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  1. I'm still wondering the same about Stamets too, but his behaviour seems to indicate otherwise. Of course, I liked Lorca too so it doesn't say much about my judgement of character I didn't get past the first After Trek episode because of the host. Nice to hear he's become more palatable. I wished they had a clearer shot of the officers in light blue standing behind Burnham at the end of the episode. They looked like they were wearing the classic style uniform seen in The Cage pilot.
  2. I've heard June 2018, but it could just be a rumour. I'm champing at the bit too to get it on Blu-ray or 4K.
  3. Just bought the Dolphin. I'm so weak. But with the sale and using Ebay bucks which would expire tomorrow, the total came to $102.72 CDN shipped. So I had to buy it.
  4. Good point! And right now I can pick one up on sale for $108 CDN shipped. Sheesh, I was going to hold off on the purchases for a couple of months, but noooo.
  5. I've been seriously thinking about the new Dolphin, but that would make 3 Sopwith planes I'd own and I'm striving for variety. Still, it's not my fault Sopwith made some nice planes.
  6. Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat

    Is this the Eduard kit? Nice build!
  7. Beautiful finish Noel! Well done! Exactly how I would like to do mine. Is this the latest release from Moebius, or the earlier one?
  8. Convert SH-3H Sea King to SH-3D

    That helps - thank you Bruce.
  9. Convert SH-3H Sea King to SH-3D

    I'd like to build the 1/48 Hasegawa SH-3D/HSS-2A kit but, alas, they are discontinued and finding one has been problematic at best and what I presume will also be expensive. There are aftermarket decals available so that's one issue out of the way, but how different are the Hasegawa SH-3H kits, which are plentiful, from the "Special Edition" SH-3D? Would conversion be difficult or are there really any visible differences? Is there an easier kit to convert to the SH-3D that's still readily available? Cheers!
  10. Sparmax TC-620X Compressor.

    Thanks Julien & John. I appreciate your help. So John, you bleed off the whole tank after a session?
  11. Moebius 1/144 XD1 Discovery: RELEASED!

    I'd love to Thomo, but it's in my office and taking sprue shots might be frowned upon. We'll see
  12. Moebius 1/144 XD1 Discovery: RELEASED!

    Mine arrived today! Box is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Next purchase: Ian's interior.
  13. Sparmax TC-620X Compressor.

    John & Norman, Now that you've had your TC-620X for a while, how are you liking it? Any issues? Do you leave the power on all the time, or do you turn it off after a painting session? I was wondering as the power switch is in the back and would be a bit awkward to turn off and on when stored under a work bench. Since the motor would only turn on when the tank needs to be replenished, when not in use I imagine it would only come on every couple of hours. And, if you did leave it on always, I wonder what amount of wear or strain would be on the motor over the years - or maybe this is a question for Martin.
  14. I discovered a long while back that the foil in cigarette packages will work well. Carefully peel the paper off the back of the foil and burnish. The residue left when you peel off the paper acts as an adhesive.
  15. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I liked it a lot and was engrossed from start to finish. About the third or fourth best Star Wars film for me. I thought the humour was well executed and as Upnorth put it, it was welcome in such a long film. I thought the length of the film was appropriate in order to have something more than just an "all about the Jedi" film. The other stories within the film got proper treatment. I think what I enjoyed most was that it wasn't predictable - at least for me. Characters were fleshed out well and there were plenty to like or hate, as appropriate. I have to say too that so far, this is the best forum thread I have read about the film, without the impassioned wailing and gnashing of teeth that otherwise results from the parsing of a new Star Wars film. Very civil.