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  1. 1:144 Junk Speeder Scratchbuild

    Hey....when those salvaged-from-wreckage, repaired-with-salvaged-parts-and-duct-tape X-wing engines explode, being in the sidecar might be safer than being directly on top of them (maybe just 0.001% safer)
  2. 1:144 Junk Speeder Scratchbuild

    I wouldn't either, but it's completely in line with the Star Wars ship aesthetic :). Millennium Falcon -- one entire side of visibility blocked. TIE Fighter and most of its variants - wings block at least 1/2 of visibility.
  3. 1:144 Junk Speeder Scratchbuild

    Heh. Making these tiny things involves magnifying lenses, tweezers, and copious swearing
  4. 1:144 Junk Speeder Scratchbuild

    Here is Junk Speeder #2, made from the other pair of engines in the donor X-wing kit. It's not *quite* done, but it's reached a point where I'm happy with it so far, and I'm going to sit on it for a while to figure out the right final touches. I had planned, and attempted, a roll-cage/canopy very similar to #1, but was unable to get it to fit and stay in place after enough attempts that I said "screw it". I may attempt it again later, or try something entirely different. The sidecar cockpit was a particularly fun bit of scratch-building. Started with the nose-cone and cut-down lower front fuselage of the X-wing, then sanded out the channel a bit and cemented in a Falcon cockpit seat. Attached some styrene sheet to the back, then cut it down to serve as a guide for wrapping more thin styrene around to form a rear fuselage. Then I cut off a piece of leftover greeblie from my previous Y-wing kitbash to put in the back, then added still more pieces of styrene for panelling and bulk. Lots more WIP photos in the flickr album, as before. https://www.flickr.com/photos/aalpern/albums/72157689673841005
  5. Blue Leader - Fine molds 1/48 X-Wing

    Looking good!
  6. 1:144 Junk Speeder Scratchbuild

    Heh. Yeah, with two X-wing engines powering a single-person speeder, this thing must be *FAST*. Fast enough that a brave pilot can cross the Jundland Wastes while avoiding interception by sand people. Its owner is a washed-out fighter pilot who acts as a courier for stolen Holocrons for the Hutt crime family. The other one I'm building with the other 2 engines is going to be a bit larger, with more cargo space.
  7. This was a fairly quick build - after musing that X-wing engines would make a good base for a speeder during my X/Y Junkfighter kitbash build, I naturally went and cannibalized another X-wing to do just that :). Mostly built this while waiting for replacement drill bits to arrive for my Millennium Falcon build (since I broke almost every tiny drill bit I had in my first attempt to drill out holes for fiber optics...). This is obviously heavily influenced by Jake Lunt Davies' Jakku speeder concept design from The Force Awakens, that ended up used in a 360 degree VR video on YouTube and a terrible Hasbro toy. While not attempting to actually build *that* speeder, I definitely used the overall layout as a plan for it. Here it is next to a Vehicle Model X-wing for scale: And I thought it was funny how much space all the paint that went onto it take up next to the model itself :): Lots more, including WIP photos, in the flickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aalpern/albums/72157689673841005 I used a combination of a couple of gauges of music wire, and aluminum tubing for the steering vanes and roll cage. The pilot's seat is one of TonyRR's Millennium Falcon seats from Shapeways (and now I need to order more of those....). The control stick and some piping I added to the back of the engine nacelles after re-locating the exhaust tubes is actually snippets of the docking ring piping from the Bandai TFA Millennium Falcon, and part of the underside is those little bits of sprue attached to the wings of the vehicle model X-wings... There's a lot more cockpit detail I would add in a larger scale, but this was stretching my abilities as it is. I've already got another variant in progress with the other engine pair from the donor X-wing model. I'm working on a much cleaner build of the tubing/wire portions, with less glue and paint buildup.
  8. 1:144 XY Junkfighter Kitbash

    Quick landing pad update with phone pics - I gave it a dark grey base coat, dull red girders, and metallic piping. Now the underside is looking like it wants more greeblies, but I may add lights to the pad, in which case the resistors and wires will blend right in as greeblies in their own right. I painted the circular landing markings by covering the top in masking tape and cutting concentric circles in it with a circle cutter. Next up is touch-up, and weathering, then doing something to harden the foam base.
  9. New Star Wars trailer

    Did you spot what happens to the Falcon's dish? I'd bet it's back to round in Episode 9 (Unless JJ decides it should be hexagonal now, or some such....)
  10. Snowspeeder Bandai 1/144

    Wow, beautiful work!
  11. Skipping a few steps ahead - I test assembled the Falcon again this morning, to see it matched up with some of the other ships in the fleet. This is what I was really excited about when Bandai started rolling out the vehicle model fighters -- having a whole fleet with both fighters and larger ships, completely in-scale. And another with the U-wing wings opened. Now the Falcon's been taken apart again to finish up the cockpit and gun wells, and light it, etc...
  12. BanDai 1/144th Scale Y-Wing

    Gorgeous! Those fine chipping effects really help sell the scale.
  13. 1:144 XY Junkfighter Kitbash

    So, I went with landing pad base. I have this idea in my head of a snowy, mountainous rebel base with landing platforms amidst rocks that I'd like to build as a larger diorama to fit in the Millennium Falcon box (so, still in keeping with my "box scale" dioramas....just a larger box ). Anyway, this is along those lines, and perhaps will fit into that, or at least serve as a prototype. Started with a base from one of Bandai's 1/12 scale figure models, to which I added some Plastruct girders. Then I filled in the underside with assorted pieces of leftover sprue, and a bit of flat styrene, and some other random bits. The magic of primer! Added some support struts with music wire, and a rocky base carved out of a piece of foam. I'll be adding some of the dangling cables typical of Rebellion installations to the underside as well.
  14. Bandai Star Wars 1/144 Fleet

    I've really neglected this thread - the fleet is a bit nuts now. I re-arranged the storage/display cabinet today: The loose ships shelf (including my lone 1:72 model): And the micro-dioramas shelf: It will all have to be re-arranged again when I finish the 1:144 Falcon, of course...
  15. 1:144 XY Junkfighter Kitbash

    Paint! A few preliminary shots. Turns out that Tamiya's XF21 Flat Sky is the perfect faded green for Red Squadron. I have *no idea* what planet the sky is that color on, but it's a great color! As is obvious in the last photo , I used the X-wing vehicle model stickers for the primary squadron markings. While it's pretty obvious in this closeup photo, which is about 10x life-size on my monitor, I can't tell at all with the naked eye, so I'm happy with my shortcut (especially once it was weathered). I got to bust out the Tamiya Weathering Master D for the burnt blue and burnt red, for heat-discoloration on the Y-wing engine nozzle, which came out well, I think. I also applied some tiny decals from Nicholas Sagan's blue squadron x-wing decal set, and I'll probably apply a few more before calling it done. Next up is building a small base before taking the final gallery photos. Not quite sure yet whether I'm going to make a sandy junkyard base, like in the concept art, or a landing pad that will eventually become part of a larger diorama.