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  1. I have both the 48 scale Pangolin & Brengun sets coming in so should be fun to see how they compare. Initial one of course obtained from Sovereign hobbies
  2. Oh okay. Boy oh boy do i know when i smell a kitbashing in the making Those big recesses on the lower wings of the Brengun kits near to the undercarriage bays, the Arma kit does not have this as a recess, it`s flush with the surface. Brengun have any parts to make that area flush and what is it?
  3. Wing planform accuracy? What is factory documents? Please explain what you mean.
  4. So i`ve been toying with my 72 scale Brengun two stage conversion kit and here is my verdict. First impressions, the resin nacelles appearance is very convincing and is probably the most detailed two stage Merlins so far in this scale. However, i have found they are not a perfect match with the Tamiya kit. Nitpickings to some while more concerning to others, overall i would claim these imperfections to be minor. As a matter of fact, the Brengun nacelles are slightly too narrow for the Tamiya kit. This is seen both at the rear and front of the mating surfaces and i have the pictures to prove it. The rear end of the resin nacelles can be perfectly aligned with the Tamiya undercarriage bays where you made your vertical cuts, but since the nacelles are too narrow, you have to force the resin outwards & into place before gluing sort of offsetting the natural shape/curvature of the resin nacelles ever so slightly. Moving forward to the actual resin nacelles things become a little more complicated. The top cowling panel on the Tamiya kit is too wide to perfectly mate with the Brengun resin. This means the whole length of the nacelles are too narrow and unfortunately i found the Tamiya spinner to be too big for the Brengun nacelle (or the other way around if you prefer) Worth pointing out is the fact that the resin area that mates with the propeller assembly is not perfectly circular. This is the most serious error and is certainly noticeable. Whether or not the two stage Mosquito had smaller size spinners i do not know, but the modeler would almost certainly have to do some surgery in order to obtain a convincing nacelle / prop assembly fit. I did not look at anything other than fit in this rant of mine, so please consider any other such shortcomings at your own discretion. I sincerely hope the link is working. Let me know if it is, thanks. Updated link here, https://1drv.ms/f/s!AusFkEm0w30EgQalV7ZO1pG4eoKs
  5. Why buy the Brengun kit when you can buy the Arma kit? I was gonna buy the Brengun kit but my apprehension told me to wait, and rightfully so. Of course if needing an early Yak-1 razorback kit, Brengun is for the time being the solution. The Arma kit is also cheaper since there is also a basic version being offered;-)
  6. From the silence regarding my inquiry i am going to conclude the ones who do know anything feel inclined not to inform others of their findings. Sort of as a secret.
  7. Just after the decals. Ironically i have everything else i need. Well maybe not the enlarged horisontal stabs in 1:72 scale. I don`t think QB downscaled their 48 set yet.
  8. If modeling a mossie with a bulged bomb bay, exactly what choices do i have? (both scales of interest, 48 & 72) Not too many aftermarket sheets to choose from is there since not many decal manufacturers cater for the bulged bomb bay variant?
  9. I find the best time to bid on stuff on ebay is whenever i have the extra funds to spend. The more funds you can access, the higher chance of things spiraling out of control. I have my ups and downs but backed off from the big sprees last couple years because i don`t like the total costs involved. One definite i always follow. I NEVER use a credit card, i always spend my own money ! Ok, enough morale disciplining for one day.
  10. Sunday night is a good time to bid. That`s when most auctions end, lol. I`ve heard of christmas being a peak season for bargains but don`t really take that to heart.
  11. It`s too bad the Czech are too fond of their beer. Probably why some parts are so out of shape but of course all in a days job for a plastic modeler. "mybluebelly"
  12. Bunker Hill ? What did you do with the navigation lights? They look very realistic (together with the rest of the model;-)
  13. It is very amusing to see how the vat is being deducted from the tally upon checking out my UK orders. For whatever reason i`ve never seen this phenomenon taking place with any of my ebay.co.uk. orders. Hannants always deduct the vat, but i don`t think my Sovereign order from a couple days back was. Don`t know why some "forget".
  14. top turret toddler


    Hi folks. Just wondering if the "VAT" will no longer exist in UK businesses after Brexit. Not sure if this is an EU or UK thing.
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