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  1. Gnnrrh!! Here’s the full set of x24 done
  2. Indeed John! But fairly meditative with music or podcast, and not all in one sitting. Having said that, I’m glad the Italians dropped the dual-pipes per cylinder after this V-12 M.39, as I’ll likely need to do the same refinement for the M.67 V-18 & MC.72 V-24 - that’d be x36 & x48 pipes respectively!!!
  3. ... aaaaand after 10months delay (!!!) a chance to re-engage. The task here was exhausts. The V-12 Fiat motor had 2x stub pipes per cylinder. Seems there was not yet awareness of the contribution they could make to thrust, as they just point out broadside like a man-o-war’s cannons. The kit came with these white metal parts - solid exhaust ‘rods’ not ‘tubes’ - with a rebate to suit in the deep resin of the fuselage ... I’ve set these aside, excavated the rebate all the way through, and set about scratch-building replacements. First
  4. congratulations! Love the detail of the gauges in the trailing edge of the wing over the cockpit there ...
  5. Inspirational, beautiful result - ordered mine just now, using the old ‘combined shipping’ excuse!
  6. Stuart! I wondered if you'd pop your 'Malteser' up above the cockpit coaming! And here you are, with exquisite timing, as I have only just now been rummaging in my spares like the Dr Frankenstein @Moa seems to think I am, in order to harvest white metal body parts for our Macchi pilot. Once again bits are from various sports-car driver figures from Phoenix Figures. The head selected for suitable goggles & helmet (no radio headphones or oxygen mask), while the body had the right small-collar & pinched waist, although the jacket pockets were a little less stylish
  7. ... & that post above kept me disciplined between primer coats of the next component - the wings. Just look at the quality of these beautifully cast-in surface radiators from the Noix kit: I want to be very careful that I don't clog those with excess primer or paint, so I've masked them off - figuring the creamy yellow resin can be a fine base for the brass radiators - while the surrounds have been given their oxide coats: Moving f'ward!
  8. Hello! Look at this wonder ... Sensational OK, so last post I had press-fit a tease assembly of white metal struts & resin floats ... So having committed to that with CA, I then mused on how to manage the blending-in at the junctions - where internal acute triangular struts meet compound curve float. So I took my lead from this on the real thing: Which bit? The bit he's looking at ... a subtly raised sheet that wraps around the junction of both struts & bracing. It is particularly subtle, of a thi
  9. To all above, sincere thank you for your very generous comments. .. & yes @Moa the squire exits stage left, to clippty cloppity coconuts!
  10. I'm pleased to be able to redirect you ...
  11. Short Crusader 810hp / 604kw Bristol Mercury 1 Built for, but not entered into, the 1927 Schneider Trophy race in Venice Maximum quoted speed 270mph / 434kmh 1:48 resin kit by Karaya , with a few modifications; White metal pilot by Phoenix Figures, again with a few modifications; Resin Bristol Mercury (crankcase & half of one cylinder only!) by Vector; Timber plinth by Jim's Bases; 'Sea Blur' plinth graphic by Coastal Kits. A tortuous long-winded account of the build lives over here Can't believe it's done! Please forg
  12. Glorious! See everyone, that’s what I’m after!! Re the S5, have you seen there’s the recent release AMP kit at 1/48 scale. Here’s one recently completed.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/565045497227886/permalink/1092224987843265/
  13. Following with interest. This is one on my list which I have come just so close to buying several times myself. Thanks for the parts preview .. I suspect this thread is going to cause me to finally commit & make that purchase!
  14. Interesting you say that, I was under the impression they were bespoke jewellery like items for modellers of the next level. Keep at & would love to see some WIP shots ..
  15. Ooh, don’t hear that often! Any pictures to share? It is a grand machine
  16. Sooo, last time I posted I thought I was that close to having this wrapped up ... Well here she is again, back in the jig (her natural state?!) Unfortunately the clear glue I had used to bond the supporting clear acrylic to the float steps displayed an unhelpful property. It has maintained the bond, but the cement itself has a measure of unwanted flex (subsequent deeper internet research revealed this is a known property I ought to have noticed). While test-fitting it into the slot on top of the base I noticed a very .... slow .... disturbing ... l
  17. Thanks Adrian, yes, not abandoning the hobby - enthusiasm maintained! There's one vote for plastic surgery it seems Thanks for your research help & input along the way - most appreciated. Thanks Dennis, here's to more such thoroughbreds for our stables!
  18. Thanks Ian - though I think you're operating on another level with your multi-winged builds! Ah, no sorry, I've elected not to include the prop blades as my mount shall be an attempt to induce a sense of speed in flight. I looked around at various ways other clever people do this - discs, blurs - then came across someone building WWII fighters with spinners but no blades and found that most convincing. I did have a 'great' idea in the middle of the night, and immediately in my semi-sleep state ordered some very fine clear optical fibre, thinking wouldn't that make an aweso
  19. Yes, well if resin is your poison of choice, this would definitely appeal. These parts were cast & cured some 30 odd years ago, but as I've shaved & filed a little off them to clean them up & fettle to fit, there's a very noticeable sweet scent released. Please do! No pressure meant to be applied to you. T My selection of this for the next project was driven more by seeking relative ease & enjoyment for myself: A ready supply of the requisite red-oxide primer & red racer top coat on hand; Of all the red Macchis in my stash, this earliest
  20. A new thread! A new cardboard jig! Fresh solid, weighty resin floats already with cheeky white socks & sturdy stance white metal struts! Test fit with horizontal radiators doing an impression of a wing... Test fit with shapely curved cowled fuselage! And I'm underway with my next Schneider Trophy racer!!
  21. Alllllrighty, so I've gone mad. BUT, a small price to pay for finalllly completing this thing!! Last task was the wing bracing. A great humbling process it has been. It has been tortuous, frustrating, and not the finest end result. Virtually every connection 'sprung' off I'd say an average of 3 times each, requiring re-fixing. I managed to superglue some on my alignment masking tape to one junction ... urgh! Here a censored chronicle of the very last bits to go on - the under-wing bracing - as seen here: Measurements taken on card, w
  22. You’re very kind in your assessment, I shall say thanks for the encouragement ..
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