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  1. From what I can make out from the dedicated forum these part work builds have, cancelation is a surprisingly rare occurrence and in some instances they struggle to sate demand and run out of packs and subscribers have to wait for a new run. Furthermore, I had a friend who subscribed and built the DeAg Millennium Falcon and DeAgostini corrected every verified error that was highlighted as they went along, which included new nose cone for the cockpit and a whole stack of 'greeblies' and other stuff. I have to say it was uber impressive when completed too. The point is, broadly speaking with a few exceptions these part works models appeal to a different demographic to that that inhabit this forum. For example the dude that receives their fortnightly pack and spends a couple of hours assembling thier model a Sunday morning and forgets about until next Sunday or the parent that builds it with their offspring. Whilst they are not for me, down to subject matter. However, I'm of the opinion some are little too stuffy about them and dismiss them to easily, its just a different form of modelling. In common with every other model manufacturer they have some clunkers in their range, but there are some extremely nice ones too. Tommo.
  2. I'm not here to defend part works but they do have there place and their audience, also they must sell well as they are produced with monotonous regularity. Much has been made of the cost, but that spend is over nearly two and half years - what would your hobby spend be over the same period? Furthermore, if they introduce people into the hobby it can't all be bad, can it? I wouldn't buy this one for a whole slew of reasons, some mentioned above and some not. But, there are some of these part works that are really good, the one that springs to mind is the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon which is widely regarded as the de facto model of the filming miniature and well built examples often command more than the purchase price, there are others too, like JB's DB5. I just thought I would add a little bit of perspective. Tommo.
  3. I hope someone has the foresight to undertake a print run of decals for G-AHKV in the iconic AA livery. Tommo
  4. I have no real knowledge, I was just basing my figure on a cursory look on eBay, where there was a Film Dalek with buy it now for £55. Anyhow, keep up the excellent work I can't wait to see yours finished. Tommo.
  5. I hope someone has the foresight to undertake a print run of decals for G-AHKV in the iconic AA livery. Tommo
  6. As far as your build goes and my memory serves the build process are very similiar - I certainly recall the same process getting rid of the sink marks in the skirt. Furthermore get the 'skirt'right and everything follows. I recall when they where new back in the mid '90s they were £25, so I guess £50 today is not too bad? Tommo.
  7. The Comet Dalek kits are very well engineered for a short run kit and with a modest amount of work they scrub up very well indeed. I prefer the film version not least because of the colour options. Some seriously good work going on this thread. Tommo.
  8. W Which makes it by far the most accurate SV kit on the market. Tommo.
  9. Matt Irvine was instrumental in getting Airfix to include the new sprue to correct some of the errors. Tommo.
  10. This is the original studio prop that was discovered a couple of years back. Fortunatley the auction house allowed it be forensically photographed. At it widest point it is just over 700mm in dia. Tommo.
  11. To me the logical line in the sand for Britmodeller would be 1974, when BOAC, BEA, Cambrian et al amalgamated to form BA. 1968/9 is a little too arbitary for me. Tommo.
  12. You beat me to it Eric, I was going to ask the very same question, 1968 appears a little arbitrary to me. I know if you ask hundred different folk, you would get a hundred different defintitions of 'classic', but I'm struggling with 1968, given BEA and BOAC and a host of smaller operators span pre and post 1968. I could understand 1970, fifty years ago. But as this is Britmodeller 1974 to my mind it would have made more sense and been the logical differentiator as that is when BOAC, BEA, Cambrian et al were amalgamated to form BA. Tommo.
  13. Your taking Ian's 40ft as being gospel, whilst I absolutely respect his work - that small scale Aries is not his best in my opinion. Conversely, his accurate Moonbus interior is beyond reproach and is superlative. My go to guy in this case would be Adam Johnson (AJA). Scott is good too, albeit his reputation is somewhat tarnished because of the none delivery of kits however, he is knowledgeable and did a lot of uncovering of detail and sizing in the pre BD and 4K world. The game changer however, is since all those kits were produced the original filming miniature has come to light, I fully expect that Moebius have had or will have access to it. I also hope as with all of their other 2001 projects they will engage Adam Johnson as well, - if they do all of that all bodes well. This is somewhat of a digression, as Moebius from their track record are clearly not afraid of producing very large kits and I would absolutely not rule out a 1/32 kit, the market may however be more sympathetic to a 1/48 one. Whatever scale they chose I for one hope they go for an interior as well, but I fully expect they will leave that to the aftermarket chaps and chapesses. Tommo
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