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  1. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Well, I seem to have failed to take *any* in-progress photos of painting the "rock" formations. There were a lot of steps - mostly just applying various washes and heavy drybrushing in a random fashion, over a ruddy base. Here's the current state, with some of both soil effect paints, and mostly the light sand, after drying overnight. This is actually my second attempt at the sand -- I'd made some formations for drifting sand with Milliput, but once I'd done it all and coated it with texture paint it looked too lumpy and not properly in scale, so I removed it all. The current state of the sand is slightly too far in the other direction, so I'll build it up bit by bit in a few places. Go slow, better less than more in the first step. And how about the Millennium Falcon hovering over both snow an sand simultaneously?
  2. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Yup -- while you'd have lots more control and color options with pigments and fixers, with a little finesse these get nice results with a minimum of effort. Here's the samples dry -- as you can see, the little plastic granules become much more visible as the medium dries, although that's exaggerated somewhat by the magnification of the photo -- these samples are approximately 1cm across.
  3. TIE Striker and friends

    I realized I should have written hover _or walk_ as soon as I got up from the computer
  4. TIE Striker and friends

    Solid choice. Star Wars ground vehicles should hover. End of story
  5. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    And here's a comparison sample of all the texture paints I currently have on hand. This is wet, just a few minutes after application. I'll post a follow up tomorrow after they've dried fully.
  6. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Meanwhile, on a planet on the completely opposite end of the human-compatible climate spectrum....I took some time this past weekend to make progress on a diorama for my scratch-built T-16 skyhopper. Again, I'm starting with a styrene base that fits inside the vehicle model box, and some garden-variety (see what I did there?) decorative bark. Found an arrangement of random pieces that I think suits. Let's see how it looks with a Skyhopper in the foreground. Yup, I think that will do. Once again, I've given the bark a liberal lacquer clear-coating, so I can paint them with less paint absorption into the bark, and so they won't shed all over. Since I want to have "canyon" walls that are taller than the vehicle model box, I'm once again turning to magnets. I've found pieces that stack reasonably well, then sanded down the sides that will join and embedded tiny neodymium magnets in them so they can break apart for storage and transport. At some point in this process I lost one of the cool bases pieces I'd picked out (I blame my cat). So, back to the source: Somewhere in here are the perfect pieces for Beggar's Canyon! In the end, I found some pieces that I like even more than what I originally had. Here's the basic geology with the base parts hot-glued to the styrene base, the upper sections fully magnetized, and the whole thing primed.
  7. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Oh wow, that stuff looks pretty great! I'll definitely take and post some comparison shots.
  8. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Back to the Hoth diorama...my Tamiya texture paints finally arrived. Now I've got three snow texture paints to play with... Tamiya snow paint is my favorite overall, so far: The "powder snow" version is very similar, with smaller particles. In the jar it looks very similar, but it dries to a slightly different color, and I think the texture looks less like snow and more like dried spackle. Finally, the Vallejo, which you've already seen above - it's by far the coarsest of the three, and also the most starkly bright white. After experimenting with all three, I ended up covering most of the Vallejo snow I'd already laid down with the Tamiya (non-powder version). I also added some blue washes to the "ice" section. Not entirely happy with how that turned out -- I went a little overboard. Covered that with a heavy coat of Tamiya gloss clear, brushed on, and I'm calling it done. I'll take some proper finished photos once I find clear acrylic rod for the snowspeeder posts. Beggar's Canyon is up next....
  9. TIE/sk x1 "Striker"

    Wow. That turned out really superbly. And now you have a perfect display for photographing a tiny Blue Leader and the U-Wing as well
  10. Bandai 1:72 T-65 Rogue One Blue Leader

    I found it easier to disassemble than I expected. It helped that I tried to press lightly when assembling everything, especially the halves of the fuselage. My technique for prizing them apart is to slip the blade of an X-acto knife inbetween the parts I want to separate, and gently rock it around the long axis, to provide leverage. The desire to not snap the blade is a fairly effective limiter for the amount of force I'm applying If the part is large, I alternate from either side or either end, so you're never trying to move one side too far, keeping the tension fairly even. It's not visible in the photo above, but I even removed all the side-stripe pieces of the fuselage to weather them independently, as if they're panels that got chipped while they were on the ground for maintenance of the machinery behind them.
  11. Bandai 1:72 T-65 Rogue One Blue Leader

    Thats a decal i think I'd need to be the size of an ant to hand paint clean stripes that small!
  12. All my packages in flight arrived at once - hallelujah! P9126107.jpg Yet another vehicle model X-wing, 2 vehicle model A-Wing sets, a F-Toys 1:350th scale Imperial Shuttle (to join the vehicle model Falcon), and five of Tamiya's texture paints. Updates on the texture paints soon in my diorama thread.
  13. A-Wings - Phoenix Squadron

    Those came out beautifully. I love all the subtle panel variations in the blue areas.
  14. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Some quick stages of finishing the Death Star tiles: Raw resin: Black base coat (Testor's Model Master flat black rattle-can): Base color (Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in gray), sprayed at angles to leave some shading: That was followed with hand painting some random panels in other shades of gray (Sky Gray, Neutral Gray, and Sky Gray blended with a touch of Medium Blue) and a basic dirty wash, as well as painting a few minor details here and there in Vallejo Gun Metal metallic, and a bit of duraluminum dry-brushing.
  15. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    I should have labeled that "Nicholas Sagan's *fantastic* decal set" - it's not quite the Rogue One blue squadron (although clear reference for any one of them *except* Blue Leader is incomplete), but it's really superb.