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  1. It depends on one's definition of not being available for a long time. The quarter scale Scorpion has not been popped for 20 years however in the same time the 'Invaders' UFO has appeared twice. That said I agree with you it is doubtful they have that particular mould. The only thing Atlantis has revealed about their moulds (other than what they have already announced for release) is the don't have any Apollo kits, as those went to RoG. Which suggests to me they may have all the other Revell/Monogram space sci-fi kits, I guess we will all have to wait and see what they do have. Tommo
  2. They are not disclosing their mould holdings at the moment - it will be a case of watch this space. Tommo.
  3. Yes. As well as Aurora, Renwall and Monogram. Tommo.
  4. Its a straight re-issue of the Azur IIN, even the artwork is the same. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vautour-IIN-army-lAir-W-Fighter/dp/B008ICLYSE/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=azur+vautour&qid=1566463445&s=gateway&sr=8-1 Tommo.
  5. I digress but it is always worth following the Atlantis Models FB page as they are always posting interesting images such as the one below. That said they are coy about their full extent of their mould inventory - I assume because some of the moulds have not been used for a very long time and they don't know if they are still useable. Tommo.
  6. I believe its slated for Q2/Q3 2020 release. Interestingly Atlantis have hinted on their FB at more surprises. Tommo.
  7. Unfortunately when the surface mail service ceased and the postal services moved to volumetric weight as a way of calculating overseas shipping it became a whole lot more expensive. That's no fault of Cult or any other overseas retailer. At least with Cult one knows the postage cost before hitting the order button, which is not always the case. Tommo.
  8. Before anyone get their hopes up the above are future releases, most likely mid to late 2020. Atlantis' next aircraft and space releases are: - P3A Orion (1/115) - P6M Seamaster (1/136) - S2F Hunter Killer (1/53) - Jolly Green Giant (1/72) - 727 Whisper Jet Eastern/PanAM (1/96) - Allison Prop Jet 501-D13 Engine - Convair Shuttle Craft Space Ship Atlantis at the moment are very much concentrating on fantasy figures, funny cars and sci-fi kits, as these are selling very well and in some instances have sold out. Tommo.
  9. Available: https://www.culttvmanshop.com/B-52-and-X-15-with-Swivel-Stand-1175-scale--Revell-reissue-from-Atlantis-_p_4803.html Tommo
  10. Whadda mean $24 shipping? The cost of post is calculated from item to item depending on what one orders from Cult and it is clearly stated before check out. From a personal point of view I have never been overcharged and in a couple of instances I have recieved a modest refund on shipping. Given Steve offers all manner of goodies one can't get here in Blighty what are the other options? Tommo.
  11. I too have been ordering from Steve for longer than I can remember, he offers a top notch service and comes highly recommended. As regards import duties et al, some attract the attention of HRMC others don't but that is something Cult has no influence over. Tommo.
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