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  1. Should for some reason Aires not fit, the resin parts can still be used as a guide to replicate these otherwise unseen details. Having to see details never did mean anything to me, i just like to know they are there. Work for myself, i am. Try to make it look busy. "Was nicht passt wirt passend gemacht" old german word of wisdom. Taurus vac is already with me Regarding the prop diameter, didn`t our friend Jumpei have a section on that comparing three different props i believe. Not easy to understand google translate though. "The blades are air based. Left air original, with the middle air cut. Right Tamiya. The shape is good, but the length is 2 mm short" (page 2 of his review) http://soyuyo.main.jp/mosquito/mosquito-2.html Regarding AM, they never get it right, lol.
  2. Ok, thankyou. I have tried to look at Gladiator pictures in the past but did not manage to get a good reading. What pictures did you use for this and was there any local variations?
  3. Does anyone happen to know what the "warning" text on the norwegian Gladiator skis read?
  4. While looking in my Mosquito stash, to my dismay i found the wheels i had purchased long ago was infact the True Details ones, not Ultracast. With all the AM manufacturers around i would have thought there was plenty of high quality resin Mosquito wheels worth considering. Which type would be appropriate for my PR mk IV build and is the old Ultracast ones still leading the way here? Aires have the best cockpit? Can`t seem to find the Ultracast one, UGH! I found i had a resin control surface set in the box, but when placing it on top of the kit fin it was the exact same size/height. There was also ailerons and hor. stabs, probably the Ultracast set #034. Reading through articles in old magazines it`s interesting to note there is no mention of the Tamiya fin being off. To me this is "no big deal" and the likelyhood of trying to correct it is slim. I suppose every kit has their own charming pros & contras. Maybe a more pressing concern for me would be getting the prop diameter spot on. Quickboost have any "correction sets" out there perhaps?
  5. Seems to me there is a different vertical stabilizer for every day of the week. So what day of the week is the Monogram one i wonder? My favourite day is friday so i`ll just go with whatever fin friday constitutes
  6. That Jumpey guy likes his kitbashings the hard way it seems. Quite the dedication. He should have made a cast of the finished product and sold it as a resin kit. So the Tamiya rudder is too large, hmm. Sounds like a simple undertaking making a resin upgrade for the right person. What happened to Ultracast & Cutting Edge, did they go bust? I can`t find any of their mossie bits online.
  7. I hear you on the research bit. I have several AM Mossie exhausts, QB, Moskit, Ultracast and i couldn`t help notice that Ultracast incorporates the highest level of detail. The QB one is the most simplified of the lot but better than the kit part. Also got Ultracast flame dampers to cover up those nice UC exhausts! mud guards and a set of wheels too Got these bits from Tigerhobbies in Winnipeg years ago. What on earth could Neil have been thinking when he made those Paragon flap sets back when?! I tried looking for Jumpei Temma and his DH 98 build but came up emptyhanded. Do you have a link? If ever i was to build an old Airfix mossie it would have to be for sentimental reasons. My money is with Tamiya, no competition there. I have the nice Taurus canopy to top it off but i have to admit would be nice with some more AM bits for the cameras.
  8. Thanks for that. Still many unanswered questions but i think i have a starting point now. I grabbed several of those Aviaeology 333 squadron decals long ago in both scales Maybe not my favourite type but the norwegian theme i can`t deny has an interest. I don`t know how careful Tamiya is with historical accuracy of their kits so i ask here to make damn sure. This wonderful build has the flaps down. A touch of artistic license perhaps? I like what this chap did with the insides of the camera windows. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235044862-148-mosquito-priv-tamiya/
  9. Have any idea what size drop tanks the mk IV PR Mossie would have sported or would they usually not have any ?
  10. As far as cameras, what i had in mind was to display them outside of the aircraft somehow not neccesarily breaking open any panels. Thinking out of the box now
  11. I think i know a fair amount about modeling the mossie but as one starts to look at modeling the more obscure variants, things become more complicated. Right now it looks like i will take the easy way out and do a mk IV OOB build. That being said i would like to gain some more knowledge about this now as i have a few more such kits to tend to later on, and one of these will most certainly be a late war PR bird. No going around it, simply love the Mossie Couple more Qs. Did the mk IV have the top blister on the canopy? If so i can make one myself. Another Q regarding the bulged bays. Did the bulged BOMB bay differ in size from the PHOTO bay type? My Aero Detail book tells me they did differ in size, but not much more than that. If anyone knows of any in depth books regarding this matter i am all ears. (or any MAI magazine articles catering for this build) Also, what were the main differences between the three PR Mossies (thinking of camera/video equipment) I am planning to use Humbrol PRU blue. Any input on thinning or is this product also accurate right out of the jar? If i was to administer any chipping effects, how would i go about this, the Mosquito being made of wood not metal? Was there some type of primer that would show through underneath the PRU blue? Also, would a parked Mossie sport lowered flaps/horizontal stabs? What about the rudder, any deflection the norm and would the tail wheel point in the same direction as the rudder when sitting on the ground? From the local fishmarket, a little treat for all the hungry eyes out there.. https://www.finn.no/bap/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=161749999
  12. Maybe choosing the mk IV is the easy way out, but is the kit accurate right out of the box? Will problems start to materilaze only if i start to look at either the mk 16 or 34 with all the different bits these birds came with? A bulged bomb/photo bay looks very interesting from my perspective but i know too little about it. I have quite a bit of AM laying around but how to combine them all into one kit is not neccesarily a fun prospect if you don`t know where to start. Also if anyone knows of any AM for PR cameras or anything in this category would be welcome.
  13. I`m currently trying my darndest to wrap my head around the prospect of getting together a PR bird based on the Tamiya mk IV kit. There seems to be a lot of stars that have to align perfectly before setting the course and i need you lot to loan some more brainpower i think. Some feedback on how the Tamiya kit lends itself to this prospect would be nice. I mean if building the PR version right out of the box, what sort of issues (in a negative sense) would this come with? What are the shortcomings? I want a british PRU bird (allover blue, no D day markings) but i`m not sure if my best bet is to use the usual powerplants or two stagers. Also i`m wondering if my Paragon #48074 bomb bay can be used as a photo bay or are these two bulged bays a different size? Tamiya does not even call out the drop tanks in their kit in the instructions so i don`t know what size they are. Would the 200 gallon one be correct only for the mk 34? Should i just go with the Tamiya mk IV kit or try to pursue a mk 34 build?
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