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  1. However I lined up the nose section to the centre section I was left with a very slight step, so I made sure the top surfaces lined through and went for it . My fears were not fully realised as some abrading with 12000 and 25000 W&D wet brought it in to true and is was not a great hassle to scribe the missing panel lines. I used marine epoxy to allow me to align/adjust the fuselage sections whilst it was curing. My initial thoughts were I had abraded one of the section too far back removing the pour stubs, despite being very careful to bring it to a straight line I had drawn. As the panel lines aligned perfectly I suspect that the resin at the pour end may have slightly expanded on my copy. But I'm really happy with the end result. The tail section looks like it will be a better fit. Incidentally I contacted Kurt not so long back about the Viscount and he has no intention of bringing it back into production as he said it sold very poorly only selling a handful of copies. My intention is to finish it in the TAA livery, I have a set of Hawkeye decals winging there way to me from Auz as I write. Tommo.
  2. I picked up a couple of sets of Whirlybits Comet exhaust cans, I have to say they are very good and match up very well to the pictures that @skippiebg posted up thread - I would say they are an essential addition, ta @ajmm Tommo.
  3. Ah, OK. Mine has 3 piece fuselage with the rear section being made of less dense resin to prevent it being a tailsitter. The pieces are a good fit but the mid section is a tad wider than the other two which means a bit more cleaning up than I would have liked given the exquisite and restrained detail I'll be have to be careful not to lose. The date on the mailer the kit came in dates from August 08, so it must be one of the first Kurt produced. Tommo.
  4. Apologies in exhuming an old thread, but @Turbofan was the AA Viscount the two or three piece fuselage and how did you address the join(s). Tommo.
  5. I maybe on my own but I find it strange to critique box art to the extent of rescribing the model. There is a high probability the artist has not seen the shots. I'm sure pics of the styrene will be along soon enough. Tommo.
  6. This maybe a radical thought, but the kit may differ from the box art. Just sayin' like. Tommo.
  7. Strange, I have been in contact with Densil recently about the Comet and he didn't mention this version. I should have been a little clearer the vac fuselage does have some light indicative panel lines - I guess they are the same as replicated on the resin parts. However, by the time the fuselage is cleaned and given a smooth finish they are gone and looking at Comet images in my opinion one does not see many panel lines, particularly in this scale - so I'm happy Good spot with the Whirlybits exhaust cans. I intended to use the Amodel ones which look similar to the Whirlybit ones. I have been doing research on this and they appeared to be different between machines, but I will probably go for these now. For scale appearance the Welsh ones are probably are not too bad - but, as you say the Whirlybits are an aesthetic improvement, I'll drop Roger a line. Tommo.
  8. The AA Comet(s) is currently out of production. You might benefit from a read of this first, before you dip for it - should it become available again. Tommo.
  9. I didn't realise Welsh did an all resin Comet kit, there you go. Tommo.
  10. Out of interest I dug out my the Welsh 1/72 Comet 4B out today, as this thread had piqued my interest. I can report: - The wing/fuselage lower centre section is entirely correct and is beautifully moulded. - The wing itself is nigh on a work of art, perfectly capturing subtle nuances of the Comet wing as well a being excellantly detailed with the right amount of finesse. - From a cursory look the nose profile on the backing sheet looks a bit off, but once cut out and offered up against drawings it may well be right, it is difficult to tell when it is still attached to the backing sheet. Tommo.
  11. Unfortunately, there are too many elements I can't live with - so I have therefore decided to rewind the build and correct them. I agree Comet was born to grace the Olympic and BEA 'red square' liveries. Tommo.
  12. Looking good and impressive whittling, particularly the wing comparison with the AA one, which is no mean achievement to get it that close. Tommo.
  13. I thought it was worthwhile to summarise this thread and put the pros and cons of each 1/144 Comet together in one place. Firstly, this is not a definitive guide to Comet kits just the essential info that has been highlighted and discussed in this thread and such does not include other kits such as the Frog 1/96 one. What surprisingly has become apparent there is no definitive Comet in this scale, but a bunch of kits that are decent in varying degrees, but to achieve the de rigueur Comet kit in 144 and one will need to undertake some work on any of the below to make the ‘ultimate’ model. So here goes, with particular thanks to both @Viking and @Skippiebg as well as others that contributed. Airfix: Comet 4B Injection moulded. The kit is rapidly approaching its 60th birthday and currently not in production Pros - Dimensionally sound - Shape fundamentally correct - Robust kit and a good basis for accurising or converting to other variants - Relatively easy and cheap to source secondhand Cons - Underside fuselage/wing centre section wrong/none existent - Sparse detail - Wing section over scale - Fuselage cross section slightly under scale - Engine profile both in cross section and profile not correct - Current decal option for the BEA Airtours and Olympic liveries, the cheat line colour for both options are questionable and the 'bright work' is overscale/over accentuated - Chunky appearance if not corrected Amodel: Comet 4B and 4C Short run injection kit with resin detail parts Newish kit and currently in production Pros - Generally nice engraved detail throughout - Overall profile correct - Well detailed and correct underside fuselage wing centre section - Wing profile and dimensions correct for 4B - Nicely moulded resin exhaust cans. - Freely available and with a bit of effort can be sourced for not much more than the Airfix kit. - Attractive box art: Olympic 4B Cons - Fuselage for both versions under length and cross section too narrow - 4C wing too short and pinion tanks wrongly located - Most examples suffer from a large/significant sink mark on the underside fuselage/wing centre section negating one of the biggest pros of the kit. - No tail bumper - No fuel dump pipes on the upper wing surfaces of the 4C. - Decals for the Olympic 4B livery not entirely accurate. Authentic Airliners: Comet 4B and 4C All resin kit Currently not in production Pros - Generally very well detailed and dimensionally accurate - Extremely well cast and engineered - Fuselage/centre wing section correct - Simple construction - Parts breakdown conducive for easy painting and finishing Cons - Nose profile is not correct. AA appear to have grafted a Caravelle nose onto a Comet fuselage. The mistake appears to stem from Sud Aviation licensed the nose profile of Comet for the Caravelle from De Havilland - despite this the profiles differed noticeably between machines. - No decals included in the kit - Relatively expensive - Despite being extremely well engineered experience working with resin will be useful - Currently out of production. Welsh Models: Comet 4B and 4C Vacform and resin & all resin versions available Currently in production Pros - Dimensionally correct - Shape fundamentally correct - Good decal options - Resin well cast and detailed - Vacform sturdy and well made/formed and easy to work with - Good wing/engine detail profile - Simple construction Cons - Underside wing fuselage centre section not correct (better than Airfix, but still lacking) - Fuselage lacks detail (not an issue in 1/144?) - Tail planes underscale - No tail bumper - Experience in vac and resin required, despite being well made - Relatively expensive If I have missed something or got anything wrong let me know and I will add/edit accordingly. Tommo.
  14. It will be interesting to see where Roden pitch the price? Will be akin to their C-5 or the C 133? Tommo.
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