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  1. Simply brilliant! It couldn't possibly be made any better. Bravo!
  2. New 22" Eagle Lab Pod

    After a chat with one of the designers of the 1/48 MPC kit, I think I'll wait for something else to come along.
  3. Greetings from Winnipeg, Canada

    I've been looking more closely at Bridgewater as it's a bigger town with all the amenities we'd need. We always bought our fresh seafood there from the back of a guy's truck on the way into town. Looks like a nice place and the housing prices are very reasonable.
  4. Good to know - thanks!
  5. 1/48 Tamiya BF-109 G-6

    Less a rumour at this point, but I was surprised to see the announcement of Tamiya's newest 1/48 kit a BF-109 G-6. Here's Brett Green's partial buildup of the test shot: http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/galleries/bf109g6enginetamiya48bg_1.htm While I was surprised at the release considering Eduard's G-6 ( mk. II after screwing up the first iteration) is beautifully done, Eduard does have a penchant for being "fiddly," Still, I wondered why bother, but Tamiya's engineering does give one pause and the spiffy open/closed cowl options are pretty neat. Haven't pulled the trigger on the Eduard so I may wait for the Tamiya. Eduard does have a plethora of paint schemes available (Tamiya will have only 3) as well as early and late versions, along with their various tweaks therein. We'll see.
  6. Wow - nicely done! Very impressed by the sharp, clean edges of the camo. What brush and sized nozzle were you using?
  7. Beautiful work. I'm partial to builds like this that have a clean finish. You said you did the mottling freehand with an airbrush. Did you also do the main camo freehand as well or did you use a mask?
  8. Indeed. I think I'm up to 10 planes in 9 kits. My wallet will breathe a sigh of relief when my last kit is bought.
  9. The likenesses are indeed spot on. Excellent work Habu!
  10. PG millennium falcon preview pics

    I completely get where you're coming from Richard, but if it never comes to fruition, then what?
  11. This hasn't been my experience as far as longevity goes. And $6.95 US for Tamiya? Wow. I pay about $3.50 Canadian for mine.
  12. I was hoping the new Tamiya paint range referred to colours, not lacquer. I've been trying to minimize my lacquer usage and from what I can tell so far, we're not talking about new colours so I probably will never bother with them. Kind of too bad, really. I would like to see Tamiya put their efforts into more exacting military colours, not more toxic paint.
  13. Star Trek Discovery

    I hope he's not, but that's because every time Section 31 has appeared, they annoyed the hell out of me. I agree, it would help explain some things, but there are too many disparities to be explained away that just wouldn't fit the reasoning.
  14. Star Trek Discovery

    I liked this show starting at episode 1. Only TOS and Enterprise have had the same start for me. Which probably says more about me than the show. Episode 5: I like the list of top captains in Starfleet.