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  1. D.H. 83 Fox Moth, half scratch

    Inspirational. I would feel heroic setting a goal such as this at 1/48! Much respect for your craftsmanship, and lovely to see these skills directed to such a delightful subject.
  2. That’s just beautiful, you can be very proud of that one! Especially so given how much you’ve had to fabricate yourself. A great reward for your patience, we’ll done.
  3. Caudron C600 SBS 1/48

    Lovely outcome! I was aware of this kit, but was not so inspired by the box art - but this here is most inspirational! A very elegant machine indeed, very well done.
  4. Caudron C600 SBS 1/48

    Lovely work, as always, very nice!
  5. Savoia Marchetti S.55X 1:72 Delta 2

    Great work on that internal structure. Well worth the effort, it would look quite vacant without it.
  6. Douglas World Cruiser

    That's a nice choice, and a good summary introduction thank you. I'm interested to see the decals, particularly that pale blue. Your machine is a contemporary (1925) of my subject for this group build the Curtiss CR-3 (1923). The kit decals are similarly pale blue. I had wondered if this might be a printing error. A typical reflex - blame the kit - but your decals suggest the more likely case is my ignorance! US national insignia might have been this pale blue back then? I feel the need for a little research coming on ...
  7. & again, in agreement here too. That translucent effect is most convincing..
  8. Oh that interior is exquisite! Does it really need paint at all?!
  9. Terrific, such a dignified & refined flying boat. Great to see one here & a vacform too. Best of luck with excavating the parts, looking forward to the next update.
  10. Congratulations Andy- I can see, I can see!! Nice choice.
  11. ICM Heinkel He 51.

    Great choice! Powerful looking engine cowling, and what elaborate exhausts. Will follow along with interest.
  12. Savoia Marchetti S.55X 1:72 Delta 2

    Such a fascinating machine! Good preparatory work there on the cockpit, nice detailing, look forward to seeing it layering up into the full picture.
  13. Wow, that's beautiful work. most impressive!!
  14. Spectacular! Beautifully done, congratulations.
  15. Excellent, we're underway! Regardless of what the references say, those wings look all the better for those far more graceful wingtips. Nicely done.