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  1. The Tomohawk Kid

    Aer Lingus

    It absolutely will, as all the A/C comes from the second stage compression from the engines. Don't forget it not just the cabin that needs A/C in a modern airliner. Turn the A/C off in your car week and see how more MpG you get, you'll be surprised. Vapour compression cycles are very thirsty beasts. Tommo.
  2. The only reviews I trust are from those that have the kit in hand. I'm not going to take notice of those that who blabber about distorted photos and can't agree if the are making an opinion from a CAD render or a photo. Tommo.
  3. I'm all for critical reviews. But at least have the decency of having the kit in hand - that's my point. Tommo.
  4. The Tomohawk Kid

    Airfix 2020

    Really? Tommo.
  5. The Tomohawk Kid

    Aer Lingus

    Your not going to get away from the white ablative finish on airliner fuselages as it reduces heat transfer and as a consequence fuel consumption. Tommo.
  6. The Tomohawk Kid

    Aer Lingus

    Me too, its OK there are far worse out there. Tommo.
  7. I know of a 1/32 Dragon Rapide in the works. Tommo.
  8. The Tomohawk Kid

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    Tommo's tip: I not to long ago I stripped a Kitmaster Midland Pullman set that was approaching 60 years old. The paint was caked on and as old as the kit, brake fluid lifted the paint with no adverse problems to the styrene. Buy yourself a cheap washing up bowl and cling film from Poundland or similar. Dump in enough brake fluid into the bowl to cover the parts and cover the bowl in cling film. It depends on the age and how the paint has been applied, but even the thickest oldest paint is gone in 24 hours, most will just float off. Any hard to remove parts will normally come off with a rub of a soft tooth brush dipped in BF. But always make sure you are wearing eye protection when doing this. Nuetralise the brake fluid by dipping the parts in warm soapy water. Dispose of the brake fluid responsibly at your local tip. Tommo.
  9. Here we go again an internet warrior who does not have the kit in hand. Tommo.
  10. The Tomohawk Kid

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    Brake fluid is your friend. Tommo.
  11. The Tomohawk Kid

    Airfix 2020

    Airfix pick up the telephone to Aoshima, buy in shots of the Mk 6 Atomic Fireflash airliner and put it into a BOAC livery, rebadge it as an Airfix product you'll have a winner on your hands that will save Hornby. Tommo.
  12. The Tomohawk Kid

    Dora Wings catalog 2019 - programme

    There is zero suggestion of a 1/48 Rapide in the works. Tommo.
  13. The Tomohawk Kid

    Airfix for 2019

    Nope. it was the second 'Shell' boxing that had that option. It's a pig of a kit to get it anything like accurate. Tommo.