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  1. Harrier ZD379 Retirerment flight

    Thanks Nick, Plenty of detail for me to use, just what I needed. Simple answer in why ZD379 is that the kit comes with decals for it. The instructions present it in the temporary winter camp applied for exercises in Norway but I didn't fancy that so once I found that ZD379 had taken part on the final flight I thought that would be a good way to go.
  2. I'm looking to complete a 1/48 Eduard Harrier GR.9 as ZD379 when flown in the Harrier retirement 2010. Could anyone clarify what colour scheme was carried that day? Was it the all over light grey or the 2 tone scheme. Also, it would be helpful if anyone could tell me if the centre line weapons pylon was fitted Thanks
  3. Pink PRU Spitfire

    Hi, I've looked at a lot of info regarding pink spitfires and I think I have the colour sorted. I'm making an FR Mk.IXc and was wondering if they had any stencil details on them?. I haven't found a huge amount of info on this mark of PRU spitfire but the other marks seem to lack the stenciling but the only kits I have seen for an FR Mk.lXc show stencils. thanks
  4. Hi, I'm planning on making a 1:48 model of the Typhoon and Spitfire that flew at RIAT 2015. I can find a decal sheet for the typhoon but the spitfire is proving harder to come by. Any ideas on where I can get hold of them or how I can cobble them together out of stencil sheets? Much appreciated
  5. Revell 1/72 F/A-18F

    Awesome build. Think I'll leave mine in it's box as that's a standard I'll never achieve!
  6. That should be a Spitfire Mk.lX not lV.
  7. I'd always wanted to complete a kit in this way and this kit gave me the perfect reason to do it. I've since also completed a Swordfish and Dauntless in the same style. Hope you like.
  8. Darby, having made all RAF, SHAR and USMC AV-8's I felt it was time to try something different. jhutchi, new aircraft were made after 1945, I'll post a spitfire for you later
  9. Thanks Jason, it is a test pic just to see if I could finally work out how to upload something. Managed to get the picture just couldn't add words. I was hoping to state that it is pretty much OOB apart from the non standard weapons load.
  10. Spitfire Mk.V

    I have a Spitfire Mk Vb kit and some decals for RAAF Spitfire Mk Vc's. Are there any major visual difference between the two marks that would mean I couldn't use Vc decals on a Vb kit? Thanks for any advice
  11. harrier retirement

    Thanks again
  12. harrier retirement

    Thanks Nick. I looked at so many pictures but none showed whether the pylon was fitted or not. Yes, it is the Airfix 1:72 club kit which does show the protective tape on the paint scheme. Thanks for the info on the MDC edging but I don't think my modelling skills stretch to something like that as looking at the clear parts for the kit, the lines aren't thick enough for it. However, do you know if the missile rails carried on that flight were a different colour to the pylon they are fitted to?.
  13. spitfire mk.Vlll & mk.lX

    It's starting to sound like it would just be easier to buy another Mk.Vlll kit. Didn't realise there were so many differences between the 2
  14. spitfire mk.Vlll & mk.lX

    thanks. If I sort out the tail wheel how obvious would the other differences be, considering it is a '72 scale kit?