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  1. More a watching brief than any firm info. Tommo.
  2. The C-5 Galaxy was from 1971, the following year Frosties gave one this: Tommo.
  3. According to this thread on Rumourmonger there is a 1/72 hollow pressure cast resin VC-10 due in the not to distant future: Other than the pics of other subjects in the thread, I have no idea about the quality of the kits. Tommo.
  4. Here are the airliner freebies: Tommo.
  5. Here is the Welsh Models announcement: "28th February 2019 - Customers are asking us what else is planned by us especially in 1:72nd scale, first off the blocks is a Viscount 800 series, shortly to be followed afterwards by a 700 series, both as possibly accurate as you can get from our extensive research and original manufacturers plans as ever. Following in the wings will be a BAC 1-11 in both 200 and 500 series, a HS748 and finally at the moment a HP Herald 200 series. The Viscount is planned to be all resin including a hollow fuselage as we are using the new resin which is more stable . It will have metal props and undercarriage. We anticipate the Viscount to be here mid 2019 if all goes to plan." Tommo
  6. The De Ag MF is a truly engineered kit/model and the way it goes together there are no visible seams where there shouldn't be. As I said in my OP to you, it is a 90% mechanically/coach fitted replica (hence the metal sub frame) and the "greeblies" are the only parts fixed with CA - given these have zero stress points and they are a snug fit in the first place, I can't see why they won't last a life time. Tommo.
  7. These part work kits are more in the tradition of model engineering and to very fine tolerances too, therefore very little glue is required. They are no more snap together than a 'normal' styrene kit is, it is just a different construction method and mind set is required to build them, and they do require building. The DeAg MF required the builder to construct (bolt together) a complex 850 x 850 x 100mm sized metal sub-frame to build the rest of the model from. The 100s of detailing 'greeblies' that were required to be located the outer hull were adhered by CA with no problem. Tommo.
  8. Its a little while since I have seen the film, but I do believe you are right, albeit it was artistic licence. In reality the Lindberg kit was used. A 1:1 exact replica of the filming minatures with the right number of rivets, what's not to like! Tommo.
  9. Chris Trice has good connections in the Anderson World, he may able to point the OP in the right direction. Tommo.
  10. The film is a stone cold cult classic in the so bad it is good genre, made by one Ed Wood who put the B into B-movies. His other films include Glen or Glenda, Jail Bait, The Bride of the Monster and Sinister Urge. The 1994 Tim Burton biopic simply titled Ed Wood, is an absolute must see film which proved once and for all that Martin Landau could indeed act (despite his best efforts in Space: 1999 to prove other wise) as he won an Oscar for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi in the film, Johnny Depp was mightly impressive as Wood too. This is a pretty smart release by Polar Lights/Round 2 as the "iconic" flying saucer as seen in film was actually the 1956 Lindberg Line model kit which was a fictional design roughly matching the popular image of UFOs of the time: "a silver disc-shaped craft with a clear dome on top." Therefore it is an exact 1:1 replica of the filming miniature, how many kits can say that? Tommo.
  11. https://www2.deagostini.com/uk/products/build-your-own-x-wing/GI2130000000?gclid=CjwKCAjwlPTmBRBoEiwAHqpvhVitafD95FsoHhMiRrnByrfFGP7lILkE9rgw_zsq_CEOWbO44d5A_hoC1pMQAvD_BwE
  12. You mean this: Yes they did do a space age set: The set consisted of a LEM that docked with an Apollo CM a Gemini Atlas with launch tower an Apollo crawler, a hypothetical space station and moon buggy. Tommo.
  13. I have still have this unmade in its original Kellogs mailer! Tommo.
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