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  1. Hi Peter, I'm away from home for a few weeks - I'll post some pictures of the contents when I get back. I had a brief look when it arrived & it is definitely a limited run kit, requiring some work, but I suspect not too much trouble for those with the skills I see on this forum! Yes, contact ATSUSHI KOYANAGI via I got the impression that the kit was 'cast to order'. He's clearly an enthusiast: the box comes with reference material (hard copy & CD) including a few large glossy photos of the Grosvenor House Comet which I believe he has taken himself when on a visit to the UK.
  2. Lovely subject. I recently purchased Black Magic at 1/48 by Akatombo Works, direct from Japan. Will follow this with interest.
  3. Hi there, recently bought a 1/48 DH.88 Comet direct from Akatombo. I was communicating with ATSUSHI KOYANAGI via this email address: Paid with PayPal & delivered here to Australia without issue.
  4. That's just wonderful. Carefully & skilfully done. It's a purposeful looking plane, looks ready for adventure!
  5. & what a finish! That's great!!
  6. Great subjects. These two are such sleekly styled machines, they suggest the designers would have rather been continuing on their line of speed record breaking Schneider Trophy racers! Clever designs too: I seem to recall one at least has slightly longer wing on one side to provide a little extra lift to offset the effects of torque from the propellor. Good luck with the build!
  7. I'll join the chorus: that's beautiful! The detailing & subtle weathering on that float is most impressive!
  8. Well that's made my day thank you Paul!! Will keep my eye on the box. This must mean the dam did not break? A day or two after you wrote I saw a news piece here - things got very serious for you! Your comments re wing chord noted (see below). Thanks & take care! Thanks Dave & well that's a pleasant surprise! I dug it out & read it again on the bus this morning, and I thought it was a very measured critique. Keith supplied me with your review (including those most useful drawings) & the other reviews from earlier editions. I agree there will always be conjecture with historical research. Here comes my bit! With regard colours: I have triangulated a few references to the colour in books (remember those!) & can say that my vote is for white all over [that may seem bleeding obvious to others, but some have suggested silver wings or blue under surfaces of the wings]. In fact I contend that it is 'Rylard Seaplane White Gloss Enamel' no less. I must dig out the reference ... I think it was in the history of Shorts. The triangulation comes from accounts of Shorts contribution to other contemporary machines. Apparently they were subcontracted to design & fabricate the floats for several other manufacturers, for commercial aircraft such as the DH Rapide & others, but also a few of the earlier Schneider Trophy racers: the Supermarine S4 and the Gloster I & III. They were something of a specialist innovator in float design, which they refined in a special testing tank, & more than once on this rambling tangential reading journey I found reference to their floats being finished in Rylard Seaplane White. As to the wings ... your advice in Bent Throttles that the kit wings are short in plan chord was not welcome as I was looking forward to that step! As the wings had a smooth, enamelled, silk-lined timber skin, there's no panel lines or such detail. I thought they would be a nice foil to all this time spent on detailing the engine! And to now have your judgement seconded by Paul with his keen eye ... oh well, so be it ... I'm already scheming! Thanks both, hope to have more progress to post soon.
  9. Great news, this is an impressive machine. I have fruitlessly been trying to track down an old vacform which was made by some unknown (Latvian?) manufacturer. Next I had a plan to modify and backdate prop&jet's SK-2 - the latter military version of this - but that is no longer available too it seems. I see this has been mastered in CAD .. so it wouldn't be that hard to hit the 'print to 1/48' button would it??!!
  10. Are they all High Planes kits? A very attractive collection, very nice!
  11. Nice save Ian. Not that one would necessarily notice given the sparkly explosive bling nesting up top there (nice work on those tanks)! I suspect once you're tangled up in that web of rigging you'll look back this fix as one of the easy tasks!
  12. ... well, yes, that's not a glowing endorsement! Alex does achieve good outcomes nevertheless: see here for his Gloster IV - beautiful!
  13. Thanks Steve. Can't enlighten you regards Karaya's 1/72 version sorry. I do note there is another offering out there at that scale from Dekno:
  14. Returning to the task after a longer break than I would like. It's the end of the second full week of Year 1 primary school for our twins .. so as a result I am today finishing my first course of antibiotics for the school year (sigh!) While I couldn't put time into making anything, I enjoyed a little reading. Keith of Red Pegasus Decals kindly sent me back issues of the IPMS air racer journal 'Bent Throttles', with articles on the Crusader (thanks Keith!). Included was a review of this Karaya kit. Happily their assessment more or less aligned with mine. The principal issue being the engine & cowl detail - which I've been addressing - but the article also pointed out that the kit part is quite under-scale. This was reassuring as that mock-up test fit I last posted here was quite a bit larger than the kit part, which was a little alarming. I had put the kit cowl aside & hadn't been referring to it, instead just working with my photo references & scaling relative to the kit fuselage diameter. So that was timely input thanks Keith! I suspect you'll be pleased to hear I'm transitioning beyond the cowling. There's a little more detailing to be done on the helmets but while the primer cures I've stepped across to the fuselage, specifically the fairing from the top cylinder to cockpit. As this fairing extends from the cowl, it too is a little undersized on the kit. Here it is as supplied: a solid rectangular block which is cleverly & conveniently part of one half of the fuselage, lapping over the other .. a good base to work over .. In addition to up-scaling this element I'm taking the opportunity to add a detail to the top surface. It's a recessed streamlined vent for something undetermined, which is not apparent from any view other than from above, and in particular behind as here: So a few laminated 'splints' CA'ed to the sides & up over the top to make the fairing a little larger ... which were then sanded down flush & rounded off... Then a sloping central insert was shaped & dropped in and a lid put over the vent: Needs a little putty & sanding to merge the pieces into one, and quite a bit of clean-up, but the form is there. Next those front tabs need to be tapered in & trimmed to lap under the top cylinder helmet. So again, it's only a small step, but forward nevertheless ...
  15. Awesome! So very well done, congratulations.