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Hi all.


Well, in the forum there are several models of this ship belonging to the unvierso of STAR WARS. In some of them they appear magnificent photographs of the different pieces in their sprues. I think it is unnecessary to repeat them, and certainly with much less photographic quality, so I will not do it.


For that reason I go directly to expose my work with this my second model of Ci-Fi thematic. The first one was TIE FIGHTER, with a painting that although I consider it appropriate for the ship, nothing complicated and without wear. In this model, of the Rebel Alliance, it is going to be something else very different.




As usual in the Bandai kits relative to STAR WARS, the details of their pieces are fantastic.
The indicators and switches of the instrument consoles are reproduced in relief, which facilitates their painting. The only absence I notice are the "horns" that apparently formed the steering controls of the ship.

For the painting I have chosen Vallejo colors, as well as its varnishing with satin finish.











The upper part of the cockpit I have worked in the same way as the rest, and I have also simulated a bit of dirt with oil because, being higher, it may be more visible through the glass.







For the pilot I have also used Vallejo colors. The detail is very good for the scale, except for the gloves that is the weak point of almost all the figures that I have seen in this series of kits.









Finally, everything together.













Andrés S.

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Hi guys.


Thank you all.


Well, while drying the putty (little, really) that I had to use in some points of the body of the ship I ventured to paint the cannons. And I say venturing because for the first time I used the Glaze Medium together with the Vallejo paintings to simulate dirt.


I have edited this entry because I modified the painting of the cannons. Minimally but modified because I was not comfortable with the previous result.


After applying H-77 gunze black pneumatic, varnish in bright, apply black oil and brush with a pencil some places did not convince me the result.
I have not repainted, I have just rubbed with a brush impregnated with graphic dust enough to give a somewhat worn metallic look.











Edited by Andrés S.
Replacing photographs.
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On 28/06/2019 at 10:12, AndyRM101 said:

The pilot looks fantastic, and I love the way you've weathered the guns.


Thanks Andy. It has been satisfactory to use the Glaze Medium with the Vallejo paintings on the cannons. I hope it is also when I use it when painting the next figure.


Well, small advances with the hyper-engines, I think.
The ship presents these engines painted the same light color as the fuselage. I have allowed myself the license to paint them in metallic color and to airbrush a very dark brown, motivated by the projection of energy, plasma, soot or whatever. I think it's not logical, even if it's a fictitious ship.


I have applied a lot of dirt in the area, as it is prone to it. Although I may have exceeded it. I am always afraid of being exaggerated with dirt.










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Thanks, Thom216.


I continue with the painting process, which I did last night.

After looking several times at the engine area I thought something was missing, so I applied oils again this time in a lighter brown tone. I know that this filth was not in the original filming model but my intention is to make an interpretation not an exact replica and as I consider that the motors have to leave evidence of its operation I have tried to represent it. Too much exaggerated the effect? It may be, but I am a rookie using oils in such an extensive way.






Previously I painted some panels in a couple of shades of gray, which I masked with tape and painted with cream base color. I made a preshading with a very dark brown (almost black) and re-applied the base color very thin. Maybe I should also use some other tone, like some dark gray, to get different shadows.


I do not have a good camera, nor a good lighting equipment, so the quality of the photos are in accordance with them.


Andrés S.
















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On 07/07/2019 at 02:26, Thom216 said:

Camera work looks good to me! Can't wait to see her color-up.

Hi Tom216.
I really have many problems with the equipment so that the photos are minimally representative of the real aspect of the object. I have to edit the photos correcting white balance, sharpness, focus etc and even so I can not get the photos I look natural. I think it is as much of the low lighting that I use as of the camera itself (and perhaps also because of my fault for bad photographer). When I make a photo of very small objects I sometimes get them to look natural but not always. Thank you.


Well, there's something I learned a long time ago and it seems I forgot. When you have to make several pieces of a model that are similar in paint you must paint all at once. Otherwise it is very possible that the pieces look very different from each other. And that's how it was when I compared the engine area with the rest of the ship. Therefore I have stripped it and started from scratch. Certainly I will work to see that area somewhat dirtier but not exaggerated more, as was the case until now. And for the same reason I worked the vertical fins together with the rest of the ship.


What was done again in the engine area and the rest of the ship was with airbrush and using a very dark brown very thin.


Here the small advances.


Andrés S.

















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Hi all.


There are problems with Flickr since a few days ago so I had to upload the photos to another server, which does not make me happy.

Well, for the reddish brown I used a mixture of XF-9 and H-33, but before I applied orange and the mixture mentioned very diluted and mixed whit XF-55. But I thought that the reddish brown color looked too uniform and it is not what I wanted to achieve.







After thinking between using the airbrush or the brush again, I decided to experiment with Vallejo adding Glaze Medium to make filters. I have used different shades of red and even some orange points. I think the brush is more controllable in small places than the airbrush.

Maybe because I wanted to work too many panels at the same time or because I added little Glaze Medium at some point I could not soften the contour of the filter as I have done in others.

I forgot to mention that before the base color I painted some panels of gray shades of Tamiya, which I worked on in some of the screws.


The problems of masking are already solved.














The areas of the same color of the engines I have worked in the same way, although in some points I have used more orange to represent some discoloration of the paint by the heat generated.








Andrés S.









Edited by Andrés S.
Replacing Photobucket photos with Flickr
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1 hour ago, iwik said:


I love it so far! Although I have no doubt I will love the rest as well!

Keep it coming!



Hi Iwik.

Thanks for your kind words.
I have returned to Photobucket after a long time, I hope it is for a short time because I prefer Flikr, and now I see that it puts a mark on the photos. I'm sorry, I do not know how to remove them.


Andrés S.

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Hi all.


Thanks Thom216. I expected to finish the model with a somewhat more careless look, but I'm a bit afraid to leave them looking too disastrous. Maybe in the next is something braver, although these kits are not cheap enough to be overjoyed and ruin them.


Well, I finish the model. After doing some peeling in the painting, I used the satin varnish of Vallejo, which is a varnish close to the matte but does not leave a cloudy appearance, preserving the luminosity of the colors. It is one of my favorites.

We just need to support the model on a methacrylate bar, as I did with the TIE, so that it is completely finished. Regarding the identification plate also has the logo of the film , name of ship ans scale. But unlike Episode IV and V where I found the logo in Castillian for episode VI the logos that I found in Castillian were not the originals of the films and I did not like them so I used this one.


Photos of it will be seen in the "Ready for inspection" section.


Thank you all for the follow-up, encouragement and support.


Andrés S.





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