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  1. CRAP! Bad weather?! Really??!! And what mode of transportation is the weather impeding? I thought the damn things had landed on Britain's fair shores. Earthquakes? Typhoons?? A frosty nip in the air??? Come on!
  2. Wow guys - thank you so very much! Thanks for the links Mart. I had forgotten 1999 shows the parts and instructions. Found some excellent prices too at Thanks for the insight Thud and for the clip. The animation looks fantastic and the dialogue and story lines are intriguing. I may one day give it a shot. I've watched all of Yamato 2199 and am working my way through Ghost in the Shell for now. Thanks for the tips and clips Tim and Solo. My thinking as well: go for 1/100 MG and get the extra detail and size for a reasonable price. By the way, do you gentlemen weather the bejeesus out of your Gundams for that "experienced combat" effect? Or just a bit to add realism?
  3. Never mind - found this helpful bit of info: I also found what he is, but it barely makes sense to me. Like pretty much the entire Gundam universe.
  4. I was hunting through the stock of a seller on that online auction site, looking for some Bandai Star Wars kits, and being a Japanese company they had Gundam aplenty. I usually skip past those kits as they have never held any interest for me, but then I started to think well, why not try one just to say you did. This one grabbed my attention as it seemed armed and ready to discuss who gets the last piece of pizza with a winning argument: There is a version with fewer bazookas for $19 CDN less: And another version at a smaller scale and half the price: The first two kits I listed I think are "Master Grade." What exactly does that entail? I know next to nothing about Gundam - can anyone tell me who this guy is and where he fits in the Gundam grand scheme of things? At 1/100 scale, what kind of finished size are we talking about? At 1/144? Thanks in advance for helping a complete Gundam noob.
  5. You could keep it as is and do the white version. That's how I'm going to do mine. Originally it was white but the producers felt they would be confused with the Eagles and so the orange was added minus the black glare panels. Sorry about that - I didn't mean to make more work for you.
  6. Beautiful build! Love the weathering you did. Well done sir!
  7. Great work! I have this kit in the stash so am watching with great interest. Just noticed, though, if you're going to build the orange version according to canon (and the version shown above), there are no black glare panels. There are plenty of examples with the black panels though, and original concept art by Brian Johnson has them as well.
  8. Excellent alternative - the footprint is a lot bigger but you can't argue with the price. Thank you very much Martin!
  9. Picked up a FE.2b on sale from HLJ. Just two more kits to go on the wish list.
  10. Hi Martin, Thanks for getting back to me. I just wondered if being a distributor for Sparmax that if you slipped in an order for a 110v TC-620x you'd still get a decent price based on your overall order, not just a specific item. Thought I'd try Still, if you did decide to stock 110v ones, you'd be $93 US less than the cheapest available in North America. Believe me - I've checked. For Canadian buyers, the savings would be even higher. Thanks again Martin! Stephen
  11. Hi Martin, Any chance you could bring in compressors with voltage for the North American market? Specifically, Sparmax compressors. Your prices beat the pants off anything I've found here, but of course all the compressors you have in stock are for the UK/European market. Cheers, Stephen
  12. We really liked the South Shore: Hubbards or Mahone Bay. I do have some friends and acquaintances in Truro and one of them had suggested Wolfville. I think bottom line is we will see what the market will bare when the time comes. I'm always open for suggestions.
  13. You know, maybe the head isn't too big, maybe the torso is too narrow.
  14. Very nice work sir. Love the weathering and paint!
  15. I'm looking at retiring in Nova Scotia. I've vacationed there a couple of times and loved it. The geography is much more like my home on the shore of Lake Superior, and I love seafood The people in NS are fantastic - they are probably my biggest draw to that province. Love the old houses there too.