looks like some very interesting books but of course in german text. https://shop.falter.at/liste.php?namen=J├╝rgen+Zapf&seite=1 Irony is my main goal was to get to Leipzig to attend a "messe" i had no idea about the location of the Brandis airfield before now.
  2. Say...you happen to know if any of the aftermarket "corrected shape" Merlin nacelle kits would be compatible with the wings from the latter Revell radial motor tooling or just the initial edition that comes with Merlin powerplants/nacelles?
  3. You probably know this already but with the old Airfix kit you only get radial engines which is not the case with the Revell kit(s). Did you have any preferences regarding this matter?
  4. Well that`s sad to hear. So why isn`t the internet police pulling the plug on them? I tried to google them for reviews before posting but could not find anything on them so was hoping someone would chime in with the latest grapevines. I also tried to figure out their location but to no avail. I`m ever so slightly tempted to place an order with them just to harass them a bit, see what`s cooking. The prices are low enough to entice people to buy something. Can`t say that i ever heard of them before. Have any blacklists here on the forums perhaps?
  5. What you mean man? Halifax kits are not hard to find. Where are you looking and what is you willing to put down? Big four engined kits are usually more expensive unless you want to buy an older tooled kit like the Airfix one. I`m guessing a lot of folks grabbed the new Revell kit when it came out and i don`t know how many kits Revell has produced so far, maybe not enough? I hope you`re not looking on amazon because they suxx big time. The Revell kit is out there you just have to look at the right places. https://www.wheelswingsestore.com/air06008-airfix-1-72-handley-page-halifax-b-
  6. I`d be very interested in having a closer look at that laptop stand you got there. I made one such custom swing? a few years back and found it to be a brilliant idea if you`re tucked away in your favourite recliner and want to get out fast. Is it attached to the bed i wonder or have a counter weight on the floor? As for your question, recently i`ve grown tired of all the fees on ebay, they sort of eat away your profit. Why not just try to sell them on the various forum marketplaces around the world. It is after all free
  7. I had an interesting run in with my Scotch 3 gram ca tube this summer. Was in my car late one night and was about to glue some small bits. Since the damn thing had clogged up in the front as it tends to do if not very careful, i decided to cut off the back end to get to the fresh ca glue. This "trick" did work but came with an interesting side effect. For good measure i had a cloth at hand but before i knew it, ca glue had started running down this cloth and onto my fingers on my right hand. Next thing, my index finger had glued itself onto my thumb and the cotton cloth also wanted to join in.
  8. What scale are you considering ?
  9. Aircrew....well maybe from a non military perspective, idk. As far as military, i think about the people working on the ground, of course once they are airborne they become aircrew
  10. If you want AIRCREW in an "in flight" situation, try visualizing them hanging on for dear life on the wings leading edge and such (a little bit like 007) The actual PILOT figures is another matter. They are usually safely tucked away inside the cockpit. These days you have a lot to choose from, there`s just so many smaller manufacturers out there and they do make top notch stuff, not like in the dark ages like some of us will remember. If you want a really good tip for "in flight" presentation, try building 3 or 4 of the same kits and portray them flying in formation, that will add another dim
  11. Reminds me a little bit of a refuelling probe. Never seen anything like it but not really surprised. The nazis tried and tested a lot of things to try to win the war. At this point in time i see no reason to obtain any more of the Hasegawa "Limited Edition" kits just because they have included a metal cannon or the odd resin bits. It has become a farce all this milking the cashcow from Hasegawa but no doubt this kit will be hard to find soon. I want to see a newly tooled kit, not the same stuff over and over again...
  12. I sincerely hope that Tamiya will downscale their P-38 kit. If they fail to do so it would break my heart. The various kits all have their charm but the fact remains, Tamiya still does not have a 1:72 scale Lockheed Lightning. Getting tired of Hasegawa never making any new kits just milking the cow year after year. A guy can grow old fast watching this happen. I`m not expecting Airfix to do a brand new tooled P-38, but it could of course happen.
  13. Yeah not much to choose from when it comes to italian stuff. Have you seen the recent Waterloo 1815 set? https://www.waterloo1815.it/ap055.php
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