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  1. My Atlas SM-65D ICBM arrived today (to go with the Mercury/Atlas I already have) that I snagged in the sale mentioned up thread. If anyone is ummimg and ahhing over dipping for one of these beauties, this arrival brings it home they are seriously good kits. Tommo.
  2. I recall reading an article which claimed it had some serious accuracy issues (the 'mandible jaws being canted wrongly among others issues, if memory serves) maybe you dodged a bullet Didn't Revell rebox the FM kit at a more affordable price? I believe the more recent Bandai kit is generally accepted as the 'go to' kit? I say this not being any sort of SW aficionado, so I stand to be corrected. Tommo.
  3. Jur, Two mighty fine models you have there. Inspiration to dig out the 1/48 ones I have lurking in the pending pile. Tommo.
  4. The Horizon models are great value, but be aware thier website prices are in US$ not Aus$. I thought it was worth pointing out. Tommo.
  5. I have the Anigrand Titan, but one certainly would not go amiss from Horizon, they make up into great models. Tommo.
  6. How cooler than sub-zero can you get? The entire series is currently on Britbox along with a whole slew off other ITC programmes, if anyone is interested. Tommo.
  7. Here you go. https://www.culttvmanshop.com/Eagle-Cockpit-Light-Kit-from-VoodooFX_p_3033.html Tommo.
  8. I know, I know but it will look uber cool when finished. I might do a Kingfisher as well - I believe the HM Navy didn't operate Kingfisher from a catapult. If all else fails I have the quarter scale Lone Star P6 catapult to mount them on. Tommo.
  9. I'm going to pair mine up with either a Grumman Goose or Widgeon. Tommo.
  10. Its only the rear and mid extension not the whole 'thing' - I doubt when built it will be that much longer than the aircrafts that sits on it. Do Neomega make the complete catapult? I didn't think they did - however, if they did, yes did it would be large. Tommo.
  11. I bought the Neomega 48 catapult (with both extension sets) too, it arrived at weekend. From a cursory glance at the instructions I had similiar thoughts to yours, although I have not spent much time studying them. I would be extremely interested in your experience and welcome any build tips you worked out. I would say however, it is absolutely beautifully made and castings are bordering on a work of art. Tommo.
  12. Mike, It was meant to be a tongue in cheek comment, sorry it missed the mark. I have two of the 72 scale the Revell H-19 A's (straight boom), the S&M civvy helicopter decal sheet which has the decals for the BEA(tles) 'red/white/black machine and a pair of the Whirlybirds interior conversion with BEA Peony livery decals. Interestingly, there is a note in the Whirlybirds conversion which states that they can't confirm precisely the layout or interior colours of the BEA machine despite coming with armchair like seats. However, that build is way down the li
  13. I have been researching on and off the BEA S-51s as long as I can remember, at least 20 years - for such a significant event as the World's 1st ever passenger helicopter service there is a distinct paucity of information. I have the two timetables (winter and summer) BEA published for the Cardiff > Liverpool route along with a programme for a public helicopter demonstration at Hampden Park stadium in the late '40s. The hopes that BEA held for helicopter travel across the UK was ambitious as the aforementioned programme has a map of prospective helicopter routes that criss-crosse
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